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02/22/17Why is american football so boring?BrummieViking54
02/21/17What are my chances of getting laid...NoseHair189
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02/09/17What would you do?searchwarrant26
02/08/17There'should only one Super Bow...17
02/07/17Most boring Super Bowl everTitan235
02/07/17Is more alive or dead no...thedegenerate33
02/07/17My girlfriend is making me take mon...YbbobR20
02/06/17Lebron James is 1000x better than M...BostonCelticFTW996
02/06/17Lines dictates the game....BostonCelticFTW2177
02/06/17Change is Goodandarmac9950
02/05/17 Don Juan's Superbowl WINNER !don juan37
02/05/17The problem with Trump "haters"TRAIN69100
02/05/17American UprisingHugh_Jorgan34
02/04/17Kristine Leahy is soooo Hot!...games113
02/03/17What Colour will the Gatorade be th...17
02/03/17Has anyone made any money betting o...SportsMavin12733
02/02/17Stock Pick - MNKDLouis_IV548
01/31/17Hollywood checks in on Trumps ungod...Titan226
01/31/17Trump is on the move.searchwarrant30
01/31/17Perception vs. Reality: Ignore the ...JFen3191
01/26/17Who is the greatest man who ever li...52
01/26/17Will TRUMP be the best POTUS ever?TRAIN6947
01/26/17Things I think are good32
01/25/17If you bet on Hillary, you should b...bigvern1013210
01/22/17Inauguration Day42
01/22/17Aaron 'Rainman' Rodgers @ Matt 'Ice...Sabanesque36
01/21/17INAUGARATION ContestCrusher1327
01/21/17A surprisingly low number...dcp19858
01/20/17Regardless of what happens... why o...bpickin46
01/20/17This is my last run17
01/19/17Not sure when NFL teams are going t...vanzack59
01/19/17Tax question for you bean counters.searchwarrant24
01/19/17Remember when Covers was awesome?TRAIN69134
01/16/17Aaron RodgersDay-trader134
01/15/17Parlay Combination That' May to Wor...LB_Dirtbags34
01/14/17Divisional Playoff RoundTRAIN6925
01/14/17What's everyones deal with Joe Buck...Carpinteria32
01/14/17interesting Super Bowl exact matchu...LeRinkRat17
01/13/17Sorry But I Can't Take NE ml -2600GarySanders22
01/04/17Greatest Poster in Histo...Boom_Boom92
01/03/17Friday Night ROCK BOTTOM S...scalabrine156
01/03/17AUBURN MLTRAIN6935
01/01/17Bowl MoneyWahooS45
12/31/16I had my first threesome last nightfartnsniff236
12/30/16ARKANSAS @ MISSOURI: A Bla...scalabrine379
12/30/16Interesting take on how to bet NFLAFNfootballnerd318
12/24/16My take on the final 4Boom_Boom142
12/22/16BPICKIN PRIMETIME NFL. 4-0...bpickin137
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