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12/07/16Sale to bostond1coach15
12/07/16All bowl game plays here....LETGOPACK123421
12/06/16My take on the final 4Boom_Boom131
12/06/16It's getting out of hand23
12/05/16This will be my only thread from he...outlawgolfer6141
12/05/16USC -TD vs PSUMoonstormsnow17
12/05/16WHY BOTHER having CONFEREN...DoubleUp4Life35
12/05/16Go Seahawks- 10th of 11th leg for b...gunnslinger1210
12/05/16Lane Kiffin /HoustonWalterTibbs19
12/04/16Congratz all u squares!Targa117
12/04/16Folks, it doesnt get any easier tha...buffer49
12/04/16Is Del Rio retarded?casheasy13
12/04/16Lol @ Matt ryanmikebreezyy6
12/04/16Kentucky -11rake1228
12/04/16PENN STATE vs. WISCONSIN @...scalabrine262
12/04/16This year shows why the Playoff nee...LETGOPACK12341
12/04/16Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmStatMan6822
12/04/16Had Florida in super teaser +37.59
12/03/16Temple covers 12 straight5
12/03/1641 points in the first quartergazibbegins11
12/03/16No team this season will beat Bama8
12/03/16I see that Navy has a true freshman...buffer37
12/03/16Alabama/Florida Total Team Points P...getem4743
12/03/16Some background info on the reffing...scalabrine52
12/03/16Knicks -2.5 to +1 ? Unstoppable Force61
12/03/16Alabama -14 vs WashingtonTHEMUGG16
12/03/16Should have kept the back up in10
12/03/16Buy out Col with back up QB4
12/03/16GA state at Idaho on saturdayandrew7304
12/03/16Get hit by a bus Levine....LETGOPACK12347
12/02/16these hawks Ganjaa2
12/02/16Alabama's Defense....LETGOPACK12349
12/02/16When Colorado beats WashingtonDamaged9928
12/02/16Cowboys vs Vikings in game dcowboys149
12/02/16NFL officiatingpayne03415
12/01/16Dallas hasnt won in Minny since 95....Cantiflas2310
12/01/16Lions = OVERRATED Nycgags30
12/01/16Michigan best team in big ten12
12/01/16Packers +320 to win NFC NorthHabsHater8819
11/28/16GB won the SB without 12 starters d...buffer11
11/21/16i didnt have money on this game butPoeticJustice5
11/20/16Easier to predict, NFL game or or U...149
11/17/16CURRENT PLAYOFF RANKINGS!!...DoubleUp4Life26
11/13/16Down Goes Frazier!WalterTibbs5
11/11/16Aaron Rodgers is not as good as bef...MaxMoneyMaker35
11/09/16You have to give Trump credit....LETGOPACK12349
11/09/16Remember this video. When Hillary t...scalabrine48
11/09/16BOOKIES ARE GOING TO LOST ...schmeto11
11/09/16Trump= An unprecedented disaster wi...scalabrine79
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