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11/14/13Thursday hoops ....1st half onlyDamon10311
11/13/13Tip off Marathon---1st half onlyDamon10375
07/02/1319 Firefighters lost KeyElement58
07/02/13MLB MONDAYManassaMauler65
04/29/13FIRST 5 INNING WAGERS nuggetmonster93
02/11/132ND HALFS FRIDAYnuggetmonster1042
01/24/13NBA (( Mon - Sunday ))18
01/23/13College hoops.... Monday - SundayDamon10297
01/09/13tins cash cow qtrs...tinoker5533
01/08/13Tuesday January 8th Wagersnuggetmonster35
01/08/13Tuesday hoops....1half only26
01/08/132ND HALF PLAYS TUESDAY 01/...Backyardpaina10
01/07/13SUNDAY WAGERS nuggetmonster37
01/07/132ND HALF PLAYS & MORE SUND...Backyardpaina17
12/18/12TUESDAY NIGHT WAGERSnuggetmonster39
12/17/12WK 15 GRIDIRONac_bum31
12/13/12Tins Cash Cow..tinoker5538
12/04/12SUNDAY 2ND HALF WAGERS nuggetmonster88
12/02/12SAT 2ND HALF PLAYS nuggetmonster35
12/01/12GiLz Thread'ers ((11/3...15
12/01/12FRIDAY 2ND HALF WAGERS nuggetmonster33
11/28/12SUNDAY 2ND HALF BOMBS nuggetmonster57
11/22/12WEDNESDAY 2ND HALF WAGERS nuggetmonster101
11/21/12TUESDAY 2ND HALF WAGERSnuggetmonster103
11/17/12FRIDAY 2ND HALF WAGERS nuggetmonster105
11/16/12tins Qtrs, Plays and More...tinoker5511
11/16/12THURSDAY 2ND HALF WAGERS nuggetmonster137
11/16/12today's playsPickasaurus22
11/14/12TUESDAY 2ND HALF WAGERSnuggetmonster278
11/14/122ND HALF PLAYS & MORE TUES...Backyardpaina28
11/14/12tins Qtrs, Plays and MORE.....tinoker5519
11/13/122nd Half: Chiefs ml +323LawsonJames40
11/13/12tins Qtrs, Plays and MORE....tinoker5523
11/12/122ND HALF PLAYS & MORE MOND...Backyardpaina43
11/12/12tins Qtrs, Plays and MORE...tinoker5545
11/11/122half MOney $$$more12326
11/11/122ND HALF WAGERS nuggetmonster70
11/10/12FRI HARDWOODac_bum41
11/09/12Finally CBB 0=0=0more12315
11/08/122ND HALF PLAYS & MORE WEDN...Backyardpaina57
11/08/12NBA HARDWOODac_bum47
11/02/12tins qtrs,plays and more......32
11/01/12Holloween wagers61
10/27/12PRE SEASON HARDWOODac_bum278
10/07/12WEEK 6 WAGERS nuggetmonster47
09/28/12Pac12 Panty dropper!CHARLOTTEsports8
09/28/121st 5 INNINGS & MORE THURS...Backyardpaina75
09/06/12Let's drop some Pro panties........CHARLOTTEsports14
09/05/12MLB WEDNESDAYManassaMauler33
09/02/12HARDWELL HOUSE NATION YTD...more12393
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