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11/26/15phixel picks for today??6
11/25/15NEED A WINNER .....tnhillbilly24
11/25/15At what point does the NFL force th...indiansrock100
11/25/15BGU biggest slime ball's everVegas18711
11/25/15Where's N ILL? Just wondering f...9
11/24/15Frank Solich is a muppetPhillyBrown4
11/24/15PART DEUXp_66269
11/24/15WEDNESDAY 07/03/13p_66244
11/23/15@@@ PAPPA'S NFL MONDAY 11/...pappadoc29
11/23/15prime time games so far pdouble60
11/23/15********** COLLEGE HOOPS B...Melissa39413
11/21/15How Boise State has fallin especial...Urbanwildlife20
11/21/15Don't be fooled Oregon is the p...29
11/18/15When is the last time an 11 pt fav'...VegasVandal17
11/16/15packers game is very fishy..PoeticJustice16
11/16/15Everyone who took SEA will loose12
11/15/15THE EASIEST PLAY ON THE BO...PoeticJustice38
11/15/15rams stinkin it up today 6
11/14/152H over in Baylor game??JorgeMtzBrohez5
11/13/15Ca$hm0ny THUR$DAY NIGHT$hm0ny5
11/10/15I resorted to becoming a bookies - ...62
11/08/15*** Week 10 NCAA football ***Boom_Boom161
11/08/15why did temple go for 2 there mr_bollox20
11/08/15ML Upset of the Week!! $$$$$$$10
11/07/15phixer's gimme shelter nfl week 8phixer403
11/07/15TEMPLE -13tnhillbilly28
11/06/15Heating up! (2-15 NBA; 1-0...Nuscas4
11/06/15Thursday Night in the NBA. .16
11/05/15anyone know why buffalo changed fro...itakcash27
11/03/15Every handicapping service from her...jrgumpert24
11/01/15*** Week 9 NCAA football ***Boom_Boom275
11/01/15CrazyMilkMan's NBA TuesdayCrazyMilkMan30
11/01/15Week 9 MoneyWahooS159
10/31/15NORTH CAROLINA -3 HUGEEEETomkopec38
10/31/15Is 5 Dimes Reliable?yeltneb14
10/31/15Stop gambling people25
10/31/15Fade Plays???phins20073
10/31/15phixer's college football week 7phixer67
10/30/15Sweem's CL thoughts (Wednesday) - M...sweem35
10/30/15) Make a steady extra income f...NickLans70
10/29/15phixer's i can't get no satidfactio...phixer529
10/29/15PHaNToM TNFPHaNToM_CaPPeR7
10/27/15black ref blew that call, even I wa...19
10/26/15Weeble's Playoff Picksweeble5672162
10/26/15suuma's NFL week seven «» Jets @ Pa...suuma211
10/26/15Jags bloodbathAStefani67
10/26/15Bills/Jaguars in LondonGamebreaker2311
10/26/15Please justify these stupid London ...Hoyasaxa21
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