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01/25/15what is the most you have ever lost...MoneyShot99
01/25/15Very first movie you ever saw in a ...searchwarrant36
01/24/15Thursday Jan 1, 2015franz55513
01/24/15I've Been Boozing EverydayManila_Playa87109
01/24/15Taken 3Dutch197611
01/23/15***** TOP PLAY *****EYE_ON_SPREADS4
01/23/15worst bet i've ever lost hawaii ml ...Messier-118
01/21/15***************IOWA****** ...betevo11
01/17/15chase quick payCrusCrnshw17
01/16/155Dimes Sportsbook - Do they pay the...hustle_man15
01/16/15Have you guys seen that ignorant pa...EazyFBaby35
01/15/15playing poker tonight, just sat at ...15
01/15/15If you're a 90 year old guy in vega...strippersnbens14
01/15/15How do you Canadians deal with the ...daysbtwin30
01/14/15Stahkovsky +190 vs Delpo?8
01/13/15hiv ckattar834
01/13/15ISIS threats appear on US Central C...I_Need_A_Detox11
01/12/15****Mondays 16 team parlay you're g...TRAIN6916
01/12/15best prop bets tonight? list yours ...Messier-113
01/11/15I get hang overs after only a few d...Dubfire19
01/11/15need help!!!!!FourKindustries12
01/11/15Federer RaonicDiamondGuru8
01/11/15social media etiquette regarding gi...Messier-1111
01/11/15PART DEUXp_66331
01/10/15DUMBEST things posters askYELAWOLF4
01/10/15Advice needed...Serious replies onl...BookBeater65
01/10/15All Indiana had to do was get 1 cri...its_1999_my8
01/10/15SATURDAY 01/10/15p_66186
01/09/ horror movie ive ...Messier-114
01/09/15Getting Orange Boxed by Bovada17
01/09/15Gambling with a wife James_Dean20
01/08/15Going to jail.MakeSumCake50
01/06/15Team Canada choke..47
01/05/15Texas -6 ??KING_RUFUS7
01/04/15parlay hedge quick advice for a hig...Messier-116
01/02/15Netflix MoviesSpitfire1512
01/02/15Racist Professorcanovsp29
12/30/1412-30-14 Hockey thread, picks and a...Lippsman17
12/30/14Davidson 2HTrucifer4
12/30/14**Notre Dame vs LSU IN-Game Thread*...YELAWOLF159
12/30/14THATS A TDDay-trader135
12/30/14Why do we use instant replay???19
12/29/14If you knew a friends wife was chea...TheGoldenGoose97
12/28/14Guardians of the GalaxyJicJac12
12/27/1412-27-14 Hockey thread, picks and a...Lippsman25
12/27/14how much did get from heritage toda...evilsilence36
12/26/14how much debt do you owe???hotdamn8527
12/25/14Is the U.S.A trying to get us all k...ckattar830
12/23/1412-23-14 Hockey thread, picks and a...Lippsman25
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