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09/18/14James Winston WTF??Bluefin31
09/18/14Who will be our next president?Coloneljim71
09/17/14Website and On-line merchant questi...HutchEmAll9
09/17/14Has anybody joined Facebook in the ...SportsFan969874
09/17/14Would you quit gambling if you coul...joepa51025
09/17/14The NFL Has Opened Up a Can of Worm...canovsp34
09/17/14Kanye westnc1capper10
09/15/14Miami at Buffalo (09/14/2014)Covers21
09/15/14Charissa Thompson is soo freaking s...SportsFan969830
09/14/14Super_Camel posting fictitious reco...QMICH7
09/14/14new to covers just saying hinoguts9
09/14/14Oscar Pistorius Murder Verdict....dopeman12
09/14/14Streak survivor rules questionisport6
09/13/14Tennessee at Oklahoma (09/13/2014)Covers14
09/13/14Iowa State at Iowa (09/13/...Covers8
09/13/14I've Been Boozing EverydayManila_Playa8799
09/12/14RIP to all who died on Sept 11 2001strippersnbens11
09/12/14Did anyone see that woman wearing a...JohnnyClay20
09/12/14Pay Day Loan ScamsTheGoldenGoose10
09/12/14girl says she'll let me know? kct08977
09/12/14TMZ releases video of ray rice knoc...schwartzbewithu80
09/12/14This may shut up any idiot that thi...PapaShango25
09/11/14I hate your mobile site popping up ...BRM5
09/10/14Has the Jack the Ripper Case Finall...canovsp7
09/10/14Ravens Terminate Ray Rice's Contrac...TheDrizzle7719
09/09/14Bankroll DismayTheDrizzle7719
09/09/14Sharia Law Question??12
09/08/14Going to Vegas Next Week,Any advice...dukeboy18
09/08/14Turning Back On A Bet21
09/08/14Madden 15, the "Tiny Titan" glitch....Canada_Chris5
09/07/14Green Bay @ Seattleandarmac9980
09/07/14Ice Lake RebelsHutchEmAll7
09/07/14Did Marie Osmond lose 50 pounds?Coloneljim23
09/06/14SHAME ON YOU OFFICER DARRE...TheGoldenGoose151
09/06/14Anyone ever buy picks from Dynamite...Legend658
09/06/14Mad dog Russo , any good ?nc1capper12
09/06/14What's the best offshore servic...6
09/04/14Am i crazzy to think that GreenBay ...Japp2232
09/04/14A little advice please....Hoopdreams1817
09/03/14Odd Question..9
09/02/14Anyone ever used gambling for incom...17
09/01/14What is the best US state to live i...strippersnbens89
09/01/14Floyd Mayweather capping genuis or...41
08/30/14Mayor: Adult Illegal Alien...zelo12310
08/29/14Twitter and toutsisport7
08/28/14Who else is excited for the new NBA...DatExpert16
08/26/14Ferguson monc1capper343
08/24/14war machine beating up christy mackTheCrow40
08/21/14Where can I get Mayweather by decis...10
08/21/14Worst Betting AdviceRandisist29
08/20/14Tony Stewart accidentally runs over...schwartzbewithu82
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