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12/22/14Brigham Young at Memphis (...Covers26
12/22/14No More Parlays!!!brokebankroll126
12/22/14Preview of the 2014 Miami DolphinsearthWake264
12/22/14Memphis vs BYU DiscussionCPA6
12/22/14Oil stockswallstreetcappers40
12/22/14Let's Crush the Books: 12/13imgoinhungry225
12/22/14How about Speith ?Pipe-Light7
12/22/14I have 15,000 to invest. barrett8914
12/22/14I need help for tonight game!!!!!!!...Tuanshelbync14
12/22/14Lines dictates the game....BostonCelticFTW1743
12/21/14"how to" betting question...38
12/21/14THey allowed the TD in DallasPipe-Light18
12/21/14NFL ALL SEASON91wildcat1298
12/21/14Can't see Arizona scoring even 10.Raisethis22
12/21/14Here comes all the "Upsets happen g...Pipe-Light1
12/21/14Down with BuffaloPipe-Light1
12/21/14Just bad two weeks and many must wi...Pipe-Light2
12/21/14Bulls ML & OKC -6Lambdaddy312
12/21/14NFL Picks by VegasWikiLeaksvagaswikileaks478
12/21/14Atwal BlingPipe-Light1
12/21/14Fade the MACmr_bollox9
12/20/14Its only the first game....Clownin1015
12/20/14Nevada what a joke sydney13
12/19/14Who is your favorite NBA player of ...strippersnbens24
12/18/14What your 401K company doesn't want...Pipe-Light10
12/18/14All over Alabama -10Pipe-Light61
12/16/14Anyone like Ari State ?Pipe-Light5
12/16/14Been trying to get a link up for Ba...Pipe-Light2
12/16/14Oregon State -25 huge!!!!...its_1999_my15
12/15/14Missouri St vs Oral Robertsriccio1429
12/15/14Forex 2nd half 2014 discussionwallstreetcappers129
12/14/14Give me a Prayer on NC Wilm Moneyli...Pipe-Light1
12/14/14Would u draft Mariota ? Pipe-Light16
12/14/14ESPN leagues not going to week 2 of...Pipe-Light1
12/13/14Navy at Army (12/13/2014)Covers34
12/13/14Nvy vs Ary avg. 56 run att vs 9 pas...Pipe-Light2
12/13/14I miss NFL Saturday Games ? TODAY !Pipe-Light3
12/13/14ohio st got in over tcu baylor for ...MarkDogg201425
12/12/14CAVS +2.5 BET EVERYTHING U...hotdemz29
12/12/14Friday Iowa State +6.5 ????? Navi6
12/11/14George Washington tonight for me ...shipit_130
12/11/143 Live Dogschefkaos5
12/11/14TEASER HELP10
12/11/14Stock Pick - MNKDLouis_IV249
12/11/14USC -5 1/2 is the best game on the ...RACKNEL16
12/11/14Pathetic to take out TCu after that...Pipe-Light18
12/10/14Pot PlaysStiflersMom729
12/10/14Let's Crush the Books: 12/9imgoinhungry70
12/10/14OREGON IS TINY. FSU Wins B...MrDokie48
12/10/14Alibaba or Mannkind? Maybe Yahoo.....rookie20087
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