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06/25/16CFL Week 1RF18
06/24/16CFL week 14
06/24/16TICATS/ARGOS IN GAME THREA...jimc091147
06/23/16THE PROFESSOR'S OFFICIAL C...jimc09118
06/22/16MLB 6/22RF16
06/21/16MLB 6/21RF13
06/20/16MLB 6/20RF14
06/18/16MLB 6/18RF16
06/18/16Preseason Picksfreakyfreddies7
06/17/16MLB 6/17RF13
06/17/16If you bet against the cavs in game...bobmaloogatimesfive47
06/16/16MLB 6/16RF11
06/15/16mlb 6/15RF15
06/14/16MLB 6/14RF13
06/11/16MLB 6/11RF15
06/10/16Mlb 6/10RF13
06/08/16MLB 6/8RF14
06/08/16MLB 6/7RF15
06/07/16MLB - MAY, 2016PapaShango116
06/06/16MLB 6/6RF15
06/06/16CFL POOLSr_mongoose6
06/05/16well congrats to whichever one of t...bradytime3114
06/03/16why are totals for cubs games so sl...huskerfan5b9
06/02/16MLB 6/2RF12
05/30/16MLB 5/30RF13
05/23/16MLB 5/23RF19
05/22/16MLB 5/22RF18
05/21/16MLB 5/21RF16
05/21/16MLB 5/20/16 Fearless Friday Forecas...KeyElement35
05/21/16MLB 5/20Metallica246727
05/20/16MLB 5/20RF15
05/19/16mlb 5/19TDHCentral6
05/19/16MLB 5/19RF110
05/18/16MLB 5/18RF17
05/17/16MLB 5/17RF17
05/17/16MLB 5/16RF16
05/16/16Jose Punch Out!!!d1coach39
05/15/16MLB 5/17RF11
05/14/16Some of you guys play way too many ...GoldFever7326
05/13/16MLB 5/13RF16
05/12/16MLB 5/12RF12
05/12/16MLB 5/11RF113
05/11/16Wednesday mlbtrainwreck6611
05/10/16MLB 5/10 RF110
05/10/16Would like opinions on BEST play on...2
05/10/16MLB 5/09/16 It's Monday, g...KeyElement46
05/10/165/9 F5 playMcmc8
05/10/16MLB 5/9 RF111
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