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01/07/13Mice GO DADDY GO BOWL Ark...WhiteMice40
01/07/13GoDaddy Bowl - #25 Kent State v Ark...dgnowsf7
01/03/13LVille +14.5 & ML +515TRAIN6966
11/25/12WEEK 12 ML PARLAYSWaTX7317
10/26/12NFL Thursday Bucs vs Vikings By Raz...RazorSharps30
10/22/12MY BIGGEST PLAY OF THE MLB...pucku2752
10/20/12week 8 with a big bet / top 10 team...biggiantkiller85
09/16/12ytd 94-74-1+ 57.00 units ....cashaholic31
09/04/12I'm such a loserdallasvike60
09/03/12Wow, Philly....SheronMiller17
08/30/12SportsFreak69 CFB Plays of the DaySportsFreak6931
08/22/12Does anyone here actually live in V...Handicapper3332
08/19/12need a three teamer for sundayRevBen25
08/13/12SportsFreak69 MLB Plays of the DaySportsFreak6944
08/13/12Bartolo Colon voted best looking pl...AlwaysChasing3
08/12/12Keep it simple Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!THIZZPICK9
08/12/12Thx Vegas & Geniuses 8/11/12tafter1230
08/11/123K on the me out of i...popeyoss33
08/04/12cleveland +180WizardOfAss4
07/22/12***Spidy's Saturday***spidermonkey22418
07/11/12SfGiants just owned the all star ga...dogunder7
07/10/12"A" or "N"compaq43
07/09/12CarGo will win the HR DerbyZonaCats22
06/24/12Let's Gobelltheringer7
06/24/12fucking giants torture againtxtechpika59
06/24/12Im thinking this A's/Giants game ha...dogunder7
06/24/12fri dogsWizardOfAss6
06/24/12THE DARK KNIGHT FRI SYSTEM...BatmanOfBetting33
06/23/12WAS vs BAL......winnerwinner9913
06/23/12Saturday...HOUSTON ASTROS....lovethedough25
06/23/12Ryan CookBradyisgreat29
06/23/12Friday ActionOrangemen4453
06/21/12Poll: Worst relief pitching perfor...Julespussy17
06/21/12MLB Action 6/20Orangemen4440
06/20/12Weds WizardOfAss4
06/19/12THE DARK KNIGHT MONDAY SYS...BatmanOfBetting50
06/19/12MONDAY DIAPERS - POWJJsLocks28
06/18/12Mondays BEST MLB Playsrated913
06/17/12This weekend...SJSharks993
06/16/12Bal @ Atl IN GAME **Baltim...BatmanOfBetting12
06/15/12MLB Thursday (8-1-1 last 3 days)kslab2813
06/14/12MLB / NBA FINALSOrangemen4446
06/14/12Brandon IngeSJSharks9926
06/14/12SportsFreak69 MLB Plays of the DaySportsFreak6924
06/14/12Cubs manager should be fired immedi...doreedo14204
06/14/12Rockies are sooo BAD!!!!!!!!!!aaustinova6711
06/14/12Need honest feedbackKangstaa4205
06/14/12matt cainclaude_gir0ux2
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