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03/20/17Need Advicefank767
03/16/17March MadnessRF12
03/06/17Best sportsbook?georugby11
02/13/17IN GAME SUNDAY FEB 12thStarsFan67147
02/05/17Highest scoring q 21 over at +110.....RF11
01/16/17Under 45 PIT/KCatteres13
01/16/17Phins NFL Playoff Sunday *...dolphins4life116
01/15/17Packers Team Total at 23.5RF19
01/14/17Leafs and Rangers haven't played si...HabsHater888
01/08/17Wildcard WeekendRF13
12/30/16Interesting take on how to bet NFLAFNfootballnerd318
12/28/16PHaNToM TueSDaY BoWLiNGPHaNToM_CaPPeR13
12/24/16Da PHaNToM's GoiNG BoWLiNG...PHaNToM_CaPPeR38
10/23/16eagles to beat vikingslordbettington3
10/20/16Pucks 10/20/2016RF12
10/19/16Pucks 10/19/2016RF11
10/18/16Pucks 10/18/2016RF11
10/17/16Pucks 10/17/2016RF11
10/15/16Pucks 15/10/2016RF12
10/14/16Pucks 14/10/2016RF12
10/13/16NHL 13/10/2016RF13
10/13/16wednesday october 12 frozen puckscentralflaguy16
10/12/16NHL 10/12/2016RF11
10/07/16don't get fooled again...week 1phixer434
10/07/16MLB Parlay 10/6/16Gamebreaker2324
09/25/165 dimes is a friggin joke RF18
09/16/16Heritage Registration BrokenNutBlocker11
09/15/16Week 2RF12
09/12/16Week 1RF110
09/08/16MLB 9/07/16KeyElement64
09/08/16Teaser Strategy Thoughts?JDK63907
09/08/16tracking your bets - app?gimmedempoints4
09/06/16PHaNToM ****NCAA WeeK 1***...PHaNToM_CaPPeR39
09/02/16Pinnacle is BSnewmarket24
08/13/16Collaros Football League Week #8AussieDownUnder33
08/03/16Saskatchewan MLBrewDrees4
07/30/16MLB 7/30Metallica246716
07/26/16WEEK 5spottie293576
07/24/16Which is the best "Book&am...8
07/23/16OTT/SASK Under 54RF12
07/22/16Stamps Bombers UNDER 50.5RF13
07/17/16CFL Saturday night Jrod66
07/16/16Over 49.5 BC/SASKRF15
07/16/16*** 2ND HALF ***badlands2
07/16/16HAM/MTL Over 47RF15
07/15/16Hamilton vs Montreal 46 1/2 under b...6
07/15/16CFL Friday night Jrod63
07/15/16Eskimos -3.5RF110
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