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05/11/16I have a serious gambling addiction...jmpkcp44231
12/25/15Is Cleveland...HopeonRightSide9
12/24/15Let me say thisMathwiz33
12/16/15Squares Lib3
12/13/15Christmas Comes Early With This!!!!...St2ee109
12/11/15If you bet against Curry you deserv...DatExpert17
12/11/15Prophet1 its here!! About the LA@Wo...Prophet135
12/10/15best capper on nba forumBrewDrees26
12/10/15National Basketball LeagueTsikenBreast2
12/10/15Wednesday Night AssociationPapaShango14
12/10/15Atlanta with MAJOR blowout win toni...LetsWIN9999
12/09/15Pao Gasol calls "player only meetin...undermysac22
12/09/15Pacers +5,5 (Dont Try to b...Prophet134
12/09/15:((((((((((((((((((((( Is ...raczekk1985_pol5
12/09/15Whos making these lines???examine4
12/09/15I believe GSW loose tonightrain_man1023
12/09/15I think the Warriors got word that ...HappyKane9
12/09/15Warriors 1Q spread is 19-3 ATSfadeORdie7
12/08/15HUGE PLAYprestige338
12/08/15$$$$$ Prophet1 $$$$$ NBA 0...Prophet128
12/08/15Finally.... a brother is on a roll...mathkid725
12/08/15Cavs will be wearing the dreaded "s...casheasy12
12/08/15Warriors loss tonight and Vegas Win...jaxton6
12/07/15Gs keeps defying the odds.......Thi...YellowFever3212
12/07/15Pacers will best golden st Tuesday M0n3y2BMad314
12/07/15NBA 12/7okaybuddy5
12/07/15Nyk or Dal? who wins? 8
12/04/15Dons Thur Pick 8 4 ytdDonpedped7
11/30/15Kobe retiring and no one caresHoldingXYZ31
11/28/15play it or fade itJodyJo9
09/26/15so i have a system that really work...imtheman2457
08/19/15If you aren't wagering with Bitcoin...viro27
05/21/15How I rollCrashdavis5659
05/19/15Warriors -10 and over 2008
05/19/15Why even bet tonights game?Iainsc215
05/19/15Anybody know this stat? How often d...LIanafranks525
05/18/15If I'll have time to see the TO mon...prestige339
05/17/15Llana so what do you think now?NBANFLFAN534
05/14/15Covers bloodbath - LBJ +2.5fadeORdie14
05/14/15ALL IN CHICAGO IRVING IS O...Surewincover13
05/04/15Spurs remember Game 7 in Miami 2 ye...GeneCam2764
05/04/15The BIG ONE. Game 7 - Spur...scalabrine166
05/03/15Floyd by 12 round decision 10
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