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11/23/149 point teaserPipe-Light2
11/23/14It's not a LOCK or the POY or Pick ...xTOMMYDx20
11/23/14Cleveland Browns @ Atlanta Falcons-...xTOMMYDx5
11/23/14who should the Raiders draft at #1?8
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11/21/14Conn vs DaytonPipe-Light4
11/21/14Friday Big Play: Air Force +6justlol16
11/20/14Silver under $18TheGoldenGoose37
11/19/142 more excellent plays Incyte Pharm...Pipe-Light1
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11/16/14AF +3.5Pipe-Light2
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11/14/14FRIDAY NCAA FOOTS centralflaguy10
11/14/14Need help with BETTER short selling...Pipe-Light3
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11/12/14NCAAF TUESDAYJJsLocks26
11/12/14Mass and KentPipe-Light1
11/12/14More Baker Bros. PicksPipe-Light1
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11/11/14Havn't bet FSU all year, but will t...Pipe-Light2
11/11/14If Steelers lose I'm convinced ...85
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