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10/24/16Presidential Electionvanzack837
10/23/16"FADE the Hilton" Week 7LeRinkRat20
10/23/16'Most accurate' poll: Trump leads H...zelo12334
10/23/16454 PHILADELPHIA EAGLES +3LVTruck11
10/23/16Syracuse huge play43
10/23/16Sam Bradford looking like he has ne...spocsstocks9
10/23/16UCF vs. UCONN: I NEVER put...scalabrine197
10/21/16$$$*** BEARS @ PACKERS ***...DAVIDN35
10/20/16Last 10: 7-2-1 LVTruck8
10/20/16 BEARS @ PACKERS 1H Half U...LVTruck8
10/20/16Line just dropped to 4.5 in 1 minut...Nova16Champs2
10/20/16In NLCS Game 4, elder Lackey faces ...LVTruck8
10/19/16Blue Jays still in survival mode vs...LVTruck4
10/19/16Could you Please move to the MLB fo...LVTruck2
10/19/16Kluber returns for Game 4 as Indian...LVTruck10
10/17/161st Half Under 23LVTruck10
10/17/16Now that this thing is over, what's...ClubDirt43
10/17/16ALCS Jays/IndiansMetallica246723
10/16/16IOWA @ PURDUE: Hold your eyes and y...scalabrine65
10/16/16Last 20: 14-5-1LVTruck5
10/16/16Late GameLVTruck4
10/16/16Sun NFL TipsRLeith3518
10/15/16Last 10: 7-2-1LVTruck3
10/14/16Last 10: 7-2-1LVTruck15
10/14/16Wednesday Pick (8-1 YTD)wchen2740
10/14/16Moving to Vegas to become a full ti...collegegambler14285
10/13/16Last 10: 7-3-0LVTruck1
10/13/162-0 LVTruck7
10/11/16OKLAHOMA @ TEXAS - Sorry C...scalabrine221
10/11/16Last 20: 13-7-0LVTruck4
10/09/16A Few Debate Props to PlaySabanesque8
10/09/16NEW YORK JETS LVTruck10
10/07/16--CARDS vs NINERS--IN GAMEmikeru334
10/06/16Giants-Mets IN GAME2Team_Parlay65
10/05/16Last 10: 7-3-0LVTruck8
10/04/16Last 10: 7-3-0LVTruck2
10/03/16MNF from the #1 Vietnamese Handicap...VuaTheThaoORG6
10/02/16Titan Moon Play!!!!!50
10/02/16Bucs - Broncos to restart at 8:20pm...ChickPea3874
10/02/16PURDUE @ MARYLAND: We made...scalabrine78
10/02/16--LOUISVILLE vs CLEMSON--I...mikeru393
10/01/16$$$*** DAVIDN WEEK 5 NCAAF...DAVIDN125
10/01/16BATOR please read...michaelpaul11176
10/01/16Friday Night Huge Playoldwiseone13
09/29/16Indians, Tigers hope weather cooper...LVTruck8
09/28/16Mets visit Marlins with wild-card l...LVTruck8
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