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03/08/152 HUGE FT MISSES 19
03/08/151.5 sec and raptor didn't even try ...dannylhuynh3
03/08/15Did Boston and Orlando really score...dibcompany13
03/08/15BOSTON @ ORLANDO UNDER 94....serge824
03/05/152nd half over 101.5number1stunna79
03/03/15Sea TD before HT could have easily ...vanzack31
03/01/15OSU/CAL over 117?nuggybear3
02/06/15Siena at Iona (02/06/2015)Covers4
02/05/15Gentlemen 28 Thugs 24thecentaur24
02/04/15For Those That Think It Was A Certa...Polar_Bear27
02/02/15Johnson's Super Bowl PicksCMJohnson163
02/02/15Money Can Buy Anythingnguyenaz17
02/02/15A $31,500 swing…...NFLJOE55
02/02/15Tom Brady G.O.A.Tchaloots6
02/02/15"It was a 'waste' down" -Pete Carr...BWS7731
01/31/15***************ALL INGAMES...Dangerbay46
01/28/15seton hall vs marquette 2nd half w...sunset2
01/26/15Patriots vs The Worldtobby40128
01/26/15just been thinking..Read if interes...PoeticJustice25
01/23/15NATIONAL CHAMP WINNER, NOW...woody17119
01/19/15Urben and the knee nc1capper35
01/18/15I've lost 20k gambling on Sports in...aminorabino96
01/14/15dallas over 214.. 123 at half.. abo...nokeeaa26
01/14/15How is Tyrone Corbin a head coach i...NFLJOE9
01/13/15This game cost Mariota....CHANGCHANG32
01/13/15Down 15, Ohio State averaging 15 ya...NFLJOE5
01/12/15Why are these fcking retards so eag...NFLJOE3
01/12/15What a coaching mistmatchNFLJOE7
01/12/15Damnit urvan Meyer hate his guy so ...Tanttii16
01/12/15That was a CATCH by Dezmp5070149
01/12/15What will the Colts vs Seahawks Sup...VegasVandal38
01/11/15Would EVERYONE STOP SAYINGstockboy43
01/09/15Spurs/Suns total questionNFLJOE8
01/08/15President Obama even challenges ref...CAPT-DOUCHE24
01/07/15Ohio St getting points?umirin8
01/04/15Chris Christieborje215
12/30/14LSU dejected after that playMichfan1528
12/29/14Congrats clemson backersMurder18717
12/29/14That play exemplifies a Bob Stoops ...NFLJOE1
12/28/14What does everyone think about the ...1
12/27/14finally interceptiondntn12022
12/27/148 penalties in the 1st quarter!3
12/27/14Clive walford?4
12/26/142h picktom-jerry5
12/26/14Worse bowl team thus far, UNC or fr...1
12/26/14my eys don't lie.... Lou tech pick ...Poor-Derf3
12/26/14LA Tech is in trouble 1
12/25/14fresno QB needs to quit and just st...SiuLungBao6
12/24/14Its coming! Fresno 34pt 4 qtr!GDSB9
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