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07/22/14What is the best US state to live i...strippersnbens51
07/22/14Told my mom and dad to fvck offSportsFan96987
07/22/14criminal violation made NEED ADVIC...ckattar839
07/22/14Looking for a thread about things p...BWS774
07/22/14Anyone ever consider a travel job?Cappernicking17
07/22/14Who else thinks Soccer again will f...MTFN5037
07/22/14Stores now selling recreational wee...SwishSwish1234101
07/22/14If Hamas just stopped firing rocket...nflcapperletsgo37
07/21/14Need some serious girl advice now45
07/21/14So Cal AgentOC_sharp9497
07/21/14Coorporate fu*ks - for goose (and a...34
07/21/14Best vanity platesCoin Toss12
07/21/14worst losing streak ever11
07/21/14WWE Battleground LinesSparky1019133
07/20/14Harbor for sports sorts of HumorPendo19
07/19/14My first G.I.L.Fchaloots16
07/19/14BREAKING!!! Another Malaysian Airl...Bling66
07/19/14Which is the worse behind-kicking?SportsFan969821
07/18/14Candyman is in California 18
07/18/14Good Idea or Bad Idea?BigChris5152
07/18/14Might be in hot water for this one....Candy-Man7734
07/18/14If you had three things to enter in...Bling14
07/18/14Heartache in Hollywood....Candy-Man7733
07/18/14Got a call last night 15
07/18/14Paradise Island/Atlantisumass194723
07/17/14Stuart Scottstats19
07/17/14 Summer Loving..........Candy-Man7731
07/16/14Your best sneak in storiesbizkilla8
07/15/14Mimi Faust did - personal adult vid...euellgong9
07/14/14I need some advice from you guys. S...casheasy31
07/14/14Should I get it in with a chubby gi...Ay-Yo40
07/14/14list your favorite comedian that h...bigfatrooster44
07/14/14Dropping the hammerSkipbone22
07/14/14Running on empty~ 20
07/13/14MISMATCH : Ginger will get beaten b...Jerseyboy896
07/12/14So what do you do in this situation...trash4cash16
07/12/14Olde Pictureswarrenator5
07/11/14Should Sports Betting Be Legal? - U...bigfatrooster16
07/10/14Neighborhood call (neighborhood pla...SportsFan96984
07/10/14So you think You've got it bad?!?DUDE-I-TOLD-YOU3
07/10/14HOW DO I STOP THESE friggi...Holycow06299
07/10/14What does "wie wie" mean?strippersnbens12
07/10/14sex pillsmoneymakin6
07/10/14Binary Optionsrackenspot6
07/09/14Not a Smart Idea...Randisist8
07/09/14The first thug has been made an exa...JEFFMARKETCAP13
07/09/14Silly friend compromised my phone n...bizkilla4
07/09/14Douchebag part2warrenator4
07/09/14Poorboy sports 5
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