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01/26/153 picks 3 blowouts so farbestcappersports1211
01/24/15Hey Covers... any resolution on the...SnotBoogy27
01/23/15I have 15,000 to invest. barrett8920
01/22/15Silver under $18TheGoldenGoose41
01/22/15Lines dictates the game....BostonCelticFTW2064
01/20/15Forex 2nd half 2014 discussionwallstreetcappers193
01/18/15NFL Picks by VegasWikiLeaksvagaswikileaks483
01/16/15Preview of the 2014 Miami DolphinsearthWake301
01/16/15Stock Pick - MNKDLouis_IV256
01/16/15Atwal BlingPipe-Light1
01/16/15How about Speith ?Pipe-Light7
01/16/15Watch for good lines tonightPipe-Light4
01/12/15thoughts on NewLink Genetics stock noguts28
01/11/15No More Parlays!!!brokebankroll146
01/11/15OREGON IS TINY. FSU Wins B...MrDokie62
01/05/15let's crush the books: 12/2552
01/04/15All over Alabama -10Pipe-Light69
01/02/15NFL Playoff Thread....vanzack305
12/31/14AVNR breaks $15.00 a share and clim...Pipe-Light7
12/29/14How bad are the refs in the Texas/W...7
12/29/14R u watching on ESPN - Looks delaye...Pipe-Light3
12/29/14i haven't seen more then 3 people o...FR3SH-like-UgHH12
12/29/14TechAM W-Vir Under backersSportsGambool29
12/29/14Should be the highest bowl score ev...Pipe-Light4
12/29/14OKY Clemson dropped 3 points on tot...Pipe-Light1
12/29/14Over 37.5 @ -102Pipe-Light1
12/28/14$$$ going to be a biiiiiiig Saturda...120
12/28/14Giants -3 over Jaguars. I don't car...scalabrine305
12/27/14play one vt vs cineastcoastkid9
12/27/14Todays Fade PlaysPipe-Light4
12/27/14Handicap O/U and Side - then bet op...Pipe-Light1
12/26/14LT Fumble Designed Play to get the ...SCC6
12/26/14NC Rut O/U moved 4 points todayPipe-Light2
12/24/14Since we lose both fg and 2h under ...Tanttii17
12/24/14You knew they would go 4 2 and miss...Pipe-Light7
12/24/14Happens every bowl season and yets ...Pipe-Light1
12/24/14Total Fukin Scam !Pipe-Light3
12/24/14Is WKU that good or is CMU that bad...AStefani5
12/24/14Always bet what is posted the least...Pipe-Light1
12/24/14NAVY +3.5 ??? Does it ge...lovethedough44
12/23/14Let's Crush the Books: 12/13imgoinhungry240
12/23/14Oil stockswallstreetcappers41
12/22/14v tech...mikebdb2
12/22/14VMI second halfPipe-Light1
12/22/14Brigham Young at Memphis (...Covers28
12/22/14Memphis vs BYU DiscussionCPA6
12/22/14I need help for tonight game!!!!!!!...Tuanshelbync14
12/21/14"how to" betting question...38
12/21/14THey allowed the TD in DallasPipe-Light18
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