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12/07/16please some logical person talk me ...traderjoe136
12/07/16Time to pound the 49ers -2.517
12/06/16Pathetic Slate of Bowl gamesfluffybucker6931
12/06/16My take on the final 4Boom_Boom131
12/06/16pole shift accelerating...nature197016
12/06/16It's getting out of hand23
12/06/16Washington Will Be DemolishedSabanesque25
12/06/16Holiday Bowl Gameslookingtowin5
12/06/16Bowl Game announcementsBWS7726
12/05/16GOY SNF Panthers vs seattleGuitarplayerguy116
12/05/16Cam Newton+9.5 easy play23
12/05/16Chicago's murder rate soars 72% in ...GimmeMoneyNow92
12/05/16dwayne the rock johnson not ruling ...mainman111118
12/05/16WTF? Why did Anderson start and no...bjsteel347
12/04/16Playoff Opening Spreads in Vegas (j...WahooS15
12/04/16Clemson D sucksbjsteel3425
12/04/16BOWL projections / linesbookieassassin4
12/04/16Penn State is so overratedTHE-KID14
12/04/16Non-conf. schedulingTHEMUGG1
12/04/16Live look at the playoff committeevegasrebel41729
12/04/16Big 10 Championship - Penn State v ...Vic-Vega32
12/03/16best bet from the best bet winnersdilaudid828
12/03/16Some background info on the reffing...scalabrine52
12/03/16MORTGAGE INVESTMENT= RUN A...DoubleUp4Life43
12/03/16And here it comes again.. Chungs Fr...chungnuoc31
12/03/16Alabama -14 vs WashingtonTHEMUGG16
12/03/16CU vs. WASH - Why is nobody address...JoniLove5Chachi32
12/03/16Moving to Vegas to become a full ti...collegegambler14290
12/03/16Colorado Washington Write upalopez1432532
12/02/16Great lines in songs...Jimmag98
12/02/16Michigan best team in big ten27
12/02/16Washington vs Colorado (Friday)WalterTibbs10
12/01/16The Playoff System SucksMaxMoneyMaker22
11/30/16Baylor's next Head CoachWalterTibbs9
11/30/16PLAYOFF PREDICTIONS = MICH...DoubleUp4Life69
11/30/16Hellfrich OUT at OregonBWS7714
11/30/16Where r u spending New Years Eve? HoneyB11
11/29/16if washington and wisconsin wins ou...MarkDogg201450
11/29/16Ogeron in at LSU- LSU drops the bal...blowoutgm36
11/28/16PLAYOFF PREDICTIONCrusher1331
11/28/16Don't shop on Thanksgiving daymr_bollox9
11/28/16Does Aaron Rodgers look off a littl...Crashdavis56532
11/28/16Roger Hodgson of SupertrampTHEMUGG2
11/27/16WTF SEACOCCK CANT SCOREmrcoo16814
11/27/16Cam Newton LOLpmiller5038
11/27/16Idaho laying 5jakecece6
11/27/16Ohio State -3 -145 buying 1½gambling-devil22
11/26/16Btw, If anyone was interested to kn...Cashinwong37
11/26/16More horrendous coaching...Eddy_Winslow23
11/26/16YOU WANT A WINNER I HAVE O...Tomkopec9
11/26/16Why does Michigan run SO many plays...MCX14
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