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12/20/14Kaepernick pissed offziggyzoo28
12/19/14NHL ThursdayPolar_Bear14
12/19/14People going to continue to go agai...8
12/18/14Wednesday Picksvicb19
12/18/1412-16-14 puck picksLippsman27
12/18/14NHL WednesdayPolar_Bear7
12/17/14NHL TuesdaPolar_Bear16
12/16/14*Tuesday Pucks with Brief Write-Ups...ap12moni6
12/16/14NHL MondayPolar_Bear9
12/15/14NHL SundayPolar_Bear22
12/15/14PHI OVER 54.5 ____________...Heyam6
12/14/14Kings and Flames on Sunday? Crazy_Train18
12/14/14The sickest goal of the year (Bobby...Lippsman16
12/14/14MY RANGERS VS THE NUCKS wi...ap12moni5
12/14/14NHL SaturdayPolar_Bear35
12/14/1412/13 nhl4
12/14/1412/12 nhl5
12/13/14HC SATURDAYhappycap22
12/13/1412-13-14 puck picksLippsman19
12/13/14sat plays ANY3picks11
12/13/14Flyers now unbeaten in regulation i...Polar_Bear17
12/13/14NHL FridayPolar_Bear54
12/13/1412-12-14 puck picksLippsman26
12/12/14Flames -1rampage_6
12/12/14Relative Beer Prices At Different N...Polar_Bear9
12/12/14NHL ThursdayPolar_Bear39
12/12/143 Dog NightBooBunny19
12/10/14Put 300 on chigigo regulation might...jgroszman16
12/10/14Tuesday NHLPolar_Bear12
12/09/14Tuesday Picksvicb19
12/09/14..........two OVERS I like...pipedoctor7
12/09/14NHL MondayPolar_Bear12
12/07/14NHL SaturdayPolar_Bear4
12/06/14Flyers & Oilerswheaty 8
12/05/14NHL FridayPolar_Bear2
12/05/14NHL ThursdayPolar_Bear7
12/02/14HUGE CFL PLAY POSTED IN NF...c0vers9151
12/01/14The most underrated players in NHL?Karim2219
12/01/14Where will RG3 end up???chillinmcm30
12/01/14Jordy NelsonStevenC26
12/01/14I HIT DENVER LARGE DID YOU...lil_b_swag26
11/30/14NFL SundayPolar_Bear22
11/30/14Not to sound like a Troll but you t...53
11/30/14Why does Couglin still have a job?StevenC11
11/30/14IM 2-0 TODAY. PATRIOTS +1 ...lil_b_swag15
11/30/14NHL SundayPolar_Bear8
11/30/14NHL SaturdayPolar_Bear25
11/30/1411-29-14 puck picksLippsman14
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