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07/07/15Lines dictates the game....BostonCelticFTW2117
12/02/14!!! Nba Tuesday SuperPick !!! Advan...Kc_A21
11/05/14Toledo Pats1297841
10/24/14Cincinnati-USF Under Backers worrie...Thesicilian0ne2
10/14/14I'll give you the holy grail of gam...Lippsman330
09/19/14Here comes the moose for auburn bac...Svern00215
09/18/14Auburn/KSU in-gamemotowner48
08/24/14i won good money this year but im d...25
05/16/14Anyone watching Oakland vs Clevelan...3
05/16/14Since when is Erik Bedard an Ace?21
05/15/14St Louis vs Cubs Rain??4
05/15/14San Diego Vs Cincy RAIN?6
04/18/14Just Signed up w/Sportsbook..What i...4
04/15/14Will they resume Cincy/Pitt?6
04/09/14Is Miguel Cabrera in starting lineu...3
04/03/14Anyone have any info on Delay in Ci...Thesicilian0ne6
04/02/14Anyone know about Rain delay in LAA...4
03/22/14so is everyone killing it?5
03/19/14Portland sucks11
03/19/14Dogs Day + Public massacre12
03/19/14i hate Milwaukee1
03/17/14Philly nice try1
03/16/14Suck me Boston1
03/16/14Florida please please dont do this ...33
03/16/14Really Milwaukee?10
03/16/14Fkin Butler and Hinrich missed 2 ke...thirdworld11
03/15/14Coming back after 2 Weeks off5
03/15/14Coming back off a layoff can use so...2
03/04/14F U Pacers12
03/04/14Over in spurs game is dead!!!Hubbahubba232331
03/04/14Refs on GS1
03/04/14Spurs FML7
03/04/14Spurs & Pacers Bloodbaths?3
03/04/14Laker Blazer OVER RALLY !!Quoiduc14
03/04/14wow Portland lakers went UNDER lol14
03/04/14Anyone else notice during live bett...Grizzbear20
03/04/14Portland probably still cover1
03/03/14If Brooklyn blows cover i may legit...11
03/03/14Xavier v. Seton Hall (28-10 last 38...IGotMoney2Blow36
03/03/14$eton Hall easy $$15
03/03/14jazz joke7
03/03/14Seton Hall MLholyother8
02/27/14How bad is Orlando!!!!6
02/26/14Is Memphis really going to let Lake...Thesicilian0ne6
02/26/14Are you kidding me Rutgers!7
02/25/14lmao @ Clemson12
02/25/14All you suckers on GS, I laugh at y...67
02/25/14Fuuuuuuuuuuk Syracuse.AmazingMoves18
02/25/14Both Dogs on Espn cover?1
02/24/14Are you kidding me Syracuse!9
02/24/14Maryland about to get blown out 10
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