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11/26/14Need some help, Fellas. Survivor Po...aleem1540
11/17/14Does anyone have Indy -3 and feelin...jrgumpert16
11/16/14Stupid timeout by colts coach. 9
11/16/14Colin Cowherd show. The sharps are...zooker16
11/15/14tnf CalBear67
11/12/14SURVIVOR PICK OPTIONSfpellegrino109
11/10/14Someone tell me why not to bet bear...13
11/09/14Will the starters for both teams co...1
11/09/14The Rams are who we thought they we...liontri5
11/09/14LSU coaching staff and players blew...NFLJOE4
11/09/14So I had Bama, but a question....Jarrett754
11/08/14Nick MarshallEddy_Winslow8
11/06/14That was one of the shadiest ending...NFLJOE11
11/06/14Quick question for the cappers in t...JPalm33513
11/06/14need the over dannylhuynh5
11/05/14Toledo Pats1297841
11/01/14All Sports (but mainly NFL)Jackson4180
11/01/14Tommy TubervilleNFLJOE11
10/31/14Gavvinick appreciation thread 2.0 w...bobmaloogatimesfive4
10/31/14NO THIS game is not over yett!!!Greatneckjag25
10/31/14Close to 600 yards on the ...Ballin_Bill3
10/28/14TAKE DALLAS IF U WANT... I...Blackjay43
10/28/14No Means No!!! lmao 6
10/26/14Where did they find these Refs in t...NFLJOE1
10/25/14Mikeru3 picks?nflcapperletsgo6
10/25/14BYU is a joke18
10/24/14USF is a BAD Teamsydney8
10/24/14USF QBthetitanlb4
10/22/14Ark/ULL total jump!!!22
10/21/14Do both of theams have no defence ?...Ganjaa4
10/21/142 Missed PATs by both teamsIrish4Life786
10/21/14Bill Obrien is a doucche5
10/21/14over backers..... Jailbait712725
10/20/14what do you do with Kaepernick?KillinMeRef28
10/20/14Can someone help me this!!!caligirl10
10/20/14Anquan BoldinNFLJOE6
10/18/14UCLA @ Calkaponofor319
10/18/14A&M shutout again in the 1st ha...1
10/18/14Baylor/WV over 80 ThreadLeafs196725
10/16/14Will the Virginia Tech offense scor...6
10/16/14Orioles are patheticNFLJOE5
10/15/14Finally....Delmon Young is in the l...youngun4423
10/10/14Covers wannabe "sharps" s...17
10/10/14George O'leary and his kickerNFLJOE2
10/10/14Lesson learnedSniperMoney12
10/06/14People need to quit betting with th...DarkKnightBets26
10/05/14stupid question faifai93946
10/05/1449 pts in the 3rd quarterStevenC8
10/05/14How the hell was the Cal/WSU 2nd ha...davemsh10
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