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12/22/14Still can't believe people bet on R...EazyFBaby8
12/21/14Memphis todayOsirus1313
12/20/14az needs ft practice7
12/14/14 The Green Bay Packers have never w...RACKNEL16
12/10/145 star top ranked DE recruit josh s...Osirus132
12/10/14OREGON IS TINY. FSU Wins B...MrDokie48
12/09/14What a joke of a playoffEnvyMe71622
12/09/14wow. oregon -8?20
12/09/14Julio JonesThe-Genius5
12/08/14Sunday 61
12/07/14Is Florida state the worst team to ...jwheels8629
12/07/14oregon-8 bama -9 1/2 thoughtsMarkDogg20144
12/07/14First half total Georgia/ColoradoOsirus132
12/07/14Is temple vs Tulane the worst game ...16
12/06/14Nice performance MiamiOsirus1315
12/06/14Sorry UAB, but EVERYTHING ...tenorbrett8
12/06/14First half total La tech/MarshallOsirus131
11/29/14Do they still play Defense in SEC?Osirus133
11/29/14Question on jt barret and ohio stOsirus135
11/29/14*** Week 14 NCAA Football ***Boom_Boom72
11/29/14Great Accomplishment for Mizzou Win...warcameagle5623
11/28/14Nice 4th qtr clips and rocketsOsirus139
11/26/14Pitt vs SD St U119 LARGETRAIN6928
11/25/14Hawks vs Wizards @ 7:05pmap12moni14
11/23/14Week 12 - 1st & 2nd H Second2-Numbers18
11/22/14*** Ncaaf Sat IND vs O...vankiep_000743
11/20/14Uconn/CofC over 66 2nd halfwillcowan8
11/20/14First half total TAMU/DaytonOsirus1313
11/20/14Is this the worst game of D1 ball y...MCX10
11/20/14Puerto Rico Court peter105
11/19/14Is Steven A. Smith the most annoyin...tenorbrett11
11/18/14Utah/Sd st first half totalOsirus138
11/18/14South carolinaOsirus135
11/18/14is it me or the total for Stephen F...FR3SH-like-UgHH6
11/16/14If Miss State loses to Bama, they s...droyder23
11/14/14Wawrinka ML....and ofcourse Joker ryanspicks24
11/14/14Friday PicksKaiserWilhelm11
11/14/14Texas Southern vs. Eastern Washingt...droyder7
11/05/14Babos over Garcia ...... For All th...16
11/04/14Drose wont startOsirus136
11/04/14SEC Title Game: Miss St. vs. Missou...Sabanade28
11/04/14I have the underOsirus1317
11/03/14Favors night?2
11/02/14Won't be #1 for longbomber010414
10/30/14The Giants will be World Champs70
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