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08/27/14Phil Steele: Inside The PressboxCurrigan28
08/27/14*All You Losers Can Start Winning N...50
08/25/14first bet of the season...who reall...cali2vegas3
08/24/14Preview of the 2014 Miami DolphinsearthWake41
08/20/14Kirk.............Kirk.... ...jmitseff36
08/20/14Lines dictates the game....BostonCelticFTW1471
08/18/14LVH super contestrudy2234
08/15/14Below 1G left after bets this weeke...Pipe-Light1
08/15/14Manfred should add to baseballPipe-Light2
08/12/14Tony Stewart ran over and died last...Pipe-Light5
08/11/14Pot PlaysStiflersMom703
08/11/14Valhalla GCAJLightning50
08/11/14Tony Stewart the MURDERER !Pipe-Light14
08/11/14What did you learn from the LOT of ...Pipe-Light17
08/11/14Rory's Open Winning BallAJLightning13
08/10/1463 PLEASE ! and a mick win..Pipe-Light2
08/10/14ON ESPN right now and yes !Pipe-Light1
08/09/14Turning $2250 into $100K on opening...matty44120482
08/09/14trying 3 balls ernie elsPipe-Light2
08/08/14person STERNEJOHNNY_ODAE6
08/08/14Fridays over under3
08/07/14Scores NOT low.. it is earlyPipe-Light4
08/07/14FAU @ Nebraska (-24)EIGHTY-FIVE33
08/06/14Bet I like on totalsPipe-Light1
08/04/14Gov. Christierudy223
08/03/14World Golf Championships Odds @ LVH...LeRinkRat13
07/31/14what happens with ties on day 1 lea...Pipe-Light2
07/31/14Barracuda ChampionshipPipe-Light1
07/26/14MARK RICHT - GOOD COACH OR...Super_Chicken24
07/17/14Proof Carmello is greediest in the ...Pipe-Light15
07/14/145dimes is the Worst Sportsbook of A...ATLGettinPaper57
07/13/14TPC Deere RunAJLightning45
07/13/14***WORLD CUP 2014 Betting ...DiamondJack711
07/13/14Who shoots a 61 today ?Pipe-Light2
07/13/14Toms played 9 Sundays this yearPipe-Light1
07/13/143 early lines look goodPipe-Light5
07/13/14Fix is in on over 2.5Pipe-Light19
07/13/14Price will go down on Germany after...billsneedhelp5
07/12/14Soccer is stupid, but easy moneyPipe-Light9
07/12/14Netherlands vs Brazil here we...Norbert11
07/12/14Netherland's coach is a moronbillsneedhelp24
07/12/14Would you hedge this ? Pipe-Light9
07/11/14Wagner -4 off of back 9Pipe-Light3
07/11/14Have a soccer thread goingPipe-Light9
07/07/14Guess James Rod good bet to cover b...Pipe-Light5
07/06/14looking for an Oliver Goss winPipe-Light7
07/04/14Why the CIRCUS is leaving town soonCrusher1314
07/04/14Columbia / Brazil...vanzack77
07/01/14The Lord continues to screw me overbaseballjunkie529
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