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12/16/15FRIDAY 8/30/13jimc0911233
12/08/15FRIDAY 10/04/13p_66229
09/12/15PART DEUXp_66236
09/12/15PART TROISp_66235
09/12/15PART QUATREp_66228
03/01/15PART 3 TRES TROIX 8/20/13jimc0911310
06/02/14PART DEUX (#2 In French)elsewhere239
02/07/14Anyone know people who just do not ...Burnswenip641
01/29/14OVER/UNDER CalulationsCalculationer60
01/28/14$$$ 6 Grand Parlay $$$!!!Zombobo32
01/27/14PART QUATREp_66153
01/19/14PART DEUXp_66230
01/16/14NBA Totals Calc'sCalculationer176
01/12/14SATURDAY, 1-11-13, I GOT 4...DaGmen36
11/15/13Put the house on Ten +4 2h...DaBestEver2417
11/15/13THURSDAY 11/14/13 IN GAME ...jimc0911322
11/11/13PART QUATREp_66260
11/09/13PART DEUXp_66277
11/08/13PART 2 IN-GAMESfreestlyin250
11/01/13PART DEUXp_66230
10/31/13THURSDAY 10/31/13p_66238
10/27/13PART TROISp_66229
10/27/13PART DEUXp_66230
10/27/13PART QUATREp_66339
10/26/13PART DEUXp_66230
10/25/13IN-GAMES PART 3 FOR EXTRA ...freestlyin272
10/24/13PART 2 FOR MOJOMiamiHeat316239
10/24/13THURSDAY 10/24/13 IN GAME ...jimc0911245
10/23/13WEDNESDAY 10/23/13 INGAME ...jimc0911250
10/19/13PART DEUXp_66300
10/14/13PART TROISp_66194
10/13/13SUNDAY 10/13/13p_66229
10/13/13PART TROISp_66285
10/09/13TUESDAY 10/8/13 IN GAME TH...jimc0911329
10/08/13PART DEUX MONDAY 10/7jimc0911232
10/07/13PART CINQp_66180
10/06/13PART QUATREp_66242
10/06/13PART TROISp_66232
10/06/13PART DEUX elsewhere235
10/06/13PART SIXp_66310
10/03/13IN-GAMES PART 2 freestlyin244
10/03/13HUMP DAY PART TWOjimc0911262
10/01/13PART 2 PHO GOALSjimc0911227
10/01/13Tuesday 1/10 IN GAMEMaximus1108242
09/29/13PART DEUXp_66231
09/29/13SUNDAY 09/29/13p_66229
09/28/13PART TROISp_66236
09/28/13PART DEUXp_66235
09/28/13PART 2 FRIDAY NIGHTjimc0911299
09/27/13FRIDAY 27/9 IN GAME (STILL...Maximus1108233
09/27/13PART 3 NOT PHO...THREEjimc0911119
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