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01/15/16CrazyMilkMan's NBA Friday CrazyMilkMan10
01/09/16CrazyMilkMan's NBA FridayCrazyMilkMan16
12/29/15Tuesday Bowl Actioncjm20086
12/29/15Jmho 12/28/15KeyElement10
12/22/15LV Super Contest Week 15rudy2226
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12/17/15MR.BIGGS WEDNESDAY COLLEGE...biggs3338
12/16/15MR.BIGGS COLLEGE BASKETBAL...biggs3330
12/13/15LV Super Contest Week 14rudy2222
12/13/15Week 14 NFL Playscjm200814
12/12/15MARQUETTE +7 HUGELuckyBowl959
12/12/15CFB - 12/12GameHunter7
12/07/15Remember when I said you'd be crazy...scalabrine57
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11/29/15Week 12 NFL Playscjm200810
11/28/15Coldest Streak Everad12609
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11/25/15LV Super Contest Week 11rudy2242
11/01/15Super Contest thread?ad12601
10/20/15LV Super Contest Week 6rudy2248
10/14/15LV Super Contest Week 5rudy2234
10/07/15AL Wild Card Game Playcjm200827
10/04/15Week 4 NFL Plays. Another Winning ...cjm200814
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09/18/152015 MLB Beat the StreakTheGoldenGoose28
09/13/15*** THURSDAY NFL ***badlands14
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09/07/15Sunday MLB Playscjm200811
09/07/15Sunday Week 1 CFB Actioncjm20089
09/05/15SATURDAY MLB Playscjm20084
08/31/15Monday MLB Playscjm200810
08/30/15A Hot Summer Sunday at the Park.cjm20087
08/30/15Money Ball 8-29-2015KeyElement24
08/30/15TheActuary - MLB 08-29-201...TheActuary30
08/29/15Saturday At The Ballyardcjm20088
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