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01/29/15NHL 2 Team road parlay systemDanrules24242
01/29/15Stock Pick - MNKDLouis_IV260
01/29/15If you were 30, single, no kids, no...DiGiT51
01/27/15I've Been Boozing EverydayManila_Playa87112
01/27/15Dating advicebizkilla39
01/25/15The NFL is garbage and "Deflate Gat...Knoxpoker15
01/24/15Top Retail Stock?11
01/24/15plummeting gasoline pricesTheGoldenGoose30
01/22/15SERIOUSLY I HAVE A 1000.00...11
01/20/15NE cheated?pchee31
01/20/15Forex 2nd half 2014 discussionwallstreetcappers193
01/19/15Green Bay at Seattle (01/1...Covers154
01/15/15Oil back in '08-09?19
01/15/15For those of you that believe the r...thorne226543
01/12/15Carolina + 11 is a gift from the go...Metro41376
01/11/153 Nights at a Casinoisport35
01/10/15bookie helping playersbookieknows220
01/10/15Pats -7 sucker bet of the century?WarpedPath15
01/10/15Neerly Perfect Picks (Full Season)NeerlyPerfect73
01/09/15so i have a system that really work...imtheman2447
01/09/15Next weekends fixed games...1betting34
01/09/15What if Packers are not being truth...Betbychoice30
01/08/15Who were the greatest cappers cover...scalabrine98
01/07/15two more officers shot up in bronx....hotdamn859
01/06/15welcome to all that care to follow714cuzzin276
01/05/15Umirin Adjusted Kenpom Sys...umirin104
01/05/15After the game and you see the repl...DannySchayes27
01/05/15any good stocks to buy in 2015???sfg822
12/31/14Maryland Stanford under backers ...Knoxpoker1
12/31/14LOCK IT UP THEN TUG IT BAB...Knoxpoker11
12/30/14BIGGEST LOCK OF THE UNIVER...Knoxpoker24
12/30/145-0 Locks of the Galaxy!!!...Knoxpoker14
12/30/14Losers on this forum on LSUjuveunits26
12/30/14Congrats Notre Dame Backers!!!!Knoxpoker27
12/30/14big big big big big big big big big...nflcapperletsgo71
12/30/14Arkansas only giving 7 ..WOW Vegas ...Knoxpoker37
12/30/14Why are these ESPN idiot announcers...thecentaur10
12/30/14You think Texas can backdoor cover ...Knoxpoker6
12/29/14Is this a sucker bet TEXAS...NICK8722
12/29/14cfb 12/29TDHCentral2
12/29/143-0 on GALAXY PLAYS!!!! AL...Knoxpoker1
12/29/14Man I knew Texas A&M was the lock o...Knoxpoker14
12/29/14Congrats clemson backersMurder18717
12/29/14Second game of 2 game NFL Road Trip...Luckydan246
12/29/14If you knew a friends wife was chea...TheGoldenGoose97
12/29/14Pitt is a mortal LOCK right now ...Knoxpoker23
12/29/14WOULD SOMEONE BE SO KIND A...bpickin10
12/28/14Cincy wont cover . Knoxpoker19
12/28/14Congrats Cincy backersKnoxpoker11
12/28/14All Black QB's won today….Including...Murder18720
12/28/14This Detroit Green Bay game is ..Knoxpoker12
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