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04/19/14Ridiculously absurd MLB System!JEFFTHEHAT1161
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04/18/1436 People Were Shot In 36 Hours...Randisist17
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04/11/14in love with a married girlskimordie27
04/11/14Need some serious girl advice now37
04/06/14Crazy Christians Thread Part TwoClubDirt113
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04/05/14Moving to Austin TX.... maybeSportsFan969842
03/31/14Do any of you work in retail and/or...scalabrine96
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03/31/145dimes Down?walkthelinez10
03/30/14sunday poniesmstrH30
03/27/14Nightmare experience betting on Bov...pjvnemesis9
03/27/14phixer's binary options trades 2014phixer58
03/26/14Hey they should just do this regard...Knoxpoker78
03/26/14Massive mudslide 108 fered deadMaxDemon17
03/24/14The " hopper " commercialsnc1capper15
03/18/14Are we headed for a major economic ...MaxDemon50
03/17/14117 days and counting until....JEFFTHEHAT143
03/16/14Obama approval ratings hits new lo...MaxDemon42
03/14/14Social media after you dieRudyHappy17
03/14/14Currency investment questiondimndimn6
03/09/14Is 3rd grade too early to hit a Doo...Randisist30
03/08/14Rony Seikaly is one lucky catHutchEmAll11
03/06/14wish i had me some bitcoinshotdamn8524
03/01/14The thing about weedpobelter61
02/23/14Women, car accidents, and ...slikstiks996
02/23/14The Quarter Master bDnews355
02/22/14San Francisco at Carolina ...Covers121
02/21/14New Gamblerchwaharps33
02/12/14The BEST forex traders wanted here....Knoxpoker42
02/04/14Anyone believe they are cursed?JEFFMARKETCAP38
02/03/14besides where you are right now....Messier-1140
02/02/14You really want to go against these...kaponofor382
01/30/14*** Oklahoma City Thunder @ Miami H...LeagueCapper48
01/29/14congrats heat backersvtec62626
01/23/14Woman falls off of cruise ship...skimordie36
01/19/14Patriots cover simply because Brady...j1812
01/18/14Can anyone answer this question. Knoxpoker24
01/08/14Florida State at Auburn (0...Covers152
01/07/14Clemson at Ohio State (01/...Covers55
01/05/14Al-Qaeda beginning to gain control ...Greyhound14
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