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11/30/15Moving to Vegas to become a full ti...collegegambler13238
11/29/15Black Lives MatterGetty325
11/28/15Klitschko vs Fury 11/28/15JimGunn14
11/24/15Confessions of a lifetime gambler-r...Bluefin233
11/22/15Need a blow out win ?8
11/22/15Wash/Carolina discussion bpickin19
11/14/15Need a good free streamSkipbone8
11/10/15Has anybody joined Facebook in the ...SportsFan969893
10/30/15San Francisco vs New Orlea...BankOnIt22996
10/26/15 1st NFL post of the year: I waited...scalabrine63
10/08/15Should I declare 10k win? makako11
10/06/15POY - This is a a virtual LOCKDaddysHome9
09/30/15Anyone here ever been an UBER drive...Carpinteria20
09/17/15Stock market JEFFMARKETCAP77
09/07/15What ever happened to CG?32
09/06/15Enough is enough! It's time for new...scalabrine54
08/31/15Thought policeCoin Toss9
08/29/15Who here will claim this has NOTHIN...32
08/29/15After El Chapo will the government ...spocsstocks98
08/16/15Is Hillary going to the big house??SportsFan969826
08/13/15"Did you find everything ok"mr_bollox18
08/13/15Visiting Central Europe, Vienna, Bu...bizkilla10
08/09/15Anyone Else Think "Straight Outta C...Sparky1019121
08/08/15Tampa still a good pick?Biemer9
08/08/15What flag am i thinking about!?!? Asomugha8
08/08/15hedging statement. 12
08/04/15So now they are using WEED WACKERS ...scalabrine7
07/29/15Confed Flaghabs121
07/24/15Bruce katlyn Jenner wins courage aw...schwartzbewithu7
07/23/15Quote of the dayccessna8925
07/21/15US Wins Math Olympiad For First Tim...I_Need_A_Detox16
07/19/15Chattanooga terror attackSportsFan969846
07/18/15What was the first big concert you ...37
07/18/15Teddy Atlasvetdrm2
07/17/15Does Anyone like Colin Cowherd? Rea...MikeMed44
07/16/15Somebody is definitely cheating in ...scalabrine11
07/14/15A little gun historyCoin Toss15
07/10/ slow or no payjbeamz5
07/09/15I wonder how this horrific murder w...Slovak11
06/26/15Instantly regretted my Marlins pickAStefani23
06/25/15Residential Shifting on Restricted ...robinmarvel2
06/19/15is there a math to how much you sho...jumba1346210
06/18/15Woman claims she black outed by whi...Killer_B35
06/12/15Life in Black America - Police! Get...93
06/11/15Whats the most consecutive bets you...Doja4516
06/09/15No matter how many times you tell t...scalabrine59
06/08/15Where's the best place to sell ...Ravid3210
06/07/15You know what really ticks Me off K...spocsstocks6
06/06/15never bet horses but...wanna take t...monstergrit18
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