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10/20/13would u have SalvadorG1242
09/06/13My favorite betting situation is go...22
08/17/13Tired of offshore?7
07/19/13Amazing summer league so far!! Toda...6
07/18/13Suns -6kevmode23
07/18/13Spurs at a pk18
07/12/13Cardinals/Cubs In-Game Discussion66
07/02/13Dodger line? 1
07/01/13Sunday bases 12
06/29/13Just put it all on the piratesNewZealander24
06/29/13Sat winners!! MAX PLAY INC...1
06/28/13Mlb winner fri!!!!3
06/28/13Trevor Bauer is getting rocked beerstud4la10
06/28/13whats the play for cle/chi sox game...fhsomar20
03/18/13Boston vs Miami9
03/18/13Monday 3/181
01/20/13Signing out, last plays ever. 8
01/07/13Heritage help18
12/21/12Big Dougy Blowout ALERT!BiggDoug52
12/19/12Tell me what u think 3
12/04/12check this out guysSalvadorG1242
11/25/12Shoukd i hedge13
10/25/12Curious..WHAT DO YOU DRIVE...wizdumb2003200
09/16/12MLB BASEBALL SELECTIONSTexanGambler219
09/12/12Looking to get into heritage 5
09/08/12Sats winners!! 22-16 ytd1
06/14/12thurdays picks 22-16ytd +6unitsSalvadorG1241
06/13/12Cardinals, Rockies, Arizona, and LA...EastOakland53
06/13/12Lets talk baseball, what are the wi...EastOakland53
06/12/12Tuesday winners!!SalvadorG1247
04/29/1219-15 +3.8 unitsSalvadorG1242
04/28/12Anyone thinks the angels will snap ...fairladyz9169
04/23/12I found the best online book ever!!SalvadorG1241
04/19/12Thursdays picks 18-13ytd +11 units ...SalvadorG1242
04/19/12Monday's plays!! 17-11 ytd +12.5uni...SalvadorG1242
04/16/1213-10 ytd + 6.8units pod inside4
04/14/12Sats winners 12-9 +9.9 units pod in...1
04/14/12Fridays picks 10-8 ytd +4.6 pod ins...3
04/13/12Thurdsay winners 7-4 ytd +2.6units!...4
04/11/12wednesday picks, 6-2 ytd +7.9 units...SalvadorG1244
04/11/123 Picks - Need Helprc222
04/10/12Rays/Tigers Over Backers In-Gamesmac38339
04/10/12tuesday winners pt2! 4-1 ytd +4.3un...SalvadorG1241
04/10/12How did all u degenerates get into ...SalvadorG1241
04/10/123-1ytd +3.3unitsSalvadorG1241
04/10/12B-team Royals vs A's Ingamedallasvike18
04/09/120-0ytd +0units3
03/31/12CJ Wilson KVEGAS8
03/28/12political rapper bashing obama and ...SalvadorG1241
03/23/12So Mock Drafts have Draymond Green ...JackSmack69
03/23/12Online book help2
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