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03/26/ Concept InsideLuDawg104
05/15/11$500 Challenge @ www.LuDawgs.comLuDawg8
05/15/11No PayPal Account Required for PayP...LuDawg7
05/15/11Lots of action right now at LuDawgs...LuDawg7
05/15/ Freeroll'sLuDawg6
05/14/11$250, don't miss it. ...LuDawg14
05/14/11WWW.LUDAWGS.COM for the wi...LuDawg5
05/14/ is LIVELuDawg31
04/28/11$505 Challenge Posted at
04/24/11$ Make $1000 a day Playing Roulette...Powerplaywins25
04/13/11Free $$$$Tinman10163
04/12/11Look, then ask yourself...LuDawg1
04/10/11Loving this...sims_key82
04/08/11New Poster about to win $2...LuDawg5
04/06/11$100 Freeroll at LUDAWGS.C...LuDawg10
04/03/11LuDawg' know you want to...LuDawg4
04/03/11Honest Sports Hanidcapper offering ...honesthandicap42
03/27/11$$$ Check Me Out On Twitte...PurduePride220612
03/26/11OPPORTUNITY: Attention Se...LuDawg1
03/25/11View tipping process wi...LuDawg1
03/25/11thursday spring ballmorris2111
03/24/11Wed's 500* NBA 2 team parl...bobbywallace2
03/24/11Go 4-0 in the Sweet Sixteen !philvsports-com2
03/21/11If anyone needs game simulations.thagodfathr2
03/19/ Launch Date 3/...LuDawg1
03/08/ Spread the WordLuDawg7
03/06/11$ 5 in a Row Baby $Powerplaywins24
02/25/11Coming soon...LuDawgs.comLuDawg96
02/23/11LuDawgs UTEP @ East Carolina Wednes...LuDawg56
02/17/11User Acceptance Group Registration ...LuDawg1
02/17/11Wednesday hoops.....Oh my my, oh he...TRAIN69102
02/16/11I MIGHT LOSE again this month!PROCAP119
02/15/11ATTENTION: All betting services, t...LuDawg5
01/29/11Houston at ECULuDawg4
01/23/11ECU @ MarshallLuDawg15
12/06/10CBB - Sunday 12/5GameHunter30
12/04/10LuDawg Needs Your HelpLuDawg28
12/04/10LuDawg Needs Your HelpLuDawg38
12/03/10Covers Experts on ESPNCoversExperts2
11/20/10ECU vs Charlotte Charleston ClassicLuDawg81
11/19/10ECU vs NC State Charleston Classic ...LuDawg113
11/13/10Day #3TRAIN6939
11/12/10LuDawg's ECU @ UAB Five UnitsLuDawg57
11/12/10LuDawg's ECU vs Erskine FridayLuDawg17
11/11/10LuDawg's ECU @ UCF SaturdayLuDawg391
10/29/102 more for a unitLuDawg14
10/25/10LuDawg's ECU vs Marshall SaturdayLuDawg163
10/16/10LuDawg's ECU @ UNC-Chapel Hill Satu...LuDawg313
10/03/102 more C-USA games I'll playLuDawg18
10/01/10LuDawg's ECU Bye Week DiscussionLuDawg109
10/01/10Swizzy's Degenerate Top Ten!!!!swizzol19
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