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09/21/14Anyone else having a bad day? Cheer...getem47412
09/21/14****** SATURDAY NCAAF PICK...135
09/20/14utah state2
09/20/142H 9/20 Mrbmw26
09/19/14Lackey -220 ???Kaname4848
09/19/14Congrats LAA backers...RonBurgundy80821
09/19/14Finally mariners7
09/18/14WHICH PLAYERS SHOULD RETIR...gbpackman21
09/17/14price and his 1st inning struggles1
09/17/14Biggest Dog Play for tonite! culinguru9
09/17/14So now there's a Brandon Marshall a...Kaname4845
09/17/14How can Vegas let 83% of people win...46
09/16/14WTF are you doing Indy? What were ...TheSource2Win9
09/11/14Oregon State -9.5 backers in game t...VegasVandal69
08/31/14Ok. So what do I do with this???FlashThatUUU52
08/30/142H Zona gameDucks_Homer9
06/26/14Draft PropsKaname4843
06/17/14you got no common sense if you don&...22
06/17/14SO DONE WITH BASEBALLKaname48411
06/15/14Marlins Rallydizturbed0076
06/15/14Should Dwane Wade be considered to ...gambleholic6332
06/10/14STL looks like the trap of the day2
06/09/14((((MONDAY Ms @ RAYS))))15
06/06/14Congrats spurs backers3
06/04/14this game is a joke... so boringjewbangold116
06/04/14mlb special714cuzzin15
06/01/14Volquez ML +1607
06/01/14In Play Live: Yanks ml HUGE!14
06/01/14Steve KerrKaname4842
05/31/14hope cardinals game gets rained outwootangclan7
05/31/14Why I bet Yankees thread2
05/31/14$$$*** SATURDAY MLB PLAYS ...DAVIDN14
05/30/14here goes belinelli trying to pad h...Kaname4843
05/29/14OKC/Spurs 2nd half total2
05/29/14LIVE drop from 219 to 212, maybe th...FiftyTwoPercent3
05/29/14Hello NathanBayArea34211
05/29/14Rangers / Twins (IN GAME)141
05/28/14Western Conf. Total of Yea...flyguybry2133
05/28/148 grand on KC right now37
05/28/14METS / PIRATES ( IN GAME T...Puff6927
05/28/14From 5/23/14 to 6/6/14 we ...VegasVandal33
05/28/14NEW RULE!!!!!St2ee18
05/28/14Do u agree with Paul George that ga...Rikow8
05/27/14And Ibaka wouldn't have a repeat pe...Kaname4841
05/25/14this game is going under 209Jailbait712711
05/24/14miami 2nd half looks way too easyKaname4841
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