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08/27/15Let's Talk Division Winners..Clean3019
08/27/15Money Ball 8-26-2015KeyElement17
08/26/15Money Ball 8-25-2015KeyElement35
08/26/15Bob's MLB Tuesday *** 8.25...BirdsOnBat19
08/26/15Why is Astros line going up?12
08/25/15Weeble's Tuesday Picksweeble567217
08/25/15$$$*** DAVIDN MLB TUESDAY ...DAVIDN15
08/25/15Tuesday MLB be Playscjm200813
08/24/15Money Ball 8-23-2015KeyElement16
08/24/15TheActuary - MLB 08-22-201...TheActuary36
08/23/15Bob's MLB Saturday *** 8.2...BirdsOnBat15
08/23/15Money Ball 8-22-2015KeyElement33
08/22/15DOESN'T IT SEEM ODD YOU CA...EazyFBaby5
08/22/15Saturday MLB Actioncjm200814
08/22/15MLB Betting Strategy (Starts August...Bonwl51
08/22/15Money Ball 8-21-2015KeyElement47
08/22/15Bob's MLB Friday *** 8.21....BirdsOnBat16
08/22/15TheActuary - MLB 08-21-201...TheActuary11
08/22/15MLB Friday Actioncjm200816
08/22/15$$$*** DAVIDN MLB FRIDAY *...DAVIDN13
08/22/15Weeble's Friday Picksweeble567217
08/21/15Money Ball 8-20-2015KeyElement28
08/20/15Money Ball 8-19-2015KeyElement40
08/19/15Two Nice Comebacks Yesterday. Wedn...cjm200815
08/19/15Bob's MLB Tuesday *** 8.18...BirdsOnBat9
08/19/15Money Ball 8-18-2015KeyElement29
08/15/15Money Ball 8-14-2015KeyElement44
08/14/15Money Ball 8-13-2015KeyElement67
08/14/15Baseball today 8/14tinfoils22
08/14/15$$$*** DAVIDN MLB FRIDAY *...DAVIDN9
08/14/15Friday MLB Playscjm200810
08/14/15Betty's Underdog ChallengeBettyMcWager315
08/13/15Thursday MLB Playscjm200812
08/13/15Money Ball 8-12-015KeyElement83
08/13/15TheActuary - MLB 08-12-201...TheActuary19
08/12/15Trend Plays: Chicago Cubs & St Loui...Superglue5
08/12/15Money Ball 8-11-2015KeyElement67
08/12/15TheActuary - MLB 08-11-201...TheActuary28
08/11/15Bob's MLB Tuesday *** 8.11...BirdsOnBat6
08/09/15How do I get out of this pickle?Biemer8
08/07/15Playing with what you can't losejstaley1268
08/06/15Weeble's Thursday Picksweeble567238
08/06/15THURSDAY MLB Playscjm200820
08/06/15TheActuary - MLB 08-06-201...TheActuary50
08/06/15Managers and closers - serious ques...7
08/05/15Bob's MLB Mon/Tue *** 8/3-...BirdsOnBat13
08/05/15LR MLB Wednesday 5/8Learnersrealm13
08/05/15Money Ball 8-04-2015KeyElement53
08/05/15LA DodgersBarneysDad46
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