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09/30/14Movies you saw in SeptemberLeRinkRat26
09/29/142-5 strategybizkilla10
09/27/14Peeing in the shower?reppendayay33
09/26/14It finally happened - J Law picslifemisspent33
09/25/14WWE Night of Champions linesscalabrine86
09/25/14THIRSTY THURSDAY POD AND O...cambyspree9966
09/24/14Would you quit gambling if you coul...joepa51027
09/23/14***Pirates will finish September ab...TheDrizzle7725
09/23/14Week 3 2nd half funtime !!!Lippsman108
09/22/14Would/have you dated/entered into a...scalabrine33
09/22/14Surprisingly, I don't miss online s...Bling30
09/21/14girl says she'll let me know? kct08979
09/20/14The Taj is going under now too!!!??...scalabrine9
09/20/14Aggie Picks- Friday Sept 19th23
09/19/14San Fran game over tonight - combin...jajknight10
09/19/14no reason not to take atlanta 3rd q...Messier-115
09/19/14Fantasy to Betting Hedge QuestionTheDrizzle773
09/18/14WHO CARES BRAND NEW STADIU...Dushawaii21
09/17/14WED 9/17/14 IN GAME THREADjimc0911127
09/16/14TUES 9/16/14 IN GAME THREA...jimc0911139
09/16/14Sickest Loss I've Ever Taken. DegenCurtis2157
09/14/14How Pathetic do you have to beTheDrizzle778
09/13/14Western Union officially blocked me...TheDrizzle7735
09/13/14Found this music video and it's pur...Jarrett7511
09/13/14I've Been Boozing EverydayManila_Playa8799
09/13/14Bitcoins for gambling....vanzack300
09/12/14My Hilton Supercontest picks week 1...vanzack70
09/12/14Firefighters Ordered to Get Rid of ...zelo12311
09/12/14Yankees vs Orioles game 12Team_Parlay11
09/12/14All jokes aside. DID ANYO...LeoFlaGuy18
09/12/14Looks like we have another HOME gam...LeoFlaGuy5
09/10/14Wednesday MLBVegasVandal34
09/10/14Say goodbye to Bovadascalabrine40
09/10/14which burger joint do you frequent?mainmanmainman294
09/10/14Bovada SnG's and TournamentsKefu6
09/09/14Can anyone explain the Leftovers ?LRM70430
09/09/14Heading to New Orleans - any tipsLVOptiontrader20
09/09/14Bankroll DismayTheDrizzle7719
09/09/14San Diego at Arizona (09/0...Covers26
09/08/14if you parlayed...8
09/08/14Giants @ Tigers (Bring Your Broom)Thel3g1t0ne24
09/08/14Cleveland +7, steelers are not a go...degengambler3421
09/08/14S.F-Det PlayRLeith354
09/07/14LOL at the Eagles13
09/07/14Federer smiling and laughing after ...Asomugha18
09/07/14Balt. other picks and whyTheBuddah10
09/07/14the big ten blowsMessier-1111
09/07/14DUCKS WILL COVER THE 13jewbangold1128
09/07/14NFL Week 1kaponofor35
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