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01/24/17THE GOAT wins # 5 revenges the good...bigamoose19
01/24/17If you like the Patriots, bet them ...vanzack33
01/24/17The problem with Trump "haters"TRAIN6953
01/23/17What is it about the Patriot fans t...Crashdavis56521
01/23/17Something about the Falcons this ye...14
01/23/17Atlanta's resume is not that greatScoop828224
01/23/17Who is the greatest man who ever li...47
01/23/17Someone should tell McCarthyClubDirt17
01/22/17Why keep Brady in?THEMUGG7
01/22/17+++Packers @ Atlanta in game thread...Raqoon152
01/22/17Need some boxing action in NFL foru...THEMUGG2
01/22/17Facemask on the QB?XIaggie2
01/22/17Falcons are last years Panthers.Broncodevil13
01/22/17Inauguration Day42
01/22/17Lang is pretty good in NFLHabsHater8818
01/22/17If you sit back on D...imaxfli3
01/22/17What is the worst officiated sport ...swanbomb12
01/21/17Does Aaron Rodgers look off a littl...Crashdavis56534
01/21/17Arizona and Colorado surprise pac12...11
01/20/17I immediately thought of covers whe...SwishSwish123444
01/20/17Things I think are good28
01/19/17Books to take a risk averse stance....rm99023
01/19/17Remember when Covers was awesome?TRAIN69134
01/18/17Where are they now...Covers mainsta...CrusCrnshw31
01/18/17Chicago's murder rate soars 72% in ...GimmeMoneyNow120
01/17/17Feds seize 2.5 million from gamblernature197014
01/17/17DirecTV premier protection plan?8
01/16/17Cal hires Justin WilcoxTHEMUGG4
01/16/17Aaron RodgersDay-trader134
01/15/17Who wouldn't love to see an epic Je...motowner20
01/15/17Dallas will win but not cover -5.5ALLPLAYER8
01/15/17*** SAT. PLAYOFFS ***badlands17
01/15/17Texans will shock the world next we...buffer50
01/14/17Fade the Seahawks in the 1st half?broller15
01/14/17Nick Saban Cost The Tide The Champi...mbialowas63
01/13/17spoon found on marsnature197023
01/13/17Talk about being in a zone....THEMUGG3
01/12/17Pass Interference Call bama vs. Cle...imaxfli8
01/11/17Alabama had the lead with 2:07 left...THEMUGG31
01/10/17Billy Walters Bowl PicksPapaShango237
01/10/17"Remember when" thread..searchwarrant64
01/10/17I wonderdemoman11
01/10/17Bama will never be the same again. shimmersun18
01/10/17Wow what an ending, what a game Jes...Jrod610
01/09/17 BOWL GUIDE 2016-17bookieassassin343
01/09/17Mike TomlinNONEED4LUCK27
01/09/17What SB do you want to see?begginerboy20
01/09/17new york media plz go ezy on my boy...flatron12316
01/08/17The Local Old Man McDonald's Coffee...SALTY21
01/08/17Rodgers is one of a kindJrod652
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