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02/12/16One $200.00 play each day till MLB ...RF121
02/12/16Calder CupDangerbay28
02/12/16For everyone talking about Denver's...LETGOPACK123475
02/11/16Sens +140 And Pens -138Polar_Bear7
02/10/16Cam Newton should have the courage ...Polar_Bear5
02/10/16The Coward of Carolinapinballwizard40
02/10/16NFL 2017 .....Created 2/7/...Gavinnick16
02/10/16Kings -101/Sabres +115/Pre...Polar_Bear8
02/09/16Will CAM ever do the DAB dance agai...thecentaur7
02/09/16Talib basically admitted he's a dir...Kaname4847
02/09/16What Denver defenders think about C...Polar_Bear6
02/08/16Cam Newton press conferenceJayw2364
02/08/16Ducks +105 and Rangers -1 +105Polar_Bear6
02/08/16Panthers far better, what a fluke o...cowboyfan132553
02/08/16What is Langs Super Bowl pick? 24
02/08/16Help a girl out please..?melaine57
02/08/16What you need to know about the lin...bunny2432
02/08/16Cam Newton didn't dive for the ballmelaine12
02/08/16For All You People Who ThoughtIgetMoney1015
02/08/16IT'S NFL PLAYOFF TIME ....theclaw151
02/08/16Don Juan will make his Legendary su...don juan115
02/08/16Super Bowl 50Alien-113
02/08/16Super Bowl 50Polar_Bear16
02/08/16Bye bye Superman12
02/08/16Carolina Money line players MYSTICRICH33
02/08/16I've seen the spread climb and clim...Cooler99924
02/07/16total INTS under 1.5melaine4
02/07/16i HAVE PROOF who wins the bowl huge...Mrfixers36
02/07/16This review will show youTheSituation55922
02/07/16So this is the best team in footbal...bwbucs995
02/07/16Chung hot superbowl 50!!3
02/07/16SUPER SUNDAY Hypnos20044
02/07/16National Anthem Under 136.5 Unstoppable Force28
02/07/16BOOING BRADY???snowman7613
02/07/16How bad is the wind 7
02/07/16The ref blakemannature197027
02/07/1692% of the money is on Carolinabmiller163267
02/07/16Super Bowl which team will receive ...theflexer11
02/06/16SB50 - Total plays Second2-Numbers21
02/06/16Flames -1 +100Polar_Bear50
02/05/16Manzdouche done in Cleveland!34
02/05/16Snowy Friday PlayBooBunny14
02/05/16Three Dogs, Two Faves And A Total.....Polar_Bear31
02/05/16prediction tonightpiroozi14
02/05/16Thursday PicksDangerbay11
02/05/16Thursday Pickvicb13
02/05/16Purchasing PicksWarriors41980239
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