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11/25/15Warriors are a one trick pony35
11/25/15Best sports betting black Friday de...bettowinbig13
11/25/151 play for me today with write-up.....packers199229
11/24/15Tuesday Late game 3 packVegasVandal4
11/24/15Chlamydia Unlv 5
11/23/15It's Meat Tenderizer time again bab...scalabrine204
11/23/15Paris in gameJEFFMARKETCAP94
11/23/15Bookie Playsmafioso45
11/23/15-BAYLOR vs OKLAHOMA STATE-...mikeru371
11/23/15George Mason +12 first half largeVegasVandal31
11/22/15Adding Cincy ml @ +285 Mancity3
11/22/15*** I love the Clippers ***placeholder10
11/22/15Wow Matt Ryan are u serious?!?Beckley6
11/22/15Chung hot play of the day !4
11/22/15Las Vegas Sharps ReportRLeith3511
11/22/15You are looking live!!!!!!...BWS7754
11/22/15//////Saturday Loooooooooooooooooot...mikeru311
11/19/15These guys are on fire...lonta72
11/19/15Creighton @ IndianaCrazyFrenchman3
11/19/15Titans @ JaguarsCrazyFrenchman11
11/17/15Lucky's NBALuckyLucian014
11/17/15/////////Monday Night Loooooooooooo...mikeru316
11/16/15You are looking live!!!!!!...BWS7723
11/16/15Cardinals @ SeahawksCrazyFrenchman30
11/16/15All in, 109Kjrgumpert26
11/16/15Pacers @ BullsCrazyFrenchman9
11/16/15Tennessee Titans bloodbath bmiller163210
11/16/15Raptors @ Kings - Quick and Dirty w...scalabrine43
11/15/15Saints @ RedskinsCrazyFrenchman31
11/15/15THE EASIEST PLAY ON THE BO...PoeticJustice38
11/15/15Vikings @ RaidersCrazyFrenchman18
11/15/15raiders win3
11/15/15MAYWEATHER BET 300000Axtionreed11
11/15/15NO // Knicks 12est (pod)Damon1029
11/15/15Lucky's NBA/EuropeLuckyLucian013
11/15/15Wolf's picks 3 units each.wolfhunter2
11/15/15Utah @ Arizona #PrayForParisCrazyFrenchman9
11/15/15Well here it is, believe it, don't ...jrgumpert30
11/14/15If you think Rex Ryan is leaving Me...scalabrine81
11/14/15Big12 - Saturday Damon10212
11/14/15Georgia @ AuburnCrazyFrenchman24
11/14/15Trail Blazers @ Memphis writeupLuckyLucian026
11/12/15Dallas just provided the Clips all ...scalabrine16
11/11/15Lucky's NBALuckyLucian012
11/10/15MAYWEATHER POUNDED 350000Axtionreed44
11/10/15*** New York Giants @ Tampa Bay Buc...LeagueCapper33
11/10/15Lucky's NBALuckyLucian09
11/09/1511/6 NHLddjf6
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