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11/24/16UNC should cover the 5choppedwood15
11/23/16What is fckin wrong with the Hawks?
11/11/16Why is CHI the dog tonight at home....misters6
11/01/1611-1-16 Talking PucksLippsman23
10/26/16Nervous - over/underEprince19
10/24/16Can 4 teams in a division all win i...7
10/24/1610-24-16 Hockey thread, picks,info ...Lippsman38
10/23/16Bitcoins for gambling....vanzack302
10/14/16If god wanted gay people to marry, ...ClubDirt48
10/08/16Zverev mlMancity8
10/01/16BATOR please read...michaelpaul11157
09/21/16Asking for acceptanceProtoStar629
09/20/16ApacheMThe Hawk35
09/14/16Tuesday CLmr_bollox12
09/13/16manchester city weather issue. mayb...Messier-116
08/21/16News Regarding The OutlawThe_Outlaw280
08/02/16wowowowowo rosenborg over, best win...onlybeststuff11
07/03/16Need Help For Bachelor Party Ideas ...Absolutxedge2256
06/26/16weed in your checked luggage on dom...BURG2VEGAS31
06/06/16Waw to take aussieAsomugha110
06/05/16Bovada SnG's and TournamentsKefu13
05/12/16Things that have approx. the same o...thecentaur9
05/11/16*********Pens Vs Caps Game...fab14157
05/08/16cinco de mayoTheGoldenGoose22
04/30/16Movies you saw in April 2016doggs38
04/18/164-18-16 Hockey thread, picks, info ...Lippsman20
04/15/16Gift Cards: Who likes when they get...scalabrine24
04/12/16Love your closest as best you can i...searchwarrant40
04/08/16My Mom is Dating a 25 year old..alexpaul15
04/05/16in a break up do you ask for your c...Messier-1121
03/28/16Typical "Which girl should I pick?"...dj_destroyer63
03/21/16Eatin' ButtholeSpitfire15199
03/09/16SYRACUSE RALLLLLYYYY dougiesg7
03/09/16Anyone Here Have Success w/ AA?Slobbasaurus42
02/24/16what should i do?smartapple12326
01/31/16what is the most you have ever lost...MoneyShot113
01/25/16**** Week 14 **** Play of the Week ...bakemcbride29
01/24/16is soccer the easiest sport to hand...Messier-1119
01/10/16I hate religionSportsFan9698166
01/03/16What did you get on your SAT in hig...strippersnbens16
12/28/15I miss online pokerthecentaur14
12/16/15**** Week 12 **** Play of the Week ...bakemcbride30
12/15/15***Week 7*** POW Contest.....bakemcbride77
12/05/15TUESDAY 12/09/14p_66309
12/05/15SUNDAY 01/26/14p_66229
12/03/15USA VS JAPAN IN GAME Teaser7831
11/24/15HUMPDAY IN GAME 4-2-14jimc0911199
11/23/15Western Union officially blocked me...TheDrizzle7739
10/30/15///////OFFICIAL IN-GAME GI...mikeru3942
10/30/15I went to an anti-legalization meet...SteelCash25
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