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12/23/16Saturday Dec 17franz55518
12/17/16Saturday 12/17PeterBlack11
12/17/16SWaTX731 - Saturday, 17 December SWaTX7314
12/17/16Saturday Big Plays - 12/17/16SWaTX7312
12/17/162H Mavs @ Jazz3
12/15/162H Celtics @ SpursSWaTX7313
12/14/162H Pistons @ MavsSWaTX7311
12/14/161H Celtics @SpursSWaTX7313
03/25/16Gambling TuesdayCowboys0002129
03/07/16PART 2Cowboys00021281
03/07/16Gambling SaturdayCowboys000216
03/05/16Checking inGanda31
01/26/16Week 9...Play of the Week ...bakemcbride53
01/25/16**** Week 14 **** Play of the Week ...bakemcbride29
01/24/16Sunday EPL and Throwballmr_bollox21
01/24/16MONDAY 10/212013p_66235
01/24/16PART 4 elsewhere154
12/23/15Sunday Soccer19
12/23/15Friday Soccer play and write-upfever8
12/16/15Sunday Nov. 9 PlaysSWaTX7318
12/16/15FRIDAY 8/30/13jimc0911233
12/16/15**** Week 12 **** Play of the Week ...bakemcbride30
12/16/15PART TROISp_66344
12/16/15The Laughter and Fun Totals systemBhotkesh55
12/16/15Thursday March 28DiamondJack12
12/15/15Wednesday - 2/27paletta00712
12/15/15Some more winners for pukeboy 2/2717
12/15/15For Profit Play 2/27 WednesdayGambleForProfit13
12/15/15WEDNESDAY 02/27/13p_66241
12/15/15Wellington Phoenixpunishment20
12/15/15PART DEUXp_66228
12/15/15PART TROISp_66229
12/15/15PART DEUXp_66233
12/15/15Saturday EPLmr_bollox12
12/15/15EPL and Throwballmr_bollox19
12/08/15FRIDAY 10/18/13p_66239
12/05/15PART QUATREp_66234
12/05/15PART DEUXp_6636
12/05/15PART DEUXp_66244
12/05/15PART TROISp_66232
12/05/15PART QUATREp_66266
12/04/15SAT DEC 6 - ALL SPORTS & H...SWaTX7318
12/04/15Friday Denmark Over2
11/04/15Clippers @ WarriorsSWaTX7314
10/30/15Thanksgiving NFLMetallica246769
09/12/15PART DEUXp_66248
04/28/152H Grizz @ Blazers2
04/25/152 Team Teaser 2
04/24/15FRIDAY 24 APR SWaTX7312
03/25/1576ers @ KingsSWaTX7313
03/25/152H GS @ PORSWaTX7317
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