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03/14/17Rest in Peace Dadkuddish87
03/10/17Nick LacheyNoseHair139
12/31/16I had my first threesome last nightfartnsniff236
11/06/16Trump wants to make USA more like D...3
10/29/16Best anti Donald Trump ad .. it is ...Mikael996
10/02/16I am going to try the 5/2 dietMikael9924
09/29/16Giuliani: I'd skip next debates if ...mainman1111116
09/26/16Keith Olbermann Special Debate Comm...Mikael995
09/26/16Keith Olbermann Special Comment Sep...Mikael993
09/20/16Keith Olbermann Special Comment Sep...Mikael991
09/15/16Keith Olbermann Special Comment Sep...Mikael9918
09/13/16Keith Olberman is backMikael9914
04/18/16"The Americans" marathon on FX Frid...LeRinkRat31
02/13/16Feel the BernMikael9925
02/02/16best thing about todaynature197012
02/02/16Iowa Caucus ** IN-GAME **dytide42
09/23/15Heroes RebornMikael992
08/18/15The person ExecutionerMikael993
08/09/15Keith Olbermann was rightMikael9914
07/10/15Homemade French Fries SuckAustinHoopDream29
06/29/15favorite metal/rock band from 80'smadgreek5529
03/28/15Webba, KOAJ, WallStreetCap...69_Amazin_Mets362
03/28/1569_Amazin_Mets Hosting 2nd Annual C...woopdurritis215
03/21/15PALIN KNOCKS IT OUT OF THE...69_Amazin_Mets31
03/11/15Better Call SaulCanada_Chris19
03/08/15True war stories at NBC1
02/24/15Walking Dead TONIGHTTTTckattar826
02/22/15Richard Linklater's new movie Boyho...CountCrisco9
02/16/15Terror in CopenhagenMikael9914
02/11/15NIGHT WILL FALL.......HBO ...bookieassassin12
02/01/15Sons of Liberty on The History Chan...LeRinkRat6
01/28/15TBS 8.5 part 1 webisodeMikael991
01/21/15Last Days in Vietnam - free stream ...Mikael991
01/02/15Fantastic new series from Norways p...Mikael994
12/27/14Mozart in the Jungle Amazon series 1
12/20/14Trailer Park BoysKinKAID12
11/15/14Boom Kim kardashian nude32
11/13/14Peaky Blinders on Netflix sep 30Mikael992
11/08/14Netflix worth the 11 bucks per mont...searchwarrant11
11/08/14Gotham toniteMikael9913
10/29/14Marco Polo is it Netflix's Game Of....Mikael991
10/27/14Interstellar 7 novMikael995
10/27/14Bart Pit on between two fearsMikael992
10/14/14The Roosevelts Sunday night.searchwarrant11
10/07/14Twin Peaks in 2016Mikael993
10/02/14The Drop lifemisspent2
10/01/14New original content in the next 7-...Mikael992
10/01/14Country Music ThreadGetty345
09/23/14The Strain on FXDutch197610
09/21/14The Pinkertons on syndicated tvMikael991
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