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10/18/14NCAA Week 8TRoe1515
10/18/14WEEK 8 lines...leans...notesbookieassassin44
10/17/14SNF Week 8SatNightFever059
10/12/14wk 7CalBear62
10/11/14SNF Week 7SatNightFever0512
10/11/14WEEK 7 lines / leans / notesbookieassassin26
10/11/14NCAA Week 7TRoe1519
10/09/14NCAA wk 6MEGALOCKS202
10/05/14SNF Week 6SatNightFever0521
10/04/14NCAA Week 6TRoe1520
10/04/14nostradamus week 6nostradamus1245
10/03/14WEEK 6 lines / leans / notes.....bookieassassin23
10/03/14Sparty's NCAAF Week 6Spartacus1013
10/02/14Cornholers @ Sparty ... let's talkSuper_Chicken28
09/30/14Let's talk Pitt at VirginiaSatNightFever0515
09/30/14*** Freak Pics *** (Week 5)jimmydafreak191
09/28/14SNF Week 5SatNightFever055
09/28/14NCAA WEEK 5 **** TRAINpoca...TRAIN69129
09/24/14Talk to me about Auburn/LTSatNightFever0511
09/24/14Colorado St at BCSatNightFever0513
09/24/14Sooo Duke now getting 7+?SatNightFever056
09/23/14Why is the A&M line dropping???StanThaCaddy12
09/22/14So Arkansas Outright this week, yes...SatNightFever053
09/19/14ECU -2 vs. UNC18
09/15/14*** Week 3 NCAA Football ***Boom_Boom102
09/14/14SNF Week 3SatNightFever057
09/14/14NCAA wk 3MEGALOCKS184
09/13/14LONGHORNHOOSIER - Week 3, ...LonghornHoosier34
09/08/14ECU at VT.. any reason to be on VT?SatNightFever0512
09/06/14SNF Week 2SatNightFever0512
09/06/14WEEK 2 lines / leans / notesbookieassassin133
09/04/14***Ten Things For the 2014 Season**...Boom_Boom116
09/02/14SNF Week 1SatNightFever0528
09/01/14Mich. St at OregonUNIMAN49
08/31/14NCAA wk 1MEGALOCKS168
08/31/14NCAA Week 1TRoe1553
08/29/14PREDICTIONS for EVERY Week...DoubleUp4Life69
08/27/14Nebraska vs. Fl. AtlSoMuchCho10
08/26/14Regular Season wins - Florida State...composite9
08/23/14Week 1 NCAAF '14QBoption37
08/12/14College Football 2014 : Odds I hit ...TRAIN6966
08/08/14Let's discuss Rutgers vs. Wash Stat...SatNightFever0529
08/06/14Let's talk Clemson at UGASatNightFever0518
08/06/14Let's Discuss Auburn Under 9.5 WinsSatNightFever05132
08/04/14Overrated/Underrated in Preseason T...axel36016
08/02/14fcs top ten14
08/02/14Totals up at my book.. couple that ...SatNightFever054
07/30/14Does anyone have any faith in Brad...Beningo8813
07/30/14RS Win Total DiscussionSatNightFever0533
07/24/14Schools I will be Looking to FADE t...27
07/24/14Favorite Team Win Totalrandys246
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