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02/06/17Lebron James is 1000x better than M...BostonCelticFTW996
02/23/16Cilic 2-0 vs HarrisonRaging_Fetus8
02/07/15Looking for a Local in ChicagoMikeDuck13
02/07/15I do not usually post anymore Raging_Fetus1
09/01/14Floyd Mayweather capping genuis or...41
10/15/131 left on another parlay $86K, Ques...lootz1435
10/11/13My once a year I've been here for 1...Raging_Fetus28
10/02/13Could Jacksonville beat Alabama?LOLKNBR78
10/02/13Are you a gambler or a money maker?fcksptbtng12
10/01/13How High will broncos LINE get?? -7...SukMyVickNoRomo11
10/01/1314-2 NFL on Covers babyRaging_Fetus7
09/30/1313-2 TODAYRaging_Fetus1
08/19/13$30 Dynasty League tonight. Need 2 ...Raging_Fetus5
08/13/13Are you above .500 in Survivor pick...snuke623
06/23/13Postponed MLB gameClassof7842
12/23/122nd POSTABLE PLAY of the YearRaging_Fetus14
12/15/12WHO WOULD BE INTERESTED IN...Raging_Fetus1
12/14/12ONLY PLAY I'VE POSTED ALL ...Raging_Fetus32
11/09/12Question on current leader "tep's" ...vlady9916
10/17/12100 Games over 500 markLVBIGBLUE4
05/08/12MY TOP PLAY OF THE DAY Raging_Fetus116
05/06/12Nashville is a lock tonight!!!!!!bustyourbook89
05/04/12Just spoke to Jermy Lin down in Soh...Teaser7834
05/01/12KOBE = arrogant smug POSDickyR32
04/22/125 INNING PLAY THREAD FOR E...Raging_Fetus24
04/05/125 INNING PICKSRaging_Fetus8
02/06/12"The Sports Scientist" Ken...Kenneth_Corey101
01/28/12Well I want to CONGRAGULATERaging_Fetus7
12/31/11Thanks for the advance notice......StevieE24
12/22/11Who is the oldest COVERS MEMBER?thedegenerate70
12/14/11payne034 has 5 picksJustin6829
08/03/10Hey Guys I need 1 person for a 25 d...Raging_Fetus6
06/18/10Cavs are 10-0 In Any Series When Th...VegasVeteran32
06/02/10Easiest $1,000 you'll ever make!!! PAZ-MAN62
05/31/10HOLY CRAPRaging_Fetus1
05/30/10------- lakers vrs suns last game o...808Tunda27
05/29/10CONGRATS TO THE BOSTON BAC...Raging_Fetus1
05/27/10Hey phoenix sunsProfessional138
05/27/10those of you who think there is &qu...Ice4Blood99
05/26/10MAYBE A BLESSING IN DISGUI...Raging_Fetus8
05/26/10This is crazy but I now feel Boston...LawsonJames7
05/26/10CELTICS +155Raging_Fetus11
05/26/10The Suns Free Throws Last GameDelpo13
05/26/10ILL TELL YOU WHATRaging_Fetus8
05/26/10SUNS +2Raging_Fetus13
05/25/10If you Like the Suns tonight..Take ...RemiMartin4
05/25/10MAGIC ML +290Raging_Fetus28
05/25/10TO ALL THE IDIOTS: NOT ALL...sunsfan10110
05/24/10WHAT A FREAKING JOKEDanTos871512
05/24/10HEY GUYS, Did I do the right thing ...Raging_Fetus12
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