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02/09/16What are you listening to these day...Giovanna_L45
02/09/16mon. college basketball pickmax586
02/08/16Don Juan will make his Legendary su...don juan115
02/07/16 Baketball pickmax585
02/07/16sat. college Basketball picksmax5819
02/06/16Some people call me the space cowbo...dpb1230079
02/06/167:00 CSTestes17174
02/06/16Naismith Saturday Feb SixthSettleDownSpaz8
02/01/16Stock Pick - MNKDLouis_IV513
02/01/16 Baketball pickmax5828
01/28/16Can't believe Forehead beat the Che...Bling5
01/23/16Glenn Frey diedKurshka20
01/19/16David Bowie Deadkonabuzz12
01/14/16Favorite BandJose_Reyes41
01/12/16Lemmy Kilmister MotorheadTheGoldenGoose11
12/27/15B.B.King RIPTheGoldenGoose19
12/02/15What are your favorite 'bad' movies...BWS77122
10/23/15Favorite AC/DC song?dogbettor7186146
10/22/15Great lines in songs...Jimmag92
10/18/15Asking for acceptanceProtoStar626
09/24/15Fav Band of the 90'sjmw5992
09/17/15Better song....Biscuiteater16
09/08/15This may be my favorite video of al...SportsFan96983
08/13/15WWE Wrestling StockLouis_IV51
08/05/15What songs do you just have to play...Johnzimbo3424
08/05/15Led ZeppelinSpitfire1530
07/29/15Anybody drink this sh*tClubDirt11
07/28/15A Creature on the Loose Puts Milwau...Jimmag4
07/28/15Is Debra Harry really this desperat...SportsFan96982
07/21/15Songs about drinkingJimmag31
07/14/15 ZGNXCalBear4
07/10/15Favorite Instrumentals-Clutch76
07/10/1510 years ago todayJimmag4
07/09/15Songs with the word "BAD"Jimmag28
06/29/15favorite metal/rock band from 80'smadgreek5529
06/29/15What the hell is Indie Rock... real...SportsFan96986
06/20/15List your favorite artists/bands th...Johnzimbo3414
06/07/15If Duke loses straight up today to ...scalabrine49
06/04/15thur. NBA playmax585
06/02/15Rays loading 9 right handers agains...searchwarrant5
06/02/15*** beisbol ***6
05/31/15Sunday mLbestes171777
04/28/15Great "Slow Songs" by Heavy Metal B...jasonwhitesknee38
04/11/15Im bored. No sports for me to bet ...vanzack758
04/10/15Anyone playing NATURAL GAS?44
04/07/152015 NCAA/WNCAA March Madn...bevoaustintx50
04/07/15mon. college Basketball playmax587
04/06/15March Madnessstats1182
04/06/15Monday MGM_grnd9
04/06/15>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The ...SettleDownSpaz7
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