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09/16/14Week 3Greedybastard8
09/15/14He's Back again after a 6-0 wee...45
09/14/14@@@TAKE CAR-2.5 AND "GTB"@...pappadoc40
09/14/14NFL Week 2Metallica246737
09/14/14who is your upset special for today...27
09/14/14no girlfriend hawaii vs uni threadOsho1111106
09/14/14.......give me some TOTALS...pipedoctor16
09/14/14CAPPERMAN79'S MLB SUNDAY....Capperman792
09/14/14**** The Week 3 UnderDog M...TRAIN6941
09/13/14SAT MLB PARLAYDee11874
09/13/14will hawaii cover the 3?1
09/13/14Low Post NCAFF (Sat 9/13):...m155259
09/13/14CAPPERMAN79'S MLB FRIDAY....Capperman7924
09/12/14MLB Friday(5-0 yesterday)13
09/12/14Yanks v. Os (7-0 run)IGotMoney2Blow7
09/12/142014 RL Underdog Parlay 5-win chaseJoeMahirap185
09/12/14Rays blew itnormanscay36
09/12/14CAPPERMAN79'S MLB THURSDA...Capperman7912
09/11/14is this three teamer a winner?4
09/11/14Houston +17.5 seems like a backdoor...Raidernator763
09/10/14who is your dog to win outright?Raidernator7625
09/09/14Week 1 2nd half funtime !!!Lippsman62
09/08/14Rain Man Picks for NFL Week 1Rain_Man45
09/08/14Giants @ Tigers (Bring Your Broom)Thel3g1t0ne24
09/08/14Here's another winner for you guys I_Need_A_Detox17
09/07/14Sunday Evening Playsnflcapperletsgo17
09/07/14do you guys like indy and the over ...Raidernator762
09/07/14anyone got a play on the first half...Raidernator761
09/07/14Am I crazy or does ny1 else like OA...FR3SH-like-UgHH17
09/07/14Missouri Tigers @ Toledo RocketsPoRToRoKPuRo16
09/07/14I need 1 winner today Tiggity1010
09/07/1409/06/14 MLB Picks 20-6 ML...TIMMYHO8
09/07/14Chung HOT MONDAY NIGHT GB/...chungnuoc33
09/07/14Week 2....+$6260140
09/06/14Hurry and get down as much as you c...AlphaandOmega20
09/06/14Bags Week 2 Parlay.***Won ...LB_Dirtbags23
09/06/14wow. the qb for middle Tennessee bl...Raidernator764
09/06/14what 2 plays for the 12:30 look goo...Raidernator761
09/06/14Akron beats Penn Happy V...TheDrizzle774
09/06/149/4 mlb picks ! 15-1 last 16 31
09/06/14Nevada wolfpack +4 and over 6524
09/05/14+900 5 legs mybestbet5
09/05/145-0..Friday MLBKolb_Mason3
09/05/14anyone else on the mets besides me?Raidernator762
09/05/14Thursday Night Football winner6
09/04/14Packers Vs Seahawks BigFrank42026
09/04/14who else besides me likes the Cards...2
09/03/14what dogs do you like to win outrig...36
09/02/14Never got my prizebille1222215
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