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12/02/16NHL 2016Polar_Bear293
12/02/16And here it comes again.. Chungs Fr...chungnuoc27
12/02/16College Foots Week 14mbiddy11
12/02/16***Macwesties Fri. & Sat. ...Macwestie123
12/02/16best bet from the best bet winnersdilaudid814
12/02/16MAC Championship Playcjm200818
12/02/16Let's try this 12/2tinfoils7
12/02/16WEEK 13suuma43
12/02/16NCAA FRIDAY NITE CHAMPSHypnos20045
12/02/16Plays Fri thru SatBadAngel3
12/02/16Friday cold pickTiger_Eat_All14
12/02/16Pac 12 ChampionshipMetallica246715
12/02/16Thursday College Football Winners (...7
12/02/16NFL 2016Polar_Bear258
12/02/16Thor's College Pics: Week 14Thor247
12/02/16Week 13Mailmaaan4
12/02/16Hot pick everyday $$$$$Tiger_Eat_All8
12/02/16habs nba habsforlife160
12/02/16Thursday night Cowboys vs Vikings ...Tiger_Eat_All57
12/02/16NFL Week 13Wizerguy13
12/02/16Thursday niterHypnos20047
12/02/16Thursday and SundayLyTon12
12/02/16Tonights Play!!!St2ee38
12/02/16NFL Thursday Night Playcjm200818
12/02/16Plays Thur thru MonBadAngel4
12/02/16***Macwesties Thurs. & Sun...Macwestie120
12/02/16Chung hot thurs minny/boyz!chungnuoc27
12/02/16***Macwesties Thurs. Dec. ...Macwestie16
12/02/16The media can sometimes give it awa...Achilles162932
12/01/16NFL PLAYff99l116
12/01/16Let's try this 12/1tinfoils8
12/01/16TNF Cowboys/VikingsMetallica246730
12/01/16Dallas Cowboys/Minnesota Vikings gambling-devil6
12/01/16best bet from the best baby 5 star ...dilaudid820
12/01/16NBA 12/1Metallica24673
12/01/16nba action 12/1gambling-devil3
12/01/16Green Bay Packers/Philadelphia Eagl...gambling-devil7
12/01/16Thursday Night - Boys vs Vikes tito403
12/01/16NFL Week 13Hakan_Picks4
12/01/16NFL Week 13 gonna be YUGEWoodd28
11/30/16NBA 11/30Metallica24677
11/30/16nba actions 11/30gambling-devil6
11/30/16Nba tue,,1 monster play $$$$$$hhgiant692
11/29/16Week #12 WinnersSt2ee48
11/29/16*** Bang's NBA Tuesday ***BANGTHEBOOKS3
11/29/16nba tuesday Ken112
11/29/16nba actions 11/19/2016gambling-devil2
11/29/16Tuesday Pho-209
11/29/16NBA 11/29Metallica24671
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