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12/27/14MR.BIGGS give you early christmas d...biggs3352
12/27/14Aggie Christmas Picks18
12/25/14MR.BIGGS sends you some sugar cooki...biggs3352
12/22/14daily dollar714cuzzin119
12/22/14I thought all scoring plays are rev...17
12/22/14These 3 THINGS happen NEXT week!NEWPORT18
12/21/14*** NFL Sun 12/21 Seahawk...vankiep_000727
12/20/14Under in south Alabama game Pho-205
12/20/14Penn STJayBiz6
12/19/14DePaul Pho-203
12/18/14Knicks vs Bulls165yds18
12/18/14MR.BIGGS early hump day wednesday P...biggs3315
12/18/14still cant. believe okc traded hard...11
12/18/14If I'm the Jets, I'm trading my fir...scalabrine54
12/18/14why is florida state vs north flori...Comebackid77710
12/17/14Geogia State +3 at Old DominionCantiflas239
12/14/14NFC West Play of the Week: And no, ...begginerboy56
12/06/14Louisiana Tech +12Ducks_Homer22
12/05/14Bowling green fishy lineILPRATO8
12/03/14Let's Crush the Books: 12/2imgoinhungry199
11/28/14My Favorite Play this Week, line lo...Ducks_Homer22
11/25/14linemakers WTF ????? Seattle pkm ok...Gavinnick5
11/19/14Wednesday insatiable17
11/14/14YTD: +$20,34035
11/13/14BIGGEST PLAY OF THE DAY !!...714cuzzin79
11/13/14-AA- TNF | BUFFALO @ MIAMIAlecAdventure18
11/12/14BIGGEST PLAY OF THE MONTH ...714cuzzin64
11/11/14Bills @ DolphinsKDN51110
11/11/14Charlotte vs. PortlandWOLFPACK320811
11/11/14Tuesday night plays...underdogs tak...13
11/08/14THIS IS FOR THE HATERS!!! ...25
11/07/14TGIF insatiable20
11/07/14Thurs 11/6 NBA Pickstarget_915
11/07/141st Halfs Only Curry-Goat20
11/06/141 max bet for me tonight with write...packers199220
11/06/14Wake +2118
11/06/14major play714cuzzin22
11/05/14***NCAAF Wed BUF vs OHI...vankiep_000721
11/05/14Wednesday _11-05-2014 _ Go...smallbet0711
11/05/14Wednesday PlaysJose_Reyes21
11/04/14Who Is Your MVP Right NowIgetMoney10139
10/31/14Thoughts on week 9begginerboy43
10/30/14YTD: 13-2 (+$6,400)125
10/29/14Besides Nerlens and Wrote, does any...YELAWOLF4
10/28/14*** Saturday NCAAF Picks ***LeagueCapper40
10/28/14MRxKRAZZ NFL week #8MRxKrazz121
10/27/14Saturday insatiable54
10/26/14Sunday's games Pho-205
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