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03/27/17I Sure do like This Oregon...Gavinnick10
03/27/17WHAT AN F'ING GAME!!!JBelfort9218
03/27/17RESPECT THE COCKSghpdiego15
03/27/17Sunday's Plays......kalamus2051
03/27/17Monday cbbtrainwreck6610
03/27/17Miami open Pho-2011
03/26/176-0 last 6, on to the elite 8 Sunda...Achilles162927
03/25/17Tune2ime March Madness SaturdayTune2ime18
03/25/17Ncaa tourney Pho-2066
03/24/17Tennis 3/23 Miami action!!!finsterbaby26
03/19/17Louisville shooting instead of goin...7
03/19/17anyone have a futures bet on the to...RexR21
03/18/17Saint MarysBrah32
03/18/17Wilkins out vs Florida and it's not...ProudJagsfan15
03/16/17The WIG is back..13
03/16/17*** ncaa tournament wk1 ***Eddy_Winslow34
03/15/17Cuonzo Martin resigns from Cal to h...KingRGIII13
03/15/17[T.C.U. -10.5] will totally crush ...lovethedough3
03/15/17WORST NO BET OF ALL-TIMEPeachesLimon17
03/15/17Tune2ime NCAA March Madnes...Tune2ime23
03/14/17*DMVSportsPicks* $ where yo Mouth i...DMVSportsPicks17
03/14/17Is Kevin Durant out tonight?Mancity15
03/13/17Preseason Pho-2026
03/13/172017 Conference Tournaments : Volum...SettleDownSpaz83
03/13/17PAC 12 Futures davemsh7
03/13/17Monday Pho-20196
03/12/17Is Eric Bledsoe not playing?hurleydavidson4
03/12/17PRINCETON -6.5 $2,600OCwager27
03/11/17*** Duke @ Notre Dame ***Eddy_Winslow3
03/11/17NCAA Saturday....IAdecimal520
03/11/17Sac's Saturday NCAA Hoopsundermysac26
03/11/17Albany/Vermont 1Hsmac386
03/11/17Phins NCAAB Friday *****dolphins4life128
03/10/17Sac's Friday NCAA Hoopsundermysac48
03/10/172h slammer ILLWILL2WIN16
03/10/1711-2. LAST 2 DAYS 29
03/10/17AM Bangerd1coach14
03/10/17BackCourt 3/10/17BackCourt9
03/10/17Why is american football so boring?BrummieViking56
03/10/17*** Duke @ Louisville ***Eddy_Winslow27
03/10/17Worst beat of all time5
03/10/17MARCH MARCH MARCH VTECH +7...OCwager13
03/10/17*** Virginia @ Notre Dame ***Eddy_Winslow3
03/09/17*** Wake Forest @ Virginia Tech ***Eddy_Winslow27
03/08/17Saint John // Georgetown Damon1025
03/08/17Best online sportsbookYniboy79988
03/08/17Cuse sniffed the lead and then went...jrgumpert10
03/08/17My book is still dragging his feet ...jrgumpert62
03/07/17*** Charleston @ Wilmington ***Eddy_Winslow24
03/05/17I'm back with my picks!!Pistol212538
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