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03/27/17Serious Streak Survivor Strategiessmoothd2013687
03/10/17Another Ultimate Race is in the boo...Covers-Team11
02/20/17Vegus begging for ASG to go underQuad_1710
02/19/17is this the highest total for all s...SiuLungBao16
02/13/17For some reason New York Knicks def...ParlayBuster31
02/12/17Spurs @ KnicksogBuck7
01/07/17How many times has both the 1 and 2...diondimucci3
01/07/17Man I wish the Raiders had Carr tod...WilliamLagosII14
12/04/16Why are the Broncos only -3.5 again...Quad_176
03/06/16Like Austin Peay, ya gotta play Hol...getem4745
02/20/16NBA Contest Day 27 Friday 2/19StraightWagers98
02/09/16Spurs -7 AT MIA without Duncan or G...Quad_173
01/22/16NBA Contest Day 5 Friday 1/22StraightWagers90
01/19/16NBA Contest Day 1 awayStraightWagers89
01/18/16why are the Cavs only -3?rain_man1020
01/18/1685% foul shooter Gasol misses both ...otownkid8
01/18/16Wizards are reliable .... at LOSING...Quad_173
01/18/16Grizzlies -2.5 at home against lowl...Quad_177
01/18/16Trailblazers @ Wizards on MLK Monda...Quad_176
01/12/16*** Alabama vs Clemson National Cha...vankiep_000746
04/14/15Raptors @ Celtics line moves 5.5 po...Quad_1716
04/13/15Have the Nets lost by 30 at home al...jrgumpert13
04/13/15Knicks up by 14 at ATLQuad_174
04/08/15$$$$ TUESDAY is Dogs day $...6
03/19/15How motivated can the Huskies be?frumundercheeze15
03/18/15HAMPTON +29 or KENTUCKY -2...Tomkopec36
03/06/15So lucky I forgot to pick the Wizar...Quad_171
03/05/15WRONG team favored Richmond -1 at U...Quad_1711
03/04/15Thunder in OT with PhillyQuad_172
03/04/15take okc 2nd half...PoeticJustice6
03/04/15Crooklyn NetsQuad_171
03/04/15Timberwolves biggest fav in at leas...Quad_171
03/04/15Last 3 Knick games have been ATS hu...Quad_171
03/04/15Bankroll fitness 3rd set Texas A&am...9
03/04/15Florida vs Texas A&Mdbhg112413
03/04/15Anyone have Florida FG or 2HQuad_175
03/01/15Another day another team that is do...Quad_171
02/28/15NbaScout01 thread called the knicks...Dr-Degenerate9
02/28/15Bucks are patheticNba912
02/27/15Knicks @ Pistons game fixedQuad_175
02/27/15Anyone like San Antonio and Milwauk...Gamebreaker233
02/27/15Who is on NY moneyline??3
02/27/15It's official wizards are doneQuad_171
02/27/15Spurs ..... What's your thought?usayhn6
02/26/15Phoenix +5.5 here is whyAstros939
02/26/15Spurs are an old dog that's giving ...betmypaycheck7
02/21/15Kevin Martin Point shaving @ its be...serge8214
02/20/15I knew it was going to happenQuad_172
02/17/15Why does Baylor line keep dropping?Sylvestrem114
02/14/15Gifts or trapsQuad_179
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