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10/18/14Looking for info on Akron QB Tommy ...Crazy_Train5
10/18/14PERCY HARVIN TRADED TO JET...Pats201427
10/17/14Brady 41 Straight AFC Home WinsLeagueCapper12
10/12/14Delaware Sports LotteryTonyTeaser16
10/12/14NCAA WEEK 7 *** Xmas paper...TRAIN69134
10/11/148-0 last 4 weeks and syracuse infosyracusejoe37
10/10/14What will the line be once Logan Th...thecentaur5
10/05/14If you just can't seem to get over ...HoldingXYZ74
10/03/14Public all over GB yet line droppin...Pickerson29
10/01/14Jonny Gomes MYSTICRICH2
09/30/14Patriots @ Chiefs LARGE bmiller163212
09/29/14brady okolepuka113
09/29/14"New England-3 Over 46" B...Pik-A-Nator4
09/29/14I know it's Brady but....home dog i...yosemitesam6
09/29/14My take on the SF Niners3peet42
09/28/14 Tampa 's GM Jason Licht MYSTICRICH1
09/26/14Let the Colt McCoy Era BeginNOTHINGTODO5
09/26/14Having confidence in Eli Manning is...12
09/21/14Thoughts on my 5-team teaser please...jyang2059
09/18/14FLYING DOWN TO VEGAS FOR W...SukMyVickNoRomo195
09/17/14NFL Game Box Scores ?MYSTICRICH5
09/15/14Indy might be 0-1 but Luck...ByrdMane6128
09/14/14AP being out is masking all of the ...PapaShango28
09/14/14Patriots -6 looks like a really goo...califresh2310
09/13/14GGG play of the weekGirIGoneGambIer14
09/13/14How good is AP's backup rb?4
09/13/14Something New England bettors arent...GirIGoneGambIer4
09/13/14Surely the Patriots can't go 0-2? SwishSwish123432
09/10/14But it's Still not fixed ?MYSTICRICH5
09/07/14CT When will this be fixed ?MYSTICRICH4
09/07/14Why Dont Patriots Win Sunday?knight70323
09/06/14Why my Alabama -40 Cancelledalwaylose6
09/01/14Hill vs BradfordCrashdavis5655
09/01/14Ryan Mallett traded to Houston8
08/31/14Covers Team MYSTICRICH3
08/30/14No progress ?MYSTICRICH6
08/27/14 it still don;t work ?MYSTICRICH2
08/25/14Edit not working MYSTICRICH5
08/06/14Patriots Post season Preview MYSTICRICH3
08/03/14Lets talk Preseason Which Teams hav...17
07/28/14Has anyone seen Ron Jaworski on TV ...smarterthanyou6
07/13/14Biggest Fraud in Sports MYSTICRICH268
06/08/14Bad ride....excuse me?kcchief197013
05/27/14Hernandez is Serial KillerIrving1120
05/23/14Patriots pick a guy with 2 ACL's as...VegasVandal51
03/20/14Brandon Weeden Cut MYSTICRICH25
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