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07/26/16MLB 7/25/16KeyElement39
07/26/16Conspiracy or a uniform slump?KeyElement15
07/25/1612 straight unders oriolesAxtionreed213
07/25/16Sac's MLB Mondayundermysac14
07/25/16Monday MLB Playscjm200818
07/25/16$$$*** DAVIDN MLB MONDAY *...DAVIDN16
07/25/16Stay away from the Jays8
07/25/16If you are actually betting the Tig...KeyElement12
07/24/16MLB 7/24/16KeyElement13
07/24/16Sac's MLB Sundayundermysac13
07/24/16MLB 7/23/16KeyElement28
07/24/16Sunday MLB Playscjm20089
07/24/16sat. MLB pickmax5814
07/24/16Bob's MLB Saturday *** 7.2...BirdsOnBat26
07/24/16Covers brothers question is Colorad...sideJOBplay13
07/23/16Saturday Diamondsmbiddy12
07/23/16No Saled1coach8
07/23/16Saturday MLB Playscjm200817
07/23/16Bob's MLB Friday *** 7.22....BirdsOnBat23
07/23/16Friday Night StatsKeyElement7
07/23/16Every Game Under REALLY?Sonnyz10
07/23/16You have to be kidding me with thes...smac3824
07/23/16Doesn't this line look way off tomo...WILLwin20163
07/23/16Friday MLB Playscjm200813
07/23/16MLB 7/22/16KeyElement15
07/22/16National league10
07/22/16Bob's MLB Saturday *** 7.1...BirdsOnBat52
07/21/16MLB 7/21/16KeyElement33
07/21/16Sac's MLB Thursdayundermysac10
07/21/16Do not post too many as I feel jinx...Crashdavis5652
07/21/16Thursday MLB Playscjm200816
07/21/16 THURSD...capskip9
07/21/16MLB 7/20/16KeyElement29
07/20/16Joe MauerChoosenone218
07/20/16Wednesday MLB Playscjm200821
07/20/16Wednesday Diamondsmbiddy10
07/20/16Tuesday MLB Playscjm200825
07/19/16MLB 7/19/16KeyElement35
07/19/16atl - cindangimgd5
07/19/16$$$*** DAVIDN MLB TUESDAY ...DAVIDN11
07/19/16Consensus Handicapping is for Moron...Infotrac315
07/19/16POD : LOCK OF THE DAY (Tue...11
07/19/16MLB 7/18/16KeyElement30
07/19/16$$$*** DAVIDN MLB MONDAY *...DAVIDN12
07/18/16Monday MLB Playscjm200816
07/18/16I had no money in my account....Gamebreaker238
07/17/16Know a guy who loses every week. PowerDfence2
07/17/16MLB 7/17/16KeyElement11
07/17/16SUNDAY MLB Playscjm200811
07/16/16Early Bird Crazy $1,422,70...misters7
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