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04/11/14no run 1st inning tampa/redsandrew7301
04/10/14rip lacey. very sadandrew7304
04/08/14a tout service called me randomly t...andrew7305
04/08/14OTTAWA V ISLANDERS OVER 5....fever25
04/06/14ATL HAWKS!!!!!!Givmedalute11
04/06/14whats the UCONN/KEN. LINE?ALTABLOCK11
04/06/14my guess kentucky-3 over uconnandrew7301
04/06/14what a game5
04/02/14quick question to bluejay fansandrew7305
04/01/14YANKEES EASY $$$$23
03/30/14college hockey, bost coll vs umass ...andrew7301
03/29/14beaver tourn. hoops, love baylorandrew73017
03/29/14Which one loses my parlay today?lltb435
03/28/14Knicks ml3
03/27/14knicks kings 2h total discMichfan1558
03/27/14George Hill shaving points!!!!LCD4
03/22/141st half, 2nd half OVER UNDER theor...GIANFRANCO11143479
03/20/14where does adrian payne go in nba ...andrew7302
03/20/14anyone albany and 21.5 vs gators?andrew7302
03/19/14SAN JOSE MINUS GOAL AND HA...Bucs_Nation2213
03/18/14albany-2 vs mt st marys tomandrew7303
03/16/14mict st could win it allandrew7306
03/15/14First MICH ST.?...CHANGCHANG4
03/15/14Albany/Stony Brook thoughts....coreyaas8
03/15/14i love morgan st+10andrew7301
03/14/14midd tenn vs tulsaandrew7302
03/14/14haw. or northridge+6.5andrew7309
03/09/14take hartford+3 2nd halfandrew7302
03/09/14stony brook and hartfordandrew7301
03/09/14canisius vs the galsandrew7303
03/08/14Fluke or not a fluke? Saturday Edi...Pasteur12
03/07/14wrong forum but look at this betandrew7301
03/02/14Explosive Sports Bettingjillsm726
03/01/14NW at Nebraskaandrew7304
02/19/14gotta a feeling ill+3.5 covers, jum...andrew7302
02/19/14anyone like San Diego State?truck711
02/19/14San Diego St under 129.54
02/18/14ut st at sd st, over 130andrew7304
02/12/14tex tech at OKandrew7307
02/11/14Spurs -3 and Wolves +5crh1128913
02/10/14marist quin. 2nd halfandrew7302
02/09/14COVERS BLOODBATH CLIPPS/6e...thomthekid18
02/08/14georgia-6.5 over tex a&mandrew7301
02/08/14wasnt Xavier in the bonus!!!5
02/08/14auburn at lsuandrew7302
02/06/14CM NBAThursdays YTD 42 - 26CMThursdays8
02/04/14streak covers for 12th in a row pic...andrew7302
02/03/14going for 12th win in row on covers...andrew7306
01/28/14Leafs - Lighteningnicfrost8111
01/27/14Mailman's NBA MondayTheMailman323
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