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04/19/17Old Age, I've decided is a GiftApacheM49
04/18/17Update on Apache Mjcmhou1275
04/17/17Asking for acceptanceProtoStar630
04/11/17If you bet on Hillary, you should b...bigvern1013215
04/08/17Chuck Berry Dies Europa17
04/01/17Why is american football so boring?BrummieViking58
03/31/17Should I pay the bookie?13
03/31/17Las Vegas Raidersraywinner45
03/30/17My Gambling Dilema.MIZUNO2286
03/27/17WISCONSIN vs. FLORIDA - Th...scalabrine193
03/26/17Sweet 16TRAIN6951
03/24/17Lakers/Wolves O218TRAIN692
03/24/ OVER I like...pipedoctor6
03/24/17Friday PlaysBadger664
03/24/17Everyone is on the NetsBrewDrees13
03/24/17**UCLA*** Laaaarge blinks20074
03/24/17I have to tell somebody, my wifeMathwiz9
03/23/17Your best 4 teams in the tourney?Crashdavis56529
03/22/17Small monday play : UCF/IL...TRAIN6911
03/20/17The easiest bet of the day goes to....lovethedough23
03/20/17Cincy/UCLA U153.5TRAIN6929
03/19/17March Madness 2017 .....Ho...TRAIN6952
03/19/17Saturday's Plays....kalamus2018
03/19/17Moving to Vegas to become a full ti...collegegambler14295
03/17/17Minnesota +1 vs. Middle Tenn State ...BarrelledIn40
03/16/17FLUTIE'$ $HARP MADNE$$flutie20
03/16/17Wednesday's plays.....kalamus2013
03/15/17I thought Wichita State was poorly ...The Hawk2
03/14/17Is more alive or dead no...thedegenerate54
03/14/17Greatest Poster in Histo...Boom_Boom94
03/11/17evolution vs creation debatemainman11111282
03/11/17Peter falcone arrestedcougarenegade112
03/08/17What's the best butt hair trimmer o...DiGiT24
03/04/17Brady's legacy is still tarnished b...Titan2143
02/21/17What are my chances of getting laid...NoseHair189
02/15/17Question for Basketball FansSlobbasaurus21
02/09/17What would you do?searchwarrant25
02/08/17There'should only one Super Bow...17
02/07/17Most boring Super Bowl everTitan235
02/07/17My girlfriend is making me take mon...YbbobR20
02/06/17Lebron James is 1000x better than M...BostonCelticFTW996
02/06/17Lines dictates the game....BostonCelticFTW2177
02/06/17Change is Goodandarmac9948
02/05/17 Don Juan's Superbowl WINNER !don juan37
02/05/17The problem with Trump "haters"TRAIN69100
02/05/17American UprisingHugh_Jorgan34
02/04/17Kristine Leahy is soooo Hot!...games113
02/03/17What Colour will the Gatorade be th...17
02/03/17Has anyone made any money betting o...SportsMavin12733
02/02/17Stock Pick - MNKDLouis_IV548
01/31/17Hollywood checks in on Trumps ungod...Titan226
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