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10/30/15San Francisco vs New Orlea...BankOnIt22996
10/30/15Giants + the over, your easy parlay...FrankT5523
10/30/15***SUPER BOWL XLVI--PATRIO...PrimeTimeBoys188
04/28/14Hey Guys..... Jeremy Lin Still Suck...Pr0blem87
09/21/13How and WHY? Would VEGAS s...ActionMagnet91
05/03/13I am on fire...ManjarrezG110
05/02/13Celtics Rockets Series Parlay +4100Dead_Presidents3
01/01/13GB must be worried....LETGOPACK1234145
12/10/12Giants advance.....LETGOPACK1234232
12/05/12Underdog System play 12-8 YTDManjarrezG17
12/03/12Underdog System Play!ManjarrezG12
12/01/12Underdog System YTD 8-62
11/29/12Underdog System Play 5-4ManjarrezG18
11/25/12Baltimore vs. ChargersPerry2jm12
11/19/12MMM (Money Makin Monday)manjarrezg11
11/14/12Underdog System Play (3W-4L)ManjarrezG11
11/14/12danny green i love you no homoUnitmania9
11/13/12The thunder are actually going to l...astros14819
11/13/12Mnf playOnthereal5
11/13/12Under backers6
11/13/1249ers and steelers are the same pla...casinoroyal13
11/12/12Rules make no sense.....LETGOPACK123410
11/12/12UNDERS BACKERS!!!!ClownPicks2
11/12/12chiefs are classlessclubtnt2
11/12/12why so much lover for 2H under?FixedNoDoubt3
11/12/12Cassell U19.5 completionstt8084
11/12/12will KC-SCORE MORE THAN 13...dillster4
11/12/12Easy Under PlaysManjarrezG12
11/09/12THIS IS A FUCKING JOKETampaFan21120
11/05/12UNDERDOG SYSTEM 11/5/12 (R...ManjarrezG12
11/04/12STEELERS BIG 2HManjarrezG12
11/04/12why didnt they just do QB SNEAKTampaFan2113
11/04/12Quite possibly the dumbest fake fie...casheasy3
11/04/12WHY WHY WHY?ManjarrezG12
11/04/12NEW SYSTEM!!ManjarrezG18
10/31/12NBA SYSTEM3
10/31/12NBA SYSTEM 1-11
10/31/12LAKERS FOULING down 10 wit...gabrielpo1237
10/31/12Fouled on the last possession6
10/31/12Hmmmmm....really Gasol???ohmyyikes8
10/30/12Just need your input on this:Paidonjok3
10/30/12JUST ONLOADEDManjarrezG17
10/29/12IS THERE ANY WAY THIS TEAS...ManjarrezG15
10/24/12teaser questions guys????Tien226226
10/23/12Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears ***In...kn0wn995
10/23/12Packers commercials....LETGOPACK123418
10/22/12Jason Campbellcoverthis2
10/22/12Bears 2nd half + /. 5Curry-Goat5
10/22/12IS UNDER 21 TOO EASY??ManjarrezG11
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