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02/05/17 Don Juan's Superbowl WINNER !don juan37
06/16/16How to find a bookie in my area? Wh...RobBro1942
12/24/15How the FUCK do bookies make money?...eddothebook61
10/30/15***SUPER BOWL XLVI--PATRIO...PrimeTimeBoys188
02/07/15Maxim’s Top 100 Hottest Women ListStraightShooter67
09/17/13***NFL WILDCARD WEEKEND TR...PrimeTimeBoys114
08/07/13Need a Bookie in the NYC arealiteit39
06/21/13results for nfl in london?primetime278
05/18/13Hey Guys...Tim Tebow Still SucksSparky101912864
04/10/13beware of coronakingsley21
01/26/13Is a big performance in week 1 mean...theclaw7
01/25/13Will Pittsburg repeat in 2009?theclaw32
01/23/13why not put everything i won on den...Michfan1550
01/06/132012 NFL Top Teasersherbshack84
12/09/12***HUGE MONDAY NIGHT PLAY*...PrimeTimeBoys165
12/09/122013 Carolina Panthers...EX4life71
12/09/12Capping the NFL - B_StylesB_Styles37
12/05/12let's hit some fat BOWL games shall...CHARLOTTEsports621
11/23/12NFL Fix? Please reply...Hockeyjock257
11/18/12***NFL WEEK 9 PLAYS***PrimeTimeBoys214
11/15/12avatar approval process depbmoc60
11/14/12***EXPERIMENT*** BANKROLL ...Hawk_You60
11/13/12HOOK'EM NFL WEEK 10HookEmHorns2280
11/13/12week 10 situational plays ...topshow12
11/13/12chiefs LARGER THEN EVERTampaFan21115
11/13/12Week 10 **Season 35-20...Rain_Man39
11/13/12IN-GAME: Kansas City Chiefs vs Pitt...KktdocT507
11/13/12SHOULD I HEDGE?skaf2327
11/12/12STEELERS VS CHIEFS MNFHookEmHorns2213
11/12/12Another Covers blood bath?Trinkster3
11/12/12Week 10 NFL 27-14-2KCsFinest82912
11/12/12IGetMoney System Play? Anyone got ...OneBloodyBoto7
11/12/12***NFL WEEK 10 PLAYS & TEA...PrimeTimeBoys111
11/12/12Colin Cowheard's Blazing 5RyanSlo45
11/12/12*** NFL Sunday Ticket *** Showdown ...LeagueCapper146
11/11/12WEEK 10 »kn0wn« (52-28 YTD...kn0wn95
11/11/12Hawk has identified yet another ban...Hawk_You81
11/11/12NFL Week 10TomE43
11/11/12Hit This Sh#t346
11/11/12*****NFL Week 10 Selection...Money2BMade7
11/11/12winners biggiantkiller12
11/11/12WEEK 10 »kn0wn« ...kn0wn10
11/11/12Week 10.six5juice11
11/11/12NFL Week 10 (57-38 YTD 60%...GoCougs5
11/10/12wk10 and all teasers/parlayschoiOi13
11/09/12Bookie Not Changing LinesAmpleGamble10
11/09/12DENVER & HOUSTON $1000 Dol...johnbkearney2
11/09/12Colts 12-2 w/ revenge vs. opp off D...GuitarGuy13
11/09/12Pynnz 50U Thursday Night PlayPynnz25
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