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01/20/15Why is ten +7??? I don't understandtedwalsh710
01/18/15Who's worse Rodgers or Dalton? its_1999_my50
01/18/15ALL INRandyResort6
01/17/15Ok Wyoming, we get it you won't win...redtagboys8
01/14/15Would someone tell ISUKaname4841
01/13/15How do you like them apples Hawks b...flash_diamond28
01/13/15Wow, oregon +4 in turnovers. and ST...Cornholio7113
01/12/15DOUBLE HUGERandyResort16
01/10/15panthers secondary tackling1
01/10/15I'm in the Casino as I text this..OGMRCEE81819
01/04/15WTF CAL5
01/03/15No flags called on that offsides???Parlaya2
01/02/15live betting bama +1904
01/02/15It's called KARMA Jameis22
12/28/14Bucs and Saints1
12/24/14Wow NavyKaname4842
12/21/14Square teaser of the dayKaname4845
12/21/14I'm all in, F it!jrgumpert30
12/21/1410 pt tease w/NETrucifer5
12/20/142nd HalfKaname4841
12/17/145dimes live betting is absolute tra...its_1999_my69
12/16/14Damnit Suns...Tanttii16
12/16/14Bears throwing the game. Game OVER22
12/15/14*** Phoenix Suns @ Oklahoma City Th...LeagueCapper51
12/14/14e.wash/ wash 2nd half3
12/14/14***Pittsburgh @ Atlanta***...import34
12/13/14ole missDay-trader15
12/11/14Teams dominating first half and the...vanderdoss2
12/10/14TCU goes from #3 to #6 after winnin...LOLKNBR54
12/03/14North Carolina St vs. PurdueAlien-14
11/30/14Not to sound like a Troll but you t...53
11/30/14Panthers lucky80814
11/29/14What a gutsy call by GT to onside k...Kaname4843
11/28/14Wazzu under, Memphis ML and Over13
11/26/14Fresno must be a bottom 5 team in A...MCX4
11/26/14Huge line move UCLA vs OKKaname4841
11/23/14***GB @ Minny***Total of the dayimport7
11/23/14Cmon Nevada need pointsKaname4842
11/22/14need a lock bad plsDAWGONGOOD13
11/22/14wtf was that templepodsox5
11/21/14WTF KC DEF5
11/16/14Only Palmer out but we bet the Lion...VegasVandal19
11/16/14Rg3, scam newton, etc....cocky2435
11/16/14No Montee Ball, No Julius Thomas, G...VegasVandal45
11/15/14Golson and ND obviously trying to l...bomber010444
11/14/14NCAA Hoops Opener!!!!!!!!!...flyguybry214
11/09/14Utah WR dropping ball before end zo...TexasTechAlum35
11/07/14Cole Stoudt is worse than Brandon W...12
11/06/14Funny how I win and it shuts everyo...14
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