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04/20/14+1.5 All Day LongRF139
04/20/14Ridiculously absurd MLB System!JEFFTHEHAT1215
04/19/14Blues roll todayRF135
04/19/14Bad beat for the backers on under 1...RF110
04/17/14MLB WednesdayPolar_Bear19
04/13/14Russellk's Plays for Week 2 (last w...RussellK15
04/13/14Love when an over hits by the 3rdRF12
04/13/14Padres +1.5 Rally ThreadRF19
04/12/1427-21-2 YTDRF18
04/12/14Money Ball 4-11-14KeyElement102
04/11/14Good book to use for Canadians???RF110
04/11/14Money Ball 4-10-14KeyElement92
04/11/14Anyone know a good sight for free m...joeyvegas12
04/10/14Under Phillies 7.5 and astros +1.5RF18
04/10/14Twins +1.5RF11
04/09/14MLB Wednesday 18-14-2 YTDRF116
04/08/142-0 on the day 15-12-2 YTDRF14
04/07/14LALA 13-11-2 YTDRF12
04/06/14Thanks cardinals6
04/06/14Am I missing something?RF12
04/05/14New on covers14
04/05/148-5-1 YTDRF16
04/05/14O's not going awayRF16
04/05/14Bud Selig did WHAT to a paralyzed h...nyawk1120
04/05/14Money Ball 4-4-14KeyElement35
04/04/147-4-1 YTDRF111
04/04/14Lucas DudaRF11
04/04/14Indians/Twins Scoring Questionscsiegel894
04/04/14best bet #1thebaseballking4
04/04/14Anyone have an update to the indian...RF13
04/04/14Money Management QuestionRF19
04/04/144/4 - LAD vs. SF Under 7.5...dskim19873
04/02/14Baseball Stream Site?RandyLahey4
04/02/146-3-1 YTDRF16
04/02/144-3 YTDRF18
03/31/14Happy Opening Day 1-0RF18
03/31/14Cardiac NatsBrobeans11
03/31/14RF1 Opening Night Baby Here We Go (...RF13
03/26/14King of Covers - Spring Training Co...Covers-Team3
03/22/14i am the unstoppableSTAYTRUE4
03/21/14Streak shadiness8
03/21/14Question about Regular Season conte...RF11
03/14/14Ducks/Av's Under 5.5RF13
02/27/1418 points final 50 secondsRF116
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