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02/21/172H -All In-seafood_pasta3
02/19/17110k to win 100k on USC +9.5Ally816346
02/15/17Weds playsKaname4841
02/12/17How Many Others Got Sucked into thi...pinballwizard5
02/12/17Sunday playsKaname4841
02/10/17What in god's name were we thinking...searchwarrant16
02/09/17Ty Lue playing gamesrod_steel28
02/07/17Wow KentuckyKaname4843
02/01/17And Tennessee with a 3 pt bank with...concavecapital4
01/29/17Is Northwestern really 7 points bet...Titan230
01/29/17***Sunday NACCB***import3
01/26/17GS about to drop 2 in a row??Unplug10
01/24/17Tues PlaysKaname4841
01/24/17Now that NFL is almost over...Hogwildchild47
01/23/17Cleveland Cavaliers10
01/23/17HOW ARE THE CLIPPERS BEATI...PeachesLimon7
01/22/17PACKERS AT 28-1 TO WIN ...jack446924
01/18/17Sac's Wednesday NCAA Hoopsundermysac19
01/18/17Vandy, Wisky and Tennessee off to s...jrgumpert12
01/16/175 FG'sBayArea34214
01/15/17NCAA Sunday....IAdecimal523
01/08/17Roughing the passerUnstoppable Force10
01/05/17I sat and looked at NE for 30minsKaname4841
01/03/17NCAA Tuesday....IAdecimal515
01/02/17Kick the F ING FGNONEED4LUCK6
01/01/17Arizona vs. StanfordKingScorpio9
12/31/16This is why you don't put teams lik...StackMyLoot30
12/31/16+2 and under 195.5165yds3
12/31/16Anybody Thinks UCLA blows Beavers o...BarneysDad16
12/30/16ARKANSAS @ MISSOURI: A Bla...scalabrine379
12/30/16Delaware State Tippy486
12/28/16Chung Alert! Big play for 3:30!!chungnuoc20
12/28/16NCAA Wednesday.....IAdecimal517
12/28/16Uconn line movement?Kaname4848
12/28/16Do not bet ANY favorites on Tuesday...motowner32
12/28/16rody gobertrambozzo3
12/28/16Boise State* -15 +275 vs Baylor fo...d1coach19
12/27/16Which betting site has the fastest ...3
12/27/16Is Denver 4.5 points better than LA...7
12/27/16Sac's MNF Propsundermysac17
12/26/16Is that Dallas's second team defens...jigsy11
12/26/16(11-5) bowl record! Chung hot monda...chungnuoc28
12/26/16Did Miss st just go for it on 4th d...Kaname48419
12/26/16Dan mullenpayne03415
12/26/162nd hf playsbeware10
12/24/166-4 Basketball.....2nd half Hawaii ...Navi18
12/23/16Seton Hall 2nd half?Kaname4843
12/23/16wow providenceKaname4849
12/23/16E Michigan2
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