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10/23/14Don't over-complicate7
10/23/14NCAA WEEK 9 ***** Welcome ...TRAIN6995
10/23/14DENVER NOW -8.5 CAN WE SAY...Salvyperez16
10/23/14MRxKRAZZ NFL week #8MRxKrazz42
10/23/14How confident in a SD win?Metro41318
10/23/14Anyone on New England?10
10/23/14Who Is Your MVP Right NowIgetMoney10130
10/22/14cant find one stinking play I likeabizzo2421
10/22/14Be careful fading these teams this ...motowner3
10/22/14Does anyone know what the odds were...iceman675
10/22/14POR vs LALflash_diamond11
10/22/14And now you bang the Chargersbmiller163226
10/22/14NCAAF TUESDAYJJsLocks24
10/22/14@@@SUN BELT TUESDAY@@@YTD(...pappadoc36
10/22/14///////////Tuesday Loooooo...mikeru38
10/22/14Ark/ULL total jump!!!22
10/21/14Tuesday to Friday Pho-2016
10/21/14Plays Tues thru SatBadAngel6
10/21/14Tues FootballBeningo8812
10/21/14Lafayette top receiving threat Jama...PBJRBON10
10/21/14Tuesday sunbelt footballshakey123816
10/21/14Kansas State vs. Oklahoma ...Alien-141
10/21/14FEARTHEWEB Cfball 10/18 we...90
10/21/14NOP WOWeggshog9
10/21/14Had a bad week but S.Florida looks ...Pipe-Light3
10/21/14Do The SB Champs Drop Their Third S...pinballwizard3
10/21/14Thursday playPho-205
10/21/14why everytimeWAIWAI17
10/21/14*** MNF Covers Gift Play *...yngswift11
10/20/14NO -4 now. damn, im late to party ;...9
10/20/14Monday night footballPho-2011
10/20/14Niners vs Broncos: the jilted lover...begginerboy58
10/19/14Sunday's plays Pho-208
10/19/14/////////Saturday Looooooo...mikeru354
10/19/14NFL Week 7Metallica246714
10/19/14Thursaday-Saturday playsPho-2026
10/18/14TGIF insatiable29
10/18/14CFB Week 8Metallica246727
10/18/14PERCY HARVIN TRADED TO JET...Pats201427
10/18/14@@@REBOUND FRI 10/17/14@@@...pappadoc41
10/18/14NCAAF Picks (Week 8, Fri 1...VGPOP8
10/17/142 strong trends in iowa at Marylandabizzo2414
10/16/14Where the f*** is BGK!!??TRAIN6920
10/16/14TNF Jets/PatriotsMetallica246719
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