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10/19/16WEEK 7= BEATING the BOOKIE...DoubleUp4Life96
10/15/16NCAA 10/15 - NFL 10/16KeyElement17
10/13/16MLB Status Update 10/13/16KeyElement4
10/11/16MLB 10/10/16KeyElement28
10/09/16AL -NL Playoffs 10/07/16KeyElement29
10/06/16MLB Today, NFL SundayKeyElement29
12/28/15BOWL SEASON pucku279
12/24/15CHRISTMAS EVE= MORTGAGE BO...DoubleUp4Life19
12/23/15light RAIN, & WINDS UNDER ...DoubleUp4Life12
12/23/15HORRIBLE Start for BOWL SE...DoubleUp4Life28
12/22/15*** Look, it's a bird. No, a plane....WussieMan24
12/21/15MNF Lions/SaintsMetallica246721
12/20/15EARLY BOWL Thread = DOUBLE...DoubleUp4Life49
12/18/15PDUBS PLAYS TNF 135-94-4 ...pdouble38
12/17/15*** LOCKS ***WussieMan8
12/16/15MONDAY NIGHT"GOY" + NATION...DoubleUp4Life24
12/15/152 ML Playsbackdooor_cover2
12/14/15Jmho 12/14/15KeyElement16
12/11/15Jmho 12/11/15KeyElement16
12/11/15Jmho 12/10/15KeyElement13
12/10/15Jmho 12/09/15KeyElement24
12/09/15Dec 9 NBA. HappyKane11
12/09/15I think the Warriors got word that ...HappyKane9
12/08/15Jmho 12/08/15KeyElement18
12/08/15Dec 8 NBA. HappyKane6
12/08/15Dec 7 NBA. HappyKane11
12/07/15MNF Cowboys/RedskinsMetallica246722
12/07/15NFL mojo -- Week 13HappyKane5
12/07/15Jmho 12/07/15KeyElement5
12/05/15BAMA UF Game ThreadBridge1134
12/05/15$$$$$ Prophet1 $$$$$ NBA 0...Prophet134
12/05/15Dec 4 NBA. HappyKane12
12/04/15Jmho 12/04/15KeyElement12
12/04/15Jmho 12/03/15KeyElement17
12/04/15Dec 3 NBA. When and why.HappyKane9
12/03/15Only 134 Days KeyElement9
12/03/15Dec 2 NBA. HappyKane31
12/03/15Jmho 12/02/15KeyElement11
12/02/15*** Weapon Of Mass Distruction ***WussieMan15
12/02/15WEEK 14 LINES GUESSES/ PLA...DoubleUp4Life46
12/01/15My Opinion 12/01/15KeyElement14
12/01/15Manic Tuesdaybackdooor_cover1
12/01/15NCAA wk 13MEGALOCKS526
11/29/15WEEK 13 JIVE TURKEY'S + LI...DoubleUp4Life105
11/28/15Notre Dame or Stanfordoopsplayz10
11/28/15Saturday Excitement!!!4
11/26/15I had my first threesome last nightfartnsniff235
11/26/15Nov 25 NBA. HappyKane17
11/25/15Wednesday First Half Madnessbackdooor_cover2
11/25/15betting props better than spreadsbackdooor_cover4
11/23/15Happy Mondaybackdooor_cover1
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