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01/16/17You would have to be a fool not to ...31
01/15/17I plan on bringing this forum 70% o...VegasHotBoy1
02/14/16Colorado State +6.5VegasHotBoy2
02/13/161H Texas Tech +6VegasHotBoy1
02/13/16Louisville +2 VegasHotBoy1
02/13/162H Texas A&M +2VegasHotBoy2
02/13/16Northern Iowa +14 VegasHotBoy10
02/13/162H Wake Forest under 83 VegasHotBoy1
02/13/16Pennsylvania 1H +5.5VegasHotBoy6
02/12/16Another hot pick Monmouth -5 VegasHotBoy6
02/12/16Usc 2H +1VegasHotBoy1
02/12/16Hawaii 2H +1.5VegasHotBoy7
02/12/16Hawaii 1H under 62VegasHotBoy5
02/12/16Gonzaga Bulldogs -10VegasHotBoy4
02/11/162H Thunder - 4.5VegasHotBoy1
02/11/16February hottest picks day 11VegasHotBoy4
02/10/16February hottest picks day 10VegasHotBoy8
02/09/16February hottest picks day 9VegasHotBoy7
02/08/16February hottest picks day 8VegasHotBoy3
02/06/16February hottest picks day 6VegasHotBoy10
02/06/16February hottest picks day 5VegasHotBoy7
02/04/16February hottest picks day 4VegasHotBoy9
02/03/16February hottest picks day 3VegasHotBoy10
02/03/16February hottest picks day 3VegasHotBoy2
02/03/16February hottest picks day 2VegasHotBoy8
02/02/16February hottest picks day 2VegasHotBoy6
02/02/16Sports service help...6
02/02/16February hottest picks day 1VegasHotBoy19
02/01/16February hottest picks day 1VegasHotBoy5
02/01/16Sunday Piknik Parlay14
02/01/1667-38 63% +78.77 units in ...VegasHotBoy14
02/01/16The hottest on covers is back for a...2
02/01/16The hottest on covers is back for a...11
12/08/15Todays hotpick ... Pacers +6VegasHotBoy2
11/20/15NFL Hot pick ... Eagles -5.5VegasHotBoy7
11/13/15NBA Hot pick ... RocketsVegasHotBoy6
11/13/15NBA Hot pick . Clippers OverVegasHotBoy16
11/12/15NHL hot pick ... BlackHawksVegasHotBoy3
11/12/152nd NHL hot pick ....VegasHotBoy5
11/12/15NHL hot pick ... Kings VegasHotBoy8
11/12/15NBA hot pick… spurs 12
11/11/15Mondays hot pick... VegasHotBoy7
11/09/15MNF hot pick ...VegasHotBoy2
11/07/15Saturday's hot pick Winnipeg -169 VegasHotBoy5
11/07/15Saturday's hot pick Bucks -6.5VegasHotBoy1
11/07/15Saturday's hot pick Bucks -6.5VegasHotBoy1
10/11/15NFL another hot pick ...VegasHotBoy7
10/11/15NFL 2H Hot pick bills over 21.5VegasHotBoy3
10/09/15TF hot pick VegasHotBoy4
10/06/15The decision... VegasHotBoy12
10/06/15MNF hot pick Detroit Lions overVegasHotBoy4
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