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04/17/17Asking for acceptanceProtoStar630
01/09/17New Emoticonsjmw59101
11/12/16NBA 11/11Krisamons5
11/11/16Friday Pho-2014
11/09/16NBA WEDNESDAYManassaMauler3
11/03/16LMAO @ CUBBIESBling796
10/13/16Stalkers & touts are out in ful...BigEastExpert16
04/10/16MLB 4/9Metallica246728
04/09/16MLB SATURDAYManassaMauler6
04/08/16MLB THURSDAYManassaMauler12
04/07/16WEDNESDAY MLB = NEVER PAY...DoubleUp4Life17
04/06/16MLB 4/6Metallica246720
04/06/16MLB WEDNESDAYManassaMauler11
04/06/16*** WED. MLB ***badlands9
04/06/16CrazyMilkMan's MLB WednesdayCrazyMilkMan6
04/06/16MLB TUESDAYManassaMauler42
11/01/15NBA FRIDAY ACTIONOrangemen4433
10/19/15Can I get my girlfriend back???? Ne...ckattar8224
04/05/15Dear God.... here comes Heath BellDJM5226392
03/28/15Mark Teixeira is an Oriolejpero78
01/25/15I Will Tatoo My Entire Back if Lake...SuperiorInsight284
01/24/15I owe my bookie a lot, advice?dubble59
01/18/15got myself in a bad situation with ...astros14835
12/22/14"Covers Investment Group&a...kaponofor3142
11/02/14Betting the NFL is not about trends...VegasVandal48
10/30/14ROYALS RALLY THREADManassaMauler19
10/14/14Baby wipes....NYY92831
10/06/14SNF Bengals/PatriotsMetallica246724
10/05/14NFL SUNDAYManassaMauler6
08/21/14Oakland A's win the World Seriesgustosgoat296
07/17/14My next car....vanzack41
05/03/14Joe Maddon Is An IdiotRickerbockers44
04/17/14Mavin's MLB ContestSportsMavin1933
02/24/14Respect To EVERYONE*******...MGM_grnd148
02/18/142 play for tuesday salonga7
02/18/14NCAAB TUESDAYManassaMauler8
02/18/14ESPN FANTASY BASEBALL LEAG...ManassaMauler1
01/10/14Your loss my gain 6-2 won +14 uni...deMelo6049
01/06/14Boise St v La SalleGoIrish1039
12/01/13Anybody ever been to Federal Prison...264
11/19/13Bodio's NCAAF - Week 5bodio27
11/13/13Tip off Marathon---1st half onlyDamon10375
11/12/13MARATHON DAY IN CBBpucku2730
11/12/13Monday 11/11TRAIN6925
11/12/13MONDAY NCAA HOOPS SUN 5-0centralflaguy15
11/12/13a playHawaiiguy10
11/12/13CBB MONDAY PICKScjm200815
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