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05/28/16is this some kind of joke tonight?concavecapital9
05/25/16Give me the over 199Kaname4844
05/24/16Wow what a disgusting 4th qtrKaname4843
05/21/16Gotta love the blue jay batterstenorbrett10
05/15/16Duffy? Why so high?Kaname4843
04/14/16Has anybody who uses bovada request...Kaname4848
04/07/16Hahaha HoustonGreenBook5
04/05/16Its obvious Bulls just want there s...2
03/27/16Bovada not offering a ML for this N...Achilles16299
02/17/16Talib basically admitted he's a dir...Kaname48411
02/08/16Cam Newton press conferenceJayw2364
01/21/16THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING...jimmydafreak154
01/17/16Please give me a pick 6 big buttt b...dannylhuynh6
01/17/16ANyone with Carolina -2.5 intereste...ClubDirt49
01/17/16Larry FitzgeraldKaname48414
01/13/16How to hedge a soccer match?Kaname4847
01/12/16Bama DefenseKaname4844
01/11/16Tigers/Tide Final Game PlaysKaname4842
01/10/16well there goes the 2nd half underKaname4841
01/09/16Man can this USC/AZ game just be ov...Kaname4843
01/09/16Van vs SC what am I missing?Kaname4843
01/06/16GSW / LAL 2H Playfromhawaii7
01/03/16After Seattle loses. Green Bay Mathwiz15
01/03/16so obvious cowboys want to loseKaname48410
12/28/15wanted to post this yesterday , but...pdouble4
12/27/15Does tonights game mean anything to...jrgumpert34
12/27/15Cmon PITTKaname4841
12/26/15GS not fouled down 6?? Unstoppable Force135
12/24/15Let me say thisMathwiz33
12/19/15Golden State Warriors* +160d1coach13
12/11/15Memphis ? WTFmance3
12/11/15If you bet against Curry you deserv...DatExpert17
12/09/15Pao Gasol calls "player only meetin...undermysac22
12/08/15C'mon cavsKaname4841
12/06/15WORST PARLAY LOSS OF MY CA...tbomb77715
11/28/15UNC 35 1st qtr ptsKaname4844
11/27/15Iowa 2nd halfKaname4844
11/21/15Did bulls throw the game?Kaname4845
11/20/15GS had no business winning this gam...AD932313
11/20/15Iowa vs MarqKaname4842
11/19/15Bad daybeware3
11/16/15Are the Packers for real?bomber010418
11/07/15Bulls wtfKaname4845
11/05/15If somebody told me...Kaname4844
11/05/15Boston -2 easy moneySpardot9
11/04/15ODU Star arrested in warmups!GameHunter20
11/04/15Year in and year out, the two worst...HappyKane4
11/03/152nd halfKaname4842
11/02/15Peyton +3.5Kaname4841
11/02/15Figures I would start sweating the ...Kaname4843
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