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06/01/15Cubs lolThe-Genius10
05/29/15damn braves bp suck...this is def g...PoeticJustice10
05/29/15Bob's MLB Wednesday *** 5....BirdsOnBat34
05/29/15Wow atl/sf8
05/28/15Pirates @ PadresogBuck23
05/28/15Thursday MLBVegasVandal20
05/28/15It's a TEXAS THURSDAYSkySky16
05/28/15what's st. louis doing??23
05/27/15Anyone dare take Angels again?FYL7065
05/27/15Yes a complaint thread10
05/27/15Felix Hernandez -124David39
05/27/15David Price/Tigers -115? WTFDarthFader9194
05/27/15Matt Kemp 8
05/27/15LETS GO PADRESPoeticJustice6
05/27/15Am I the only one that's thinking +...porcelainfist4
05/27/15why are the padres so bad?PoeticJustice9
05/26/15fk the pitch count leave weaver in ...8
05/25/15Memorial Day MLB Playscjm200813
05/25/15Padres @ Angels8
05/25/15Feartheweb Monday FearTheWeb17
05/25/15Why all the hate on Guthrie and the...dominican8813
05/24/15Over 9 rallyMoneyMotive6
05/24/15******SUNDAY NITE MLB*****...dixonbets34
05/24/15Down 4-2 again. Will Goldschmidt hi...Digitalkarma4
05/24/15Why do Major League ball players no...NFLJOE1
05/24/15Weeble's Saturday Picksweeble567223
05/23/15Saturday MLBVegasVandal39
05/23/15Saturday basesindiansrock23
05/23/15give Tigers bullpen credit....indiansrock2
05/23/15Great job of pitching Benoit 2
05/23/15whats up with LA?5
05/22/15Thursday playsindiansrock20
05/17/15Sh*t Curt Schilling SaysSmitty923
05/17/155 game parlay gone to sh.t Bc of Do...4
05/16/15In a moment of weakness12
05/16/15Best-Bet for Friday...WASH...lajohn31
05/16/15And here comes the Tigers bullpen!NFLJOE1
05/15/15f-head rodney9
05/15/15Mike NapoliTheGoldenGoose3
05/15/15On the 8's- Keuchel and Martinez sh...DavidGurney3
05/14/15Toronto vs. HoustonPayDayBiotches19
05/14/15***Official Thursday morning MLB di...VegasVandal44
05/14/15Thursday MLB ...... May 14...KingScorpio14
05/14/15NBA Playoffs WednesdayVegasVandal17
05/13/15Grabbing the overnight Line on Core...Limitlessxp11
05/13/15Tony Allen appears to miss a game4
05/13/15What is Oakland doing?42
05/12/15Jesus Christ here comes Joba!NFLJOE5
05/12/15Get rid of instant replay so useles...Limitlessxp6
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