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03/28/15Sandy Hook shooter's house pancaked...searchwarrant12
03/24/15care to clean up this forum?Jailbait712718
03/23/15Ok guys here we go.. Knoxpoker39
03/23/15New England at Seattle (02...Covers339
03/22/15Free tax advicethecentaur27
03/21/15LOOKING FOR INPUT ON BIMIN...pucku2719
03/19/15Pot PlaysStiflersMom731
03/19/15Zoolander 2dytide6
03/19/15WTI Crude (CL) Futures Market, and ...bigvern101390
03/18/15Anyone playing NATURAL GAS?41
03/17/15Chinese good8
03/16/15Liberals having a meltdown over Cli...SportsFan969811
03/16/15A revealing Test For Racismidle_havoc112
03/16/15TWO FERGUSON COPS SHOT!!!!...DavidGurney16
03/16/15The last white person to leave So.A...DavidGurney4
03/14/15AND HERE WE GO AGAIN FERGU...Mrfixers19
03/11/15Baronman Cops in Occ 6
03/01/15Mr Spock is DeadTheGoldenGoose13
02/25/15When is the last time you were in a...TheGoldenGoose145
02/15/ virusconrad634
02/15/15The current state of ESPN summed up...scalabrine13
02/06/15Anyone ever play for real money on ...t6rider19
02/03/15Advice needed...Serious replies onl...BookBeater69
02/03/15any tips on scoring in vegas please...Cully_Cross27
02/03/15Warren Sapp arrested for solicitati...Syddigs21
02/02/15At 43 I've realized even great peop...warcameagle567
01/31/15SIU - Edwardsville at East...Covers2
01/30/15Chicken Big KingAl_Capone14
01/29/15Kentucky at Missouri (01/29/2015)Covers3
01/28/15Oil stockswallstreetcappers44
01/22/15Silver under $18TheGoldenGoose41
01/22/15Pepperdine at San Francisc...Covers2
01/20/15Forex 2nd half 2014 discussionwallstreetcappers193
01/15/15While everyone is sell there oil st...spocsstocks14
01/14/15Montreal at Columbus (01/14/2015)Covers12
01/14/15Philadelphia at Washington (01/14/2...Covers9
01/12/15thoughts on NewLink Genetics stock noguts28
01/11/15Elvis Presley would have been 80 to...scalabrine25
01/10/15Game day food 12
01/06/152 NYPD Officers Shot & Killed Execu...lovethedough166
01/05/15Detroit at Dallas (01/04/2015)Covers61
01/05/15Cuban Cigars?canovsp64
01/04/15Vegas baby VEGAS, Mid Jan.greenglory9
01/04/15Sacramento at Detroit (01/04/2015)Covers5
12/31/14AVNR breaks $15.00 a share and clim...Pipe-Light7
12/30/14How many of you smoke ciggaretes?milky2444
12/29/14Texas and ArkansasBigEarnie22
12/27/14Kentucky at Louisville (12/27/2014)Covers3
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