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02/13/16Iran Nuke Deal Guarantees $2 / Gal ...TheGoldenGoose160
02/11/16I miss Peyton Manning!!!AnthonyStarks235
02/09/16What are you listening to these day...Giovanna_L45
01/22/16Tom brady a cry baby15
01/22/16Finally someone says it like it isSteelCash3
01/08/16To hedge or not to hedge, here is t...vanzack628
01/05/16What do most people carry cocaine i...strippersnbens27
12/16/15I hate humans. 17
12/14/15Pre cooked bacon, sausage, ham, and...spocsstocks26
12/08/155dimes not honoring Thanksgiving pr...Legend55016
12/07/15Pending picks? No longer viewable?SteelCash14
11/23/15New look to site is terrible.zillagod34
11/16/15anyone use the score app?noguts8
11/11/15Sports betting legalization is comi...vanzack88
11/10/15Has anybody joined Facebook in the ...SportsFan969893
11/02/15What's the consensus on BetOnLine?SteelCash8
11/02/15Having issues with bookSteelCash5
11/02/15What US city has the scariest haunt...strippersnbens12
11/02/15Immigrants Coming to the U.S.canovsp18
11/01/15BULLS -1 (GOT THE CALL)sharpstick306
10/31/15Movies you saw in Octoberdoggs38
10/30/15***SUPER BOWL XLVI--PATRIO...PrimeTimeBoys188
10/30/15I went to an anti-legalization meet...SteelCash25
10/27/15Received a money order from sportsb...shafiqde3
10/18/15Congress Is Going to Examine Fantas...LeRinkRat32
10/18/15Has anyone made any money betting o...SportsMavin12771
10/14/15Chargers win by more than 3.....5 ...BrickLayer41
10/10/15What do you think is the trippiest ...strippersnbens10
10/06/15Men, Women, & ChildrenSteelCash2
10/03/15Narcos is awesome CountCrisco7
10/03/15Would You Vote for a Muslim for Pre...canovsp63
10/01/15Could we have immortality in 20-30 ...SteelCash7
09/30/15Anyone here ever been an UBER drive...Carpinteria20
09/29/15Father of Baby Doe speaks out about...Killer_B4
09/29/15If we lived in a world that gave a ...isport63
09/27/15Betting/Fantasy Hybridjoino7
09/21/15Need to find the video of the guy r...SteelCash25
09/15/15It's official... we're voting in Oh...SteelCash29
09/11/15Handicapper monitorianch4
09/06/15Enough is enough! It's time for new...scalabrine54
09/06/15NFL & Roger Goodell will get stoned...SportsFan969842
08/30/15R.I.P. Derek CruiceSteelCash3
08/30/15Congratulations to pk165365GeneralChaos21
08/29/15My wife died from cancerSharkysden53
08/18/15Costco or Sam's clubmr_bollox6
08/09/15WTF is flying over the skies of Jap...17
07/29/15mother will be passing away tonightckattar833
07/21/15Burning Spearbabyraymond8
07/20/15Paradise LostSteelCash5
07/17/15Does Anyone like Colin Cowherd? Rea...MikeMed44
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