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08/28/14RF1 CFBRF11
07/22/14Largest bet of season so far. 1:10 ...sunshine11200
07/18/14RF1 2014 CFL Season PlaysRF16
07/18/1493% on over6
07/11/14THE BARBER- 2014 CHASE NFL-1975164
06/16/14Ridiculously absurd MLB System!JEFFTHEHAT2226
06/10/14Money Ball 6-9-14KeyElement52
06/10/14+1.5 All Day Long Part 2RF191
06/06/14+1.5 All Day LongRF1525
06/03/14betting $600 on the Rockies RL -1 1...10
05/29/14Feartheweb Wednesday 11-5 run +$12kFearTheWeb85
05/27/14Houston Astros +175 BIG PLAYAceSportsPicks16
05/24/14Shhhhh, dont tell anyone. This is t...JEFFTHEHAT898
05/23/14Desperate parlay tonight, this will...Arbronco200717
05/20/1430-7 W/LSportsLab69
05/20/14ALL IN on DET37
05/18/14Bored in life like I am ? Gonna tak...Carpinteria117
05/16/14Great spots tomorrow?4
05/16/14Brew Crew / Cubbies RF16
05/14/14Money Ball 5-13-14KeyElement19
05/02/14Starting mid to late may I will be ...NFL-197511
05/02/14Wow I feel like sh.t tonight. Need ...GzPlex8
05/02/1415-4 YTD RF14
04/26/14Theres that tigers BP that I'm talk...RF13
04/26/14Phil Hughes6
04/25/14Money Ball 4-24-14KeyElement47
04/24/14Money Ball 4-23-14KeyElement42
04/23/14If you are betting the Tigers today...sean211410
04/23/14Money Ball 4-22-14KeyElement43
04/22/14BIG person SWINGIN'S PUCK ...RF11
04/22/14Before you drink that juiceRF11
04/21/14Penguins Jackets Under 5.5 RF116
04/20/14Under 5 Bolts/Habs 1-0 YTDRF18
04/19/14Blues roll todayRF135
04/19/14Bad beat for the backers on under 1...RF110
04/17/14MLB WednesdayPolar_Bear19
04/13/14Russellk's Plays for Week 2 (last w...RussellK15
04/13/14Love when an over hits by the 3rdRF12
04/13/14Padres +1.5 Rally ThreadRF19
04/12/1427-21-2 YTDRF18
04/12/14Money Ball 4-11-14KeyElement102
04/11/14Good book to use for Canadians???RF110
04/11/14Money Ball 4-10-14KeyElement92
04/11/14Anyone know a good sight for free m...joeyvegas12
04/10/14Under Phillies 7.5 and astros +1.5RF18
04/10/14Twins +1.5RF11
04/09/14MLB Wednesday 18-14-2 YTDRF116
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