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04/18/14Who is the scariest person in the w...strippersnbens47
04/15/14Famous People I've Gambled Withthemaceo8
04/14/14Just wondering who is the oldest he...58
04/13/144 team parlay 7
04/11/14lakers +9 might win outrightbaronman2
04/11/14golden state -10 vs lakersGRAZINGGOAT32
04/11/14Need some serious girl advice now37
04/10/14question about getting a job in Las...TheCrow6
04/05/14Moving to Austin TX.... maybeSportsFan969842
04/04/14Anyone like the Astros tonight?cougar4168
04/04/14NYK Friday MLBnew_york_knight2
04/04/14Looking for the worst bad beats in ...Covers-Team350
04/02/14Any Nam vets here?emtee113
03/31/14What's in it for a guy to get marri...MaxDemon33
03/16/14New kid on the block, let's make so...AriGold66619
03/16/14Spurs over 107MurderMachine5
03/15/14Don't sleep on the Cavs tonightbegginerboy11
03/12/14No Amare + Tyson tonight18
03/12/14Wednesdays Winners 7
03/11/145K on Celtics +11LB_Dirtbags37
03/11/14Love, love My 6 Team Parlay!LB_Dirtbags3
03/11/14brooklyn players must have known th...Mcchicken14
03/11/14Who fell for the Brooklyn trap?DatExpert38
03/10/14Here's today winnersIttmasters768
03/07/14Lakers +8.5 at NuggetsEuropa18
03/07/14NFL teasers in Vegas Casinos...?SportsFan88909
03/06/14Los Angeles at Los Angeles...Covers10
03/06/14CrazyMilkMan's NBA Thursday9
03/06/14BIGGEST PLAY OF THE CENTUR...714cuzzin41
03/05/14Duke at Wake HeftyCinchSak3
03/05/14WTF DUKEJonEphotBall3
03/04/14NBA PARLAYbkswag17
03/02/14KNICKS +6.5 and early lean.DWade00720
02/28/14Memphis at Oklahoma City (...Covers22
02/28/14****THE I DON'T CARE IT'S ...alekim4
02/28/14Celebrating 25th Birthday and Movin...ckattar88
02/26/14Rigged BSBigRomes91646
02/26/14Anyone else think the super bowl co...spocsstocks20
02/22/14I HAVE TO POST THIS BETthatshot17
02/22/14CrazyMilkMan's NBA FridayCrazyMilkMan30
02/21/14Friday cash out (I got 1 play of t...pnoy4lyf3
02/21/14Pound it FAT & NASTAY4
02/21/14PAU GASOL IN LINE UP TONIG...baronman3
02/21/14Thursday NBABluejayBuckets4
02/20/14Hous/GS. Going with my gut feeling....Dilemma7
02/20/14Todays NBA pick..Charichard6
02/17/14I'm Taking OVER 292!Deepee47
02/14/14ALLSTAR EAST +5RandyResort5
02/14/14SuperBowl 48. My Seahawks made it.MonstarsInYoGrill9
02/12/14LARGEST PLAY OF THE YEAR 1...SDBolts111
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