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01/30/15FLYDAY 4 TEAM ROUND ROBIN ...archtown1
01/28/15Black hawks and the under Lezz goarchtown5
01/28/15Taco Tuesday Pucksarchtown5
01/26/15Texas // Iowa St. (large) 9estDamon10212
01/24/152014 NFL Season Long Threadcollegegambler811
01/16/15Washington Capitals Babyarchtown4
01/16/15Sharks Laffy Taffy Leafs Under 5.5archtown7
01/16/15Thursday's NHL12
01/15/15Throw Back Thursday Picksarchtown2
01/15/15Kings under 5 archtown8
01/13/15Oregon Ducks to the Bankarchtown8
01/10/15Flyers Flyers Flyers4
01/06/152014 season long MLB threadcollegegambler2538
01/01/15Baylor 2nd Halfap12moni4
01/01/15New Year BowlsMetallica246733
01/01/15Oregon or Bama?Metro4137
01/01/15Hit Boise State Now lets go Goergia...archtown4
12/31/14New Year's Eve bowl games19
12/31/14TCU and the Under to the Bankarchtown3
12/31/14Bo Wallace To the Bucs$$$archtown3
12/31/14Roll it all on Boise State Moneylin...archtown1
12/28/14Detroit Lions To the Bankarchtown4
12/25/14<<<<<<<<<<<< Christmas Day...nflcapperletsgo21
12/25/14Spurs vs OKCM4TTJOHNSON7
12/22/14BYU and the Under To the Bankarchtown18
12/22/14Flyers vs. Jets with Write-up for 9...ap12moni10
12/21/14San Diego Chargers to The Bank3
12/20/14Saturday's NHLJu_lie11
12/19/14TNF Titans/JaguarsMetallica246749
12/18/14Vancouver and the under boom goes t...archtown3
12/13/14*** SATURDAY NHL ***badlands26
12/13/1412-13-14 PODarchtown7
12/13/14NHL FridayPolar_Bear54
12/09/14There are gonna be lots of unhappy ...18
12/08/14Hey Vegas vandal thank you4
12/08/147 point Teazer to the Bank1
12/08/14SNF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...realalmanac35
12/07/14Super Chargers to the Bank$1
12/07/14Saturday hoops (1st half picks) Damon10238
12/06/14Oregon Second Half to the bank1
11/27/14Why Chicago will cover!!!Bear_Down7431
11/27/14Why all the love for Eagles?20
11/27/14Sell EVERYTHING for this 2...realalmanac44
11/27/14Lesean Sproles Sanchez to the Bank6
11/27/14Thursday Plays5
11/27/14Blow out Coming Soon to a theatre N...2
11/25/14MY LARGEST PLAY of the Sea...ActionMagnet24
11/24/14Jets backers it is over guys the su...kevmode3
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