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08/21/14MLB WednesdayStanThaCaddy7
08/13/14come on red sox...arctic-cat-46
08/05/14new ruleschiefkleino19
08/02/143 Reasons why Soccer will never be ...SportsFan9698131
06/22/14The Ultimate Cheeseball 80's Hairba...jimmybeam11
06/14/14best rock album of all-timebiggiantkiller28
06/13/14Great "Slow Songs" by Heavy Metal B...jasonwhitesknee28
05/15/14gaming question3
04/02/14Hghfffgghvf577 is a piece oh $hitcollegeball3
04/02/14good job1
04/01/14Dare I say this is the BIG...scalabrine344
04/01/14Is Rodney Mott the next Tim Donaghy...begginerboy16
03/31/14Pacers suck lmao Mistercool6
03/31/14I've never had a WRITE-UP for 3 gam...scalabrine211
03/22/14so is everyone killing it?5
03/21/14Down goes everybodies bracketFuelThePeople20
03/18/14*** Atlanta Hawks @ Charlotte Bobca...LeagueCapper105
03/08/14Bulls don't know how to play basket...Zombobo13
02/24/14I will put this WRITE-UP up against...scalabrine386
02/23/14*** Golden State Warriors @ Sacrame...LeagueCapper149
02/22/14Dayton rally threadEagles98711
02/21/14Miami Heat @ Oklahoma City Thunder ...frank the tank66
02/18/14SIXERS RALLY to win this game/covermlbwatch119
02/18/14Okla st. 21
02/15/14HOLYDIVER SATURDAY HARDWOO...holydiver24
02/15/14UNC retards....CHANGCHANG8
02/14/14Huge 2nd half play on Columbia comi...LawsonJames40
02/14/14Penn +9 and Dartmouth -3.5crh1128910
02/12/14*** Dallas Mavericks @ Charlotte Bo...LeagueCapper119
02/11/14sixers alum3
02/10/14wheres frankthebank5
02/10/14Towson -3 BIIIG11
02/10/14After getting kicked off covers...stillersrule32
02/10/14Darn it...Frank the Bank70
02/10/14towson -49
02/09/14WELL THIS IS IT FOLKSFrank the Bank105
02/09/14Take Orlando today in the spread12
02/09/14Watch & Learn19
02/09/14why all the hate8
02/09/14need 3 teamer late night4
02/09/14N.C. at only -2 has to be one of th...slick1513
02/09/14you do realize the jazz will beat t...Diamond_Rainbow52
02/08/14Sat Lates 5
02/08/14I need a LATE winner...Please help ...barronio6
02/08/14William and mary6
02/08/14LASALLE LINE SEEMS FISHYFrank the Bank58
02/08/14boston college haha2
02/08/14I'VE HIT 10 STRAIGHT B...3
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