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10/01/16WNBA PLAYOFFSthreepointers23
09/30/161st half MLB  526---414--...makav0383
09/30/16nice win lastnight!luv2nv3
09/30/16Week 4Pho-2017
09/30/16Week 5Pho-205
09/29/16NFL 2016Polar_Bear61
09/26/16Who is the Best 3-0 teamDigitalkarma8
09/26/16Week 3 Pho-2013
09/25/16Denver Broncos will defeat the baby...Ilost20grand50
09/25/16These have to be the dumbest teams ...JEFFMARKETCAP6
09/24/16Week 4Pho-2014
09/23/16Friday BOMB!!!Morrissey9
09/23/16Valencia vs alave???Pho-206
09/23/16Hot picks7
09/22/16Twins live10
09/21/16Hump day Pho-202
09/21/160-2 NFL WORST TEAMShillardoh119
09/20/16Tuesday Pho-204
09/20/16covers bloodbath on the over and be...WAIWAI5
09/20/16Week 2 Pho-209
09/19/16### As the World Turns ###82
09/17/16WTA Quebec City ...Fri... ...Cyclone100810
09/17/16Friday BeaversSiuLungBao5
09/16/16Rays and Redsox12
09/15/16Week 3 Pho-207
09/15/16Phins MLB Wednesday ****dolphins4life114
09/14/16Hump day Pho-203
09/13/16Tuesday Pho-205
09/12/16Week 1Pho-2013
09/12/16MNF WEEK 1Hypnos20048
09/11/16chiefs +300 ML. wtf!iEatBooks13
09/10/16Week 2Pho-2013
09/09/16Friday MLB: Jose Fernandez dayVegasVandal17
09/09/16Panthers should be total fade mater...PhillyBrown17
09/08/16Weird first half, Denver marched do...jrgumpert2
09/07/16Hump day Pho-206
09/06/16Tuesday Pho-203
09/05/16Monday Pho-203
09/04/16!!! OC WAGER WEEK1 !!!OCwager31
09/04/16Sunday Pho-201
09/04/16Sunday Pho-206
09/03/16Saturday Pho-201
09/03/16Saturday Pho-2011
09/02/16Friday Pho-203
09/01/16Thursday Pho-202
09/01/16Thursday Pho-206
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