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08/29/15Friday MLB : best play on the board...5
08/28/15Baltimore Plus 115 Yes Please$$$$$2
08/27/15Game of the Month Yes Please$$$$$4
08/20/15Arizona MLBoringFellow24
08/20/15MLB THURSDAY JJsLocks10
08/18/15I'm all alone again!Morrissey21
08/18/15R. A. DICKEY -166 YES PLEA...archtown4
08/17/15Same old street get em next time gu...1
08/16/15Anaheim Angels and the Under$$$ Yes...5
08/16/15Angels or K C17
08/16/15Boston Come Back is possible...nurich43
08/16/154-1 this week . 1 loss yesterday an...7
08/16/15Reds Plus 195 Yes Please$$$$$$3
08/15/15Atlanta Braves Plus 135 Yes Please:...6
08/15/15Friday: 57-41 +64.5 UnitsBountyHunter1311
08/15/158/14 Friday MLB -- YTD 16-...SoulGlo24
08/15/15Brewers ML4
08/14/15mlb 8/14TDHCentral4
08/14/15I know Phillies are killing Peoples...3
08/14/15Cubs @ White SoxogBuck23
08/14/15$ IBM WATSON FRI 14TH TOTA...8
08/14/15White sox8
08/14/15Cubbies -115 Yes Please$$$$$$5
08/14/15Thursday: 51-41 +50.7 unitsBountyHunter1313
08/14/15Picks of today Pound on Angels and ...23
08/14/15Square day?Lib9
08/13/15Every Favorite today will win Excep...4
08/13/15Yankees huge..VanDutch11
08/13/15MLB 8/13Metallica246712
08/13/15SportsFreak69 MLB PODSportsFreak695
08/13/15Thursday MLB Playscjm200812
08/13/15@@@ PAPPA'S MLB THURSDAY 0...pappadoc7
08/13/15Yakees/Indians over 7.52
08/13/15Wednesday ParlayCatlinSonier12
08/13/15T. Bauer Plus 105 Yes Please$!!1
08/13/15anyone on minnesota?remeedella7
08/13/15Yankees are sorry lucky80814
08/12/15yankees season is OVAH!!9
08/12/15mlb 8/12TDHCentral5
08/12/15Hit Seattle Now Under 9 Twins / Ran...1
08/12/15Orioles +1033
08/12/15$ IBM WATSON WED 12TH TOTA...6
08/12/15Iwakuma -126 Yes Please$$$$$$7
08/11/15Reds go over tonight 3
08/11/15Texas Rangers Plus 110 Yes please3
08/11/15mlb 8/10TDHCentral8
08/10/15Baltimore vs. SeattleAlien-13
08/10/15Nuno Plus 108 Yes Please 1
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