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09/17/14Broncos/Seahawks discussionJEFFMARKETCAP21
09/17/14NFL WEEK 3 *** Ray Rice Cl...TRAIN6922
09/17/14Who will be our next president?Coloneljim70
09/17/14The cost of attending a pro sportin...Coloneljim33
09/17/14Michael Jackson sucksjohnbs125
09/15/14*** Week 3 NCAA Football ***Boom_Boom102
09/15/14The Super Bowl champs open up as -5...SwishSwish12349
09/15/14Anyone here 50 or older?gobuddygo38
09/15/14RG3 turning into Ken Griffey Jr?getem47411
09/14/14Public all over Seahawks and line j...Pickerson7
09/14/14shot of Jager...and Chargers...lmb43213
09/13/14Bookie owes me 2300 and wo...TopHog56
09/13/14Illinois @ Washington....THEMUGG9
09/13/14Great lines in songs...Jimmag71
09/13/14Bitcoins for gambling....vanzack300
09/12/14Fav Band of the 90'sjmw5985
09/12/14Mike Tyson TKO's a Toronto ReporterCanadaCup15
09/12/14I do what always do.. bet against t...getem4746
09/10/14Be Careful--Week 3 Card lo...DoubleUp4Life31
09/10/14Favorite Instrumentals-Clutch65
09/10/14Everyone and their mommas mommas go...ChOmP12
09/08/1449ers at Dallascowboys494940
09/08/14so Oregon has absolutely no defenseredsox583118
09/07/14This is comical watching the Colts ...casheasy7
09/07/14Green Bay @ Seattleandarmac9980
09/07/14Cowboys...lmfao!!!! Hahahahaha15
09/07/14Accidents waiting to happen looolseanparks3
09/07/14SF -3.5 Week 1.joshk34
09/07/14Denver superbowl fave? lotta short ...Hawky29
09/07/14 Home dogsTHEMUGG5
09/07/14the big ten blowsMessier-1111
09/07/14INPUT PLEASE ON OREGON - 5...27
09/05/14Seahawks are such a square pickSportsFan969844
09/05/14How many points is the Seahawks hom...Lind4MVP2
09/05/14Commercial of the yearKurshka16
09/05/14Packers/Seahawks Live In-Game Threa...PapaShango131
09/04/14Packers Vs Seahawks BigFrank42026
09/04/14GreenBay Packers vs Seattle Seahawk...pacers79219
09/03/14I don't understand why the 49ers ar...SwishSwish123414
09/03/14Home poker game is being raked35
09/03/14In Honor of My Friend ApacheM..SarasotaSlim17
09/03/14Al Sharpton to lead march in Chicag...TRAIN6915
09/02/14Movies you saw in AugustLeRinkRat42
09/02/14 Michael Sam released by Rams SarasotaSlim16
09/02/14Pink Floyd: New Release Coming Soo...konabuzz16
09/01/14What is the best US state to live i...strippersnbens89
08/31/14ASK all these Wisconsin backers how...Dacorrector51
08/31/14Next winner of the day FSU VS. OKSUrdmetal2416
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