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03/28/17Queens ml Mancity38
03/27/17Magician or not I have a play for y...justliketoplay33
03/27/17KAwhi is out (rest)YuBuuBuu18
03/27/17I will share this with you because ...Mancity28
03/25/17PLAY OF YOUR LIFE---OVER K...doubleeagle505029
03/25/17BEAT THE BOOTS OFF THE BOO...doubleeagle50508
03/24/17Butler/UNC un 83.5oahu_grown7
03/24/17PLAY OF YOUR LIFETIME--UND...doubleeagle505034
03/23/17If the referees keep calling the ga...IAdecimal527
03/23/17down and outTwist4
03/23/17Sac's Thursday NCAA Hoopsundermysac24
03/21/17Biggest play of the seasonadp6419
03/20/17Big Play for Mondayundermysac65
03/19/17NCAA Saturday....IAdecimal529
03/17/17The best bet of the night goes to.....lovethedough21
03/17/17Creighton is just bad5
03/17/17100 ton plays adding 1 more 100 ton...30
03/14/17Dumb new Foul Rules they're trying ...ThrowDemDarts3
03/14/17Chung Hot PLAY OF THE YEAR...chungnuoc65
03/13/17dear whitesideSiuLungBao17
03/12/17Thinking of Houston moneyline but w...jrgumpert7
03/11/17Sac's Saturday NCAA Hoopsundermysac26
03/11/17Duke +408SystemStan10
03/11/17Need some encouragement kinda sad H...GOODCHOICEMAN17
03/10/17What has gotten into Xavier??undermysac10
03/10/17T.C.U. +5. Very good bet tonight...lovethedough17
03/10/17Tourny playsKaname4841
03/09/17Awful officiating in buff/kent gameKaname4841
03/07/17Why did I bet GA Tech late last nig...jrgumpert5
03/06/17Did memphis just give up?Kaname4841
03/06/17so fcked Oakland gone after 4 month...Hoyasaxa25
03/05/17Here's a train that you either get ...undermysac54
03/05/17What sport do you find the hardest ...14
03/04/17ABOUT OKCr_mongoose5
03/03/17CALIFORNIA +3 ..... 85% ch...lovethedough45
03/03/17THUNDER -1 $1,700OCwager34
03/01/17MONMOUTH @ IONA: If I lose...scalabrine174
02/25/17Oh the smell of Fish Fry Fridayundermysac28
02/24/17Friday playsKaname4841
02/24/17This is why basketball makes me sic...BigFrank42029
02/24/17Scott foster Kaname4842
02/24/172nd hf playsbeware17
02/24/17Clip$ Mancity8
02/24/17New to Covers, my first college pla...undermysac42
02/23/17*** Georgia @ Alabama ***Eddy_Winslow34
02/21/172H -All In-seafood_pasta3
02/19/17110k to win 100k on USC +9.5Ally816346
02/15/17Weds playsKaname4841
02/12/17How Many Others Got Sucked into thi...pinballwizard4
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