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01/17/17Remember when Covers was awesome?TRAIN69133
01/04/17Greatest Poster in Histo...Boom_Boom92
01/01/17Northern Iowa vs EvansvilleFballguy8
12/23/16one parley winner(friday)chongui2
12/19/16College Gambler Television76
12/17/16Moving to Vegas to become a full ti...collegegambler14290
11/30/16I love footballFootballChamp4
11/28/16Since Trump's victory, There has be...SwishSwish123418
11/27/16Who do these millenials think they ...SwishSwish123439
11/27/16Is anyone legit on this site?JetLifed2
11/27/16Is hating on white people racism? lovethedough28
10/09/16I came in a girls behind for the fi...guggs19337
08/09/16Also Looking for Betting SyndicateWinOrMoneyBack112
08/09/1620%-50% Increase on Bankroll Every ...WinOrMoneyBack115
07/03/16Need Help For Bachelor Party Ideas ...Absolutxedge2256
07/01/16home invasion Millburn NJtwobits61
06/12/16Enough is enough! It's time for new...scalabrine68
05/26/16Why does my beagle eat his poo?Sidehatch28
04/15/16mixed drink...nature19709
04/12/16Should I try to get a loan to pursu...Ravid3241
04/10/16Covers experts review ? jake934363
04/09/16Your wife/gf is cheating on youChocoTaco7
04/09/16What happens to Wlad?davidreed000093
04/05/16Villanova Is An Underdog?!?!rzagza36
04/04/16My wife thinks I have a gambling pr...Buzz4445
04/04/16I WANT TO KILL MYSELF ckattar841
03/28/16Typical "Which girl should I pick?"...dj_destroyer63
03/24/16Stock market JEFFMARKETCAP85
03/22/16March...The month of the point shav...TeaseMeSilly18
03/22/16What irritates you threadJEFFMARKETCAP47
03/21/16Coaches ATS in NCAA Tournamentwjeremy9716
03/20/16Syracuse -260 MoneylineDonChrono11
03/19/16After El Chapo will the government ...spocsstocks98
03/19/16Is Hillary going to the big house??SportsFan969826
03/13/1693-50 NBA season & 69.5% C...PanamaCityKing3
03/10/16Has anybody joined Facebook in the ...SportsFan969894
03/09/16ill bite ..give me cuse for a few g...BrickLayer12
03/07/16Beware Of Intuitive Bets!Ipkiss4
03/05/16400,000,000,000 for 2457 f...mainman1111115
03/03/16a know a guy that knew a guy who kn...CanadianRigger7
03/02/16Last game starters3
03/02/16Last game starters1
02/29/16Kansas vs texas jmoney1027079
02/29/16Parlay questionsportsmab12034
02/29/16Play of DayBadger663
02/18/16Last game starters2
02/15/16Is a trust worthy site...tn038711
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