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08/02/15Swinging for the fence bases loaded...2
08/02/15Swinging for the fence Orioles, Cub...4
08/01/15Money Ball 7-31-2015KeyElement146
08/01/15Swinging for the fence runners on 1...1
08/01/15Swinging for the fence, man on fir...2
07/31/15Money Ball - DISASTER STRI...KeyElement54
07/30/15Swinging for the fence Minnesota Tw...1
07/29/15Swinging for the fence Milwaukee br...2
07/25/15Swinging for the fenc, man on first...1
07/24/15Swinging for the fence San Francisc...1
07/22/15Swinging for the fence WHITE SOX 2
07/22/15Swinging for the fence WHITE SOX 1
07/21/157/21 Swinging for the fenceVegasHotBoy1
03/12/15Bankroll fitness 3rd set 12-6 run2
03/10/15Bankroll fitness 2nd set 12-5 run1
03/10/15Bankroll fitness reset green Bay 2
03/10/15Bankroll fitness 2nd set Boston Col...2
03/10/15Bankroll fitness 3rd set North Dako...4
03/09/15Bankroll fitness 4th set 11-3 run1
03/09/15Bankroll fitness 2nd set Maryland 4
03/08/15Bankroll fitness reset Dartmouth 1H...3
03/07/154-0 NBA tonight's Pick 3
03/06/15Bankroll fitness final set 1
03/06/15Bankroll fitness 4th set 5
03/05/15Bankroll fitness 3rd set Arkansas 4
03/05/15Bankroll fitness 4th set central Fl...5
03/05/15Bankroll fitness 2nd set Portland T...3
03/04/15Bankroll fitness 3rd set Texas A&am...9
03/04/15Florida vs Texas A&Mdbhg112413
03/03/15Bankroll fitness 2nd set Dayton 2
03/03/15Bankroll fitness reset Iowa state 8
03/01/15Bankroll fitness 2nd set Iona 2
02/28/15Bankroll fitness reset Murry State ...1
02/27/15Bankroll fitness 2nd set Harvard 3
02/27/15Bankroll fitness reset BYU 5
02/24/15Bankroll fitness 2nd set Alabama 1H3
02/24/15Monday NBA Action $$$Unstoppable Force38
02/23/15Bankroll fitness reset Louisville 1...6
02/22/15Bankroll fitness reset Illinois 3
02/22/15Bankroll fitness reset Nebraska 4
02/21/15Bankroll fitness 2nd set Saturday 1
02/20/15Get rich or die trying Friday 1
04/08/09How long will it take me to get to ...VegasHotBoy4
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