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01/15/17undermysac - this is PatheticKeyElement8
01/09/17Key Element......bigred845
12/22/16Top 10 Fee Agents for 2017undermysac11
12/15/16NBA 12/14/16KeyElement13
12/14/16NBA 12/13/16KeyElement12
12/14/16Tuesday Night NBA...Big CardPapaShango25
12/13/16NBA 12/12/16KeyElement7
12/12/16Sale to bostond1coach21
12/11/16Nats gave up a lot for Adam Eatonbigred8410
12/10/16NBA 12/10/16KeyElement4
12/09/16NBA 12/09/16KeyElement11
12/09/16NBA 12-8-16KeyElement15
12/08/16Need New Bookiebookiemogul5
12/07/16NBA 12/07/16KeyElement16
12/07/16I almost won every game today. SoftCash16
12/07/16What Indians Starting Pitcher Whoul...cjm200814
12/06/16Is Harper Worth The Moneycjm20085
12/03/16Finally, the day has comeundermysac7
11/30/16"UTTER DISASTER"Crusher1322
11/14/16Hillary will win20
11/11/16New Trump exotics out already. Here...scalabrine29
11/04/16MLB 11/02/16 PASS e.o.m.KeyElement30
11/03/16Who wins World Series MVP? buffer12
11/03/16LMAO @ CUBBIESBling797
11/02/16WS Gm #6 11/01/16KeyElement26
11/02/16Clev Cubs Simialr to GSW Cavsroyboymiami3
11/01/16Just unloaded all my savings (72k)14
11/01/16TheChad10's HUGE system play...Take...Thechad1015
11/01/16Game 6 World Series Playcjm200812
11/01/16My Cy AwardKeyElement12
11/01/16Game 5 Ratingsundermysac4
10/30/16WS Gm #5KeyElement25
10/30/16Game 5 World Series Plays cjm200811
10/30/16WS Game 5trainwreck665
10/30/16Cleveland just announce if it goes ...5
10/30/16Lester -200 tomorrow?Andrew197612
10/30/16NCAA Week# 9Lar121233
10/30/16Gm #4 10/29/16KeyElement26
10/30/16One more thought about KluberKeyElement8
10/30/16Game 4 World Series Playcjm200810
10/29/16when i like 1 thingpcollins6
10/29/16Here is what you will hear ALL DAY ...Achilles162914
10/29/16Jose Fernandez (RIP) was Very High ...Sabanesque9
10/29/16Cubs done said it before9
10/29/16NBA 10/29/16KeyElement4
10/29/16College Football Saturday 10/29/16KeyElement11
10/29/16WS Gm #3KeyElement19
10/29/16Indians @ Cubs 10/29/16KeyElement5
10/29/16Kluber +122yunghov30003
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