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05/16/14NBA Playoffs Conference Semifinals....PapaShango194
05/15/14JURGEN MELZER!!!!!!!!!!!!!...Gavinnick12
05/10/14FRIDAY 05/09/14p_66302
05/09/14Ferrer vs Gulbismyworld22
05/09/14Ivanovic myworld12
05/08/14THURSDAY 05/08/14p_66228
05/08/14Never betting Games OU again 7
05/08/14Another big play Hammersticks6
05/08/14Andy MurrayUnderdogKing4
05/07/14Why do i bet on Dimitrov?9
05/07/14KUZNETSOVA FVK U FVK UGreenBlack2513
05/05/14Bradley Beal will be a hall of fame...PapaShango17
04/28/14Tennis(Bucharest, Barcelona)n3gative39
04/26/14Kohl vs giraldo opinions/thoughts9
04/25/14Friday European winning pick and wr...franz55516
04/25/14Thursday : All Home Dogs & UndersTRAIN6946
04/24/14verdasco almagroguido92defran12
04/24/14Thursday Europa and Copafranz55514
04/23/14Champions Leaguebawlmer18
04/22/14Scum is the only way to describe Pa...eliamemo8
04/22/14Please keep giving it to Hibbert!cowboyfan13258
04/22/14is atletico madrid a safe bet?merrytimez12
04/22/14DAVID MOYES FIREDMiamiHeat31615
04/20/14Wawrinka is so out of shape i dont ...mtl8613
04/20/14Sun atp51
04/20/14Monte Carlo FinalZephyr_1017
04/18/14who has worse backhand? ferrer or f...bisti123459
04/12/14FRIDAY 04/11/14p_66390
04/10/14Ramos versus Granollers ;)Gavinnick6
04/09/14Wednesday PickKaiserWilhelm15
04/08/14TUESDAY 04/08/14p_66234
04/08/14Del Bonis time 17
03/30/14SUNDAY 03/23/14p_66230
03/29/14PART DEUXp_66232
03/29/14SATURDAY 03/29/14p_66232
03/27/14Give Me NIshikori for the upset Gavinnick17
03/25/14french players suckguido92defran2
03/25/14Sharapova vs Kvitova in game....AStefani22
03/24/14MONDAY 03/24/14p_66155
03/24/14PART QUATREp_66104
03/23/14PART TROISp_66229
03/23/14PART DEUXp_66230
03/23/14PART TROISp_66303
03/22/14PART DEUXp_66229
03/22/14SATURDAY 03/22/14p_66227
03/22/14PART DEUXp_66216
03/21/14FRIDAY 03/21/14p_66230
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