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08/18/14Peaky Blinders british gangster dra...Mikael9914
08/16/14Robin Williams found deadBWS7738
08/16/14RIP Robin WilliamsMikael997
08/13/14Could Ben Carson Beat Hillary Clint...zelo12325
08/11/14Our World War BBC3Mikael991
08/10/14The KnickDutch19764
08/05/14Breaking BadCapper007235
08/02/14Can anyone explain the Leftovers ?LRM70422
07/29/14WWI: The First Modern War on Histor...LeRinkRat7
07/28/14The Honorable woman miniseriesMikael991
07/25/14Fargo Series on FXsearchwarrant28
07/19/14Israel kills 4 childrenMikael9930
07/16/14Great summer songMikael992
07/15/14RIP Eli Wallach aka TucoMikael997
07/10/14The Last Ship on TNT.searchwarrant12
06/25/14You'll want to see this..Dutch19764
06/19/14"The Americans" marathon on FX Frid...LeRinkRat17
06/17/14Rik Mayall deadMikael992
06/12/14Hey Eric Cantor...Danrules24127
06/10/14So far 1 of the 5 Taliban Commander...rick311751
06/09/14Game of ThronesNFLJOE8
06/05/14Halt and Catch Fire 1 episodeMikael994
06/04/14The World Wars on History Channel M...LeRinkRat16
06/03/14Sillicon Valley HBOMikael997
05/31/14Crossbones tonight NBCMikael994
05/24/14Old School ABC1 AustraliaMikael994
05/23/14Movies you saw in MayLeRinkRat41
05/22/14Penny Dreadful at ShowtimeMikael997
05/16/14New Summer/Fall tvMikael9911
05/13/14HBO's True Detective...Canada_Chris21
05/07/14Gotham tv trailerMikael993
05/06/1424 hours - Jack is Back trailerMikael995
05/06/14FC Copenhagen TIFOMikael991
05/04/14Turn on AMCOmerta3
05/02/14New Damon Albarn albumMikael991
05/01/14Last episode of Mad MenMikael994
04/30/14Country Music ThreadGetty343
04/30/14Huge Beatles FanDickyR41
04/12/14Years of living dangerously , docum...Mikael991
04/10/14Movies you saw in FebruaryLeRinkRat62
04/07/14Turn from AMCMikael991
04/07/14Game of Thrones - History & LoreMikael991
04/05/14The Bridge (danish/swedish version)...Mikael991
04/02/14PBS: Civil War - The untold storyMikael992
04/02/14Matt Damon on Jimmy Kimmel showMikael998
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