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08/27/16Have any of you fellas ever collect...SwishSwish123433
08/27/16I drive Uber for funvanzack25
08/27/16Porcelain Fist's Preseason Observat...porcelainfist43
08/26/16Many of life's problems come from p...Brady_2_Gronk16
08/26/16I understand Blacks can be difficul...SwishSwish123458
08/26/16Seattle -5.5THEMUGG23
08/26/16Dak Prescott - The BEST QB in Dalla...NEWPORT11
08/25/16Taking my first trip to a legal mar...ClubDirt41
08/25/16DirecTV premier protection plan?7
08/25/16Men with neck tats ...Hugh_Jorgan34
08/25/16medal countnature197024
08/25/16Why was this article on the front p...bigvern10137
08/24/16Back from a Week in Vegas: Honest R...bigvern101342
08/23/16this person deserves to diemainman111116
08/23/16Moving to Vegas to become a full ti...collegegambler14253
08/21/16News Regarding The OutlawThe_Outlaw280
08/20/16WASHINGTON ST COUGARS $$$ ...DoubleUp4Life35
08/20/16Temple of the Dog to tour for 1st t...THEMUGG4
08/19/16Accidentally bet SEA/MIN under 20.5...11
08/17/16They're Trying to Wash Us Awayjmw5913
08/16/16Whey ProteinChocoTaco18
08/16/16Giuliani says there were no terrori...SwishSwish12349
08/16/16If we elect this buffoon....scalabrine90
08/15/16ESPN John Saunders deadBWS7714
08/14/16Bags Sunday Play ***Niiiiiiiiiiiine...LB_Dirtbags8
08/14/16Chung hot nfl preseason friday wk1!chungnuoc4
08/12/16Pebble Beach or St. Andrews?wmtitan3018
08/11/16Really Bad Movies that you WatchSlobbasaurus29
08/11/16Gimme A Reason Not To Take...GimmeMoneyNow29
08/07/16Saw The White Buffalo Last SundaySteelCash5
08/07/16I really like Carolina this year25
08/06/16blood pressure questionsckattar833
08/06/16Auburn RB BootedRockstarGator11
08/04/16Houston Cougars 50/1 Nat'l Champs -...Michfan1524
08/04/16The exposure of the tout group at p...suuma14
08/03/16Just a few weeks ago the M's were t...jrgumpert12
08/03/16My Top 20 movies all-time listMad_Skillz12316
08/03/16F U BOOKS... SOXS N M'...tedwalsh79
08/01/16Servais is a idiot.THEMUGG8
08/01/16Who else took Chicago Cubs ML when ...slimshady42010
08/01/16DraftKings - PGA ChampionshipBigRomes91615
07/30/16Hillary Clinton Acceptance Speech p...scalabrine39
07/29/16 Punched or slapped by your wife or...searchwarrant27
07/28/16Don Henley concertTHEMUGG6
07/28/16Top 2 things you use to cap RenoGambler11
07/28/16It's coming: New documentary to...scalabrine101
07/28/16Analysis: San Diego Chargers to win...suuma66
07/25/16Favorite BandJose_Reyes45
07/25/16Jury finds Led Zep innocent of stea...TheGoldenGoose5
07/25/16what is the best era for music?totoyturok62
07/25/16Movies you saw in July 2016LeRinkRat27
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