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07/22/14I think im the only one on dodgersRaidernator765
07/22/14952 PIT PIRATES V WORLEY -...LVTruck8
07/22/147/21 Picks, 5-0 yesterdayZeets52312
07/21/142014 RL Underdog Parlay 5-win chaseJoeMahirap9
07/20/14SUNDAY PAY DAY17
07/20/14Kershaw @ Cards (Sunday Night ESPN)Mancity37
07/20/14Sunday MLB Parlays. ***Per...LB_Dirtbags15
07/20/1412 games 12 under the totals?imsoti89
07/20/14Saturday MLB Parlay **Bags...LB_Dirtbags25
07/20/14I knew brewers was a bad ideaRaidernator765
07/19/14who here like the Marlins? Raidernator763
07/19/142-0 YTD - TONIGHTS PLAY...SirMagic338
07/18/14THE parlay of the day!!!Mannymake5
07/17/14WNBA picks for seasonDesertcapper98
07/13/1414-1 Last 15 picksV235almo12
07/13/145-0-0 Winning is fun, I hope I keep...babu477
07/13/14over 8 tigers/royalsRaidernator765
07/13/141000 dollar play...TIREMAN412516
07/13/144-0-0 If its gonna be that kind a p...babu4714
07/13/1412-1 Last 13 picksV235almo10
07/12/14Saturday 7/12 .....400-1 ...TRAIN6912
07/12/14Is McAllister worth laying 155?Raidernator767
07/12/14Friday 7/11 Monster 180-1 parlay44
07/12/143-0-0 Gotta pick quick!!!babu476
07/11/143 team parlay what do you guys thin...quoteThEraven5
07/11/14anyone else besides me think over 7...Raidernator767
07/11/14can anyone tell me how the cubs do ...AceRothstein239
07/11/143-0 on my last 3 birthday picks . L...Raidernator767
07/11/14Aggie Picks 3-0 YTD8
07/10/14Angels are the biggest trap on the ...JaimeLannister735
07/10/14Anyone get boned on the cws17
07/09/14Tuesday 7/8 Parlay Card. *...LB_Dirtbags13
07/09/142-0-0 NO LOSSES NO TIES!!!...babu474
07/08/14Chile ML vs Spain has to be the bes...PapaShango59
07/08/141-0-0 AMAZING!! STILL NO ...babu474
07/08/14Game of the month...3-0 YTD6
07/06/141 Dog for SundayStevieStacks7
07/06/14how are sd favored?Raidernator763
07/04/14COLOMBIA +.5 AND TO ADVANC...23
07/03/14Mission possible...goal tonight $5...7
07/03/14"The Good, the Bad, the Ugly" (7/2)rmb5w85
07/01/14Bollox World Cup Futures, Picks, Pr...mr_bollox235
07/01/14Take the opposite of INVES...87
06/30/14what was Nigeria ML on three way be...Raidernator762
06/30/14of the two dogs today, which team d...Raidernator764
06/29/14where would you rank Rodriguez amon...Raidernator7611
06/26/147 team parlay..sure why not18
06/26/14Here are 2 HUGE BOMBS!!!!!...realalmanac16
06/26/14Up 4-0 facing Nelson Cruz with Base...rmb5w12
06/26/146 team parlay3
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