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04/27/17U all dumb with alt+6 hahahsituazn19
04/18/17Update on Apache Mjcmhou1275
04/15/17Cleveland Shaving Points?jmag80516
04/15/17Here is a Season Total Win GIFT. Th...Clownin10139
04/11/17Any chance for Jazz ML?KingChip20
04/09/17The Rocket is staring to fck up the...Letwinsome2
03/23/17Suns will not lose again to that po...BornToDie24
03/23/1775 points in a quarter and they say...7
03/21/17The best methods to bet the NBA165yds177
03/12/17Pacers Game Ending super Shadydumped9717
03/05/17Any sites with statistics?Rook839
03/04/17Cavs -1 Trap of the year???dopeman9
02/26/17You better pound Atlanta hawks Satu...mykingdom59
02/25/17Durant (OUT) tonight vs BrooklynVGPOP1
02/25/17biggest NBA soread everBelacqua88883
02/25/17Are we going to seed the highest sp...loserforeverz3
02/15/17GWS -2900GarySanders11
02/15/17Anybody like Utah-7.5 at home, over...11
02/12/17who is out for pelicans tonight? li...SiuLungBao4
02/12/17Have others noticed lots of overs c...Michfan1511
02/06/17How excited is the dude qho bet $1....kimoinsd80821
02/05/17Tom Brady = G. O. A. TVGPOP13
02/05/17NFL Super Bowl Prop PickVGPOP12
11/15/16If we elect this buffoon....scalabrine93
10/10/16Free pornlegwand33
10/02/16NCAA WEEK 5 *** Over the H...TRAIN69118
10/02/16LVille/Clemson U67.5TRAIN6928
10/01/1636 points in 4 minutes and 56 secon...VGPOP6
09/30/16New Look for Coversjmw5947
09/30/16Weather is great in Htown today eve...buffer27
09/27/16Jose Fernandez killed in bosting ac...Gary_Hobson64
09/25/16RIP Jose FernandezGERKEN9
09/23/16Week 4 Predicted Scores IAdecimal520
09/22/16Louisville a great team but this su...hillardoh116
09/22/16Classic Let Down Spot?MrFace13
09/18/16Thank you Jacksonville!...VGPOP1
09/18/16Anyone elese think garoppolo will r...Jrod621
09/18/16I am shocked at this Miami defense....VGPOP29
09/17/16Western Kentucky Large with Write u...flutie9
08/31/16Who on here was good to follow last...BigMay010
08/27/16Hawaii ML & U66.5 parlay +2200TRAIN6914
08/26/16Fridays NFL TipsRLeith355
08/14/16Are you fu****ing kidding me Kansas...VGPOP12
07/11/16Winds out to right fieldNJBeast8
07/05/16Kobe, Shaq, Paton, Malone did not ...Navi8
07/04/16Matt Harvey is unwatchable.searchwarrant13
06/29/16Got my copy of Phil Steele 2016 Col...VGPOP2
06/21/161995-1996 Chicago Bulls remains the...47
06/17/16Game 7 happens and the NBA gets 200...jrgumpert23
06/12/16LeBron haters need to STFUAD932368
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