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07/22/14Best vanity platesCoin Toss15
07/22/14What is the best US state to live i...strippersnbens55
07/22/14Rakeem Cato to win Heisman @ 55-1TRAIN6919
07/22/14Stores now selling recreational wee...SwishSwish1234102
07/22/14Who else thinks Soccer again will f...MTFN5037
07/22/14IDAHO @ UF51
07/22/14Pop of the 70'sSportsFan96989
07/22/14Brett Hundley to win Heisman @ 14-1BWS777
07/22/14RIP James GarnerNut_Flopper14
07/21/14Johnny Winter dead at 70TheGoldenGoose13
07/21/14Bridgewater +950 Roy13
07/21/14sea foodorion21
07/21/14emergent QB of 2014-201525
07/21/14We are watching greatnessCMJohnson117
07/20/14Tuna fish sammich recipes?searchwarrant54
07/20/14British Openjmitseff19
07/20/14Bengals +3000 win the Super Bowlschreib24
07/20/14Tiger Will Not Win Another MajorVegasVeteran360
07/20/14Lets talk Preseason Which Teams hav...14
07/20/14Harbor for sports sorts of HumorPendo19
07/19/14BREAKING!!! Another Malaysian Airl...Bling66
07/19/14Which is the worse behind-kicking?SportsFan969821
07/18/14Florida football coach Will Muscham...zelo12313
07/18/14Might be in hot water for this one....Candy-Man7734
07/18/14Paradise Island/Atlantisumass194723
07/18/14Name your BEST o/u 2014..m33w9934
07/17/14Pink Floyd: New Release Coming Soo...konabuzz15
07/16/14Sept 4th Packers at Seahawkswallstreetcappers33
07/16/14Schools to Put $$$ on in 2014 35
07/16/14Auburn QB Nick Marshall caught read...BWS779
07/16/14Very first movie you ever saw in a ...searchwarrant24
07/16/14Price os Movie Theater ticketsbizkilla26
07/16/14Judas Priest......Redeemer of SoulsTHEMUGG5
07/15/14My Top 50 All-Time Classic Rock & R...TheGoldenGoose265
07/15/14Great lines in songs...Jimmag52
07/15/14Don't bet on the Washington @ Hawai...strippersnbens11
07/14/143 Reasons why Soccer will never be ...SportsFan9698130
07/14/14Congrats to Michael Sam for being d...packers199272
07/14/14I need some advice from you guys. S...casheasy31
07/14/14list your favorite comedian that h...bigfatrooster44
07/14/14The Last Ramoneidle_havoc4
07/14/14Running on empty~ 20
07/13/14Raqeul Welch buck nekkidwarrenator9
07/13/14Biggest Fraud in Sports MYSTICRICH268
07/13/14I miss you Tebow :'(((Asomugha19
07/12/14Why were the Atlanta Falcons bad la...strippersnbens17
07/12/14Songs with the word "BAD"Jimmag26
07/11/14BREAKIG NEWS: LeBron to re...Super_Camel15
07/11/14QB RankingsDudeguykidd20
07/11/14Worst President since WWII....TILTOLOGIC104
07/10/14Manziel WILL NOT SUCCEED I...61
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