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10/26/16__________Ct's nba OPENING...canadiantruth22
10/26/16Freddy is Back for more $$...Freddy66630
10/26/16habs nba thuesdayhabsforlife17
10/26/16Phins NBA Tuesday ****dolphins4life111
10/26/16NBA TuesdayMailmaaan11
10/26/16Plays Division SeriesBadAngel24
10/26/16NHL 2016Polar_Bear44
10/25/16YTD 12 - 4 Predators6664
10/25/1610-25-16 puck picksLippsman10
10/25/16NHL 10/25Metallica246733
10/25/16Tuesday Picksvicb13
10/25/16NBA pick $$$$$$$$Tiger_Eat_All33
10/25/16NHL MONDAY!!!!MikeyAces10
10/25/16Tuesday Plays I-Got-5-On-It15
10/25/16Hog Wild TuesdayHog_Wild13
10/25/16Chucks Back NBA Picks chuckles3944
10/25/16Tuesday NHLdocircho8
10/25/16NFL 2016Polar_Bear154
10/25/16Tuesday ServingsJeeves18
10/25/16Tuesday's NHL11
10/25/16Tues Parlay's = misters12
10/25/16NFL Week 7Wizerguy65
10/25/16Tuesday NHLKipper8
10/25/16NHL OCT 25Jab384
10/25/16Footy's Tuesday NHL PicksFootyFan105
10/25/16Peels Tuesday pick5
10/25/16tuesday october 25 frozen puckscentralflaguy12
10/25/16Tuesday Night Cat On Heat !whitepuma17
10/25/16Tues Oct 25, 2016Dsharpe9912
10/25/16Tuesday Picks.GASportsDoc12
10/25/16NBA 10/25Metallica246714
10/25/16D1's Tuesday Plays...5
10/25/16Tuesday's PuckVitoPuck13
10/25/16Tuesday October 25/16 bold2713
10/25/16NBA season openerChauster9
10/25/16Tuesday 25/10 NHL playsHabs4thecup7
10/25/16NFL Week# 7Lar121221
10/25/16Freddy's Big Dog for MONDA...Freddy66623
10/25/16Week 7Mailmaaan19
10/25/16Sell your wife , sell your kids ,se...Tiger_Eat_All76
10/25/16NFL PLAYff99l115
10/25/16MRxKRAZZ NFL Week #7MRxKrazz33
10/25/16All Sports - Pick of the Day!!Damon1025
10/25/16WEEK 8amd9
10/25/16NHL 24/10/16 YTD 11 - 3 Predators6663
10/25/16Monday's NHL14
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