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10/26/16Who wins World Series MVP? buffer5
10/25/16Are you kidding me Kulber!!Mancity10
10/25/16I'm done with this fucking shit17
10/25/16Easier to predict, NFL game or or U...96
10/24/16How can anyone deny the NFL is rigg...61
10/24/16Dave Roberts is the WORST.PapaShango49
10/24/16What happens when Rodgers is dog?jamesboron4
10/24/16I ran out of Xanex.jrgumpert36
10/24/16Cardinals giving the game away !beantownlove7
10/24/16Seattle should punt on 1st down...LETGOPACK12345
10/23/16Square Alert- Square AlertCrashdavis56534
10/22/16So Cubs win 3-0?guyhopestowin28
10/22/16Zebras keeping the total under?!Priggity14
10/21/16clock guy keeps running the clockavignonfr15
10/21/16Too early to call the temple usf ov...64
10/21/16Andrew Millerbigred8419
10/21/16Rodgers has lost it Ganjaa16
10/20/16Thoughts on Rodgers...LETGOPACK123449
10/19/16HUMP DAY IN GAME THREAD 10...jimc0911187
10/19/16Roof closed at Rogers Centrepracks9
10/19/16Francona and Maddon blow the series...LETGOPACK12344
10/11/16Check in Thread for all of the Squa...ChickMagnut98
10/10/16Monday IngameBarbarossa96
10/10/16--GIANTS vs PACKERS-IN GAM...mikeru374
10/10/16People really bet on the Rangers to...LETGOPACK123412
10/10/16Texas Rangers +1.5 Mancity12
10/09/16taking a shot at rangers MLPoeticJustice3
10/09/16no idea why ppl are on falcons +4PoeticJustice15
10/09/16Last year Rangers won first 2 in To...buffer27
10/06/16Cubs are in trouble.......12
10/05/16O's vs. BJs live chatOGiant23112
10/04/16Playoffs 2016 LETGOPACK12341
10/03/16Pittsburgh Steelers -3...Last team ...Navi22
09/10/16For everyone talking about Denver's...LETGOPACK123477
08/04/16Here it is, I'm all in. Heading to ...jrgumpert37
07/24/16I correctly Predicted Denver Bronco...jonprice27
07/13/16IF YOU TOOK AL AND OVER...AshyLarry26
07/10/16Detroit/Toronto series - trying to ...smac3822
07/10/16Still hope for the over rocks gamelucky8089
07/10/16Low Scores and inability to produce...JorgeMtzBrohez7
07/09/16Saturday DUBS 6
07/09/16SUPER SHARP SQUARE MAX BET...Relax_Dude9
07/07/167/6 indians will be 12-0 vs detroit...vegasoddsgod67
07/06/16i have a 18k parlay pending with la...vinnyjones0712
07/05/16Pitchers duel in Boston, I'm taking...RANGER-16
07/05/16CINCINNATI REDS / CHICAGO ...yogohama27
07/05/16Everyone lost12
07/04/16If the Cavs were in the West...LETGOPACK1234105
06/25/16Yankees vs twins ov/un dropping?15
06/24/16Soccer betting question.....LETGOPACK12345
06/24/16Detroit Over worst bad beat ever?m0rtgageguy20
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