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11/25/15PART QUATREp_66234
11/24/15PART TROISp_66240
11/24/15WEDNESDAY 06/19/13p_66230
10/30/15Part Deuxelsewhere244
10/29/15PART DEUXp_66237
10/29/15PART QUATREp_66266
10/12/14SUNDAY 10/12/14p_66229
07/08/14PART DEUXp_6688
07/01/14WC picks (((Barb)))Barbarossa204
06/27/14what does everyone do for a living/...Maverick11234
06/14/14SATURDAY 06/14/14p_66231
04/30/14Parlay question for someone billyweather6
04/30/14I have $850getduckets9
04/26/14Fun ParlayBrickShot7
04/11/14TUESDAY 04/10/14p_66282
04/10/14selling picksniner051621
01/20/14***Week 2*** POW Contest~~...bakemcbride35
01/13/14*** 2014 Play of the Week ...bakemcbride52
12/18/13DARK SHIRTED OR HOME TEAM ...matt400029
11/29/13OVER RALLY THREAD!!!!jwub91781121
11/20/13PART 2 brought to you by Internatio...MiamiHeat316320
11/16/13T Tech/Baylor over 1st half...nieldellacroce16
11/13/13Follow the line moveNBA2H6
11/09/13Fearing of skin cancer elsewhere45
11/03/13*** Week 18 *** Play of th...bakemcbride21
10/28/13My luckiest parlay of the year (so ...babu4733
10/16/13Hump Day LCS Europa14
10/16/13I'm not complaining, but does anyon...Buckoff12310
10/16/13CARDINALS +3 max betNICK8712
10/16/13Dodgers series +350MurkCity33
10/16/13Tuesday LCS Europa10
10/15/13Fools Gold?ChiliDogs_39
10/14/13*** Week 15 *** Play of t...bakemcbride41
10/08/13Easy Call No Home RunPolar_Bear25
10/06/13*** Week 14 *** Play of th...bakemcbride32
09/29/13*** Week 13 *** Play of th...bakemcbride42
09/22/13*** Week 12 *** Play of th...51
09/08/13*** Week 10 *** Play of th...39
08/25/13*** Week 8 *** Play of the...47
08/19/13*** Week 7 *** Play of the...56
08/15/13Part Troiselsewhere276
08/11/13*** Week 6 *** Play of the...51
08/04/13*** Week 5 *** Play of the...51
07/31/13Part 3 (Technically Part 1 in Turke...elsewhere184
07/28/13USA to win Gold CupEuropa8
07/25/13PART DEUXp_66181
07/21/13*** Week 3 *** Play of the...45
07/18/13***Week Two*** Play of the Week Con...bakemcbride45
07/15/13HR Derby Europa6
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