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03/21/16Eatin' ButtholeSpitfire15199
08/13/13Are you above .500 in Survivor pick...snuke623
05/05/12What site should I use?JimMack66
04/22/12opening weekend observationsmainmanmainman225
11/13/11Brady against #1 pass d or Cassel a...Swaggerty2211
11/10/11Which lineup would you rather have ...JimMack62
09/09/11week one survivor pickdrivetime46
09/08/11PittVipers - Superbowl XLIV pittviper36
08/20/11Which commercials do you hate most?...elsewhere219
08/19/11Looking for owners, 6 spots out of ...ChestnutHill11
06/22/11Pitt43 Wednesday & CM infoPittsburgh43112
06/20/11Hot Saucewoopdurritis49
05/18/11Who would you rather haveJimMack67
04/23/11Job Opening @ the FBIMidnight111
04/22/11what do you guys think of my baseba...claude_gir0ux4
04/12/11Holy Eva LongoriaSparky1019145
04/10/113B HelpJimMack612
04/09/11DETROIT OVER 9.5Mr-Unit87
04/09/11NEWS FLASH IN BOSTON GAMEbigstorm18
04/07/11Do The BOSOX get their first win on...xbaggypants9
03/30/11i just got the 4th pick overall for...thisguyiswise27
03/21/11PITT BUTLER ENDINGKnicksFan1856
03/20/11frank martin is a real toolnc1capper28
03/19/11NCAA SaturdayBigEastExpert130
03/19/11"How is that a foul?"CheezeStack28
03/19/11Back off Barack's bracketJ_Logan28
03/19/11Parlay All 4 Number 1 Seeds in Roun...PapaShango3
03/18/11Is Georgia or VCU Going to win toni...JackSmack12
03/15/11Covers MadnessPittsburgh43107
03/13/11Who's your #1 & #2 seeds?Dominic2029
02/22/11Today is a Beautiful day.....ApacheM28
02/09/11Valentine's Day....EricLinny10
02/06/11Lil Wayne...Green & YellowSparky1019138
02/04/11Did anyone see???flash182115
01/19/11Cancelling Sirius/Free stern showdillon2434
01/18/11Visanthe Shiancoe JimMack611
01/12/11Cowboys Savior is Vince Youngscoop26
01/10/11Chiefs might as well not show up?collegegambler102
01/07/11Please tell me this is not racism!!...NoWorries21118
01/04/11Ryan Mallet coachcarter138
01/04/11Wildcard History - Home/Away and Sc...tuttleberry21
01/03/11The early why didnt I back the most...LawsonJames38
01/02/11some 1 had to ask it.. any free lin...smalltimer13
12/31/10For you Pittsburgh/General Sports F...japboy692
12/31/10NOT A CATCH IN THE UNC/TEN...jebroni13
12/31/10WASHINGTON BACKERS IN-GAME...luckbird215
12/31/10Wash ml +385 Crazy?????Professor10017
12/31/10wow another wild finish to the Vol/...DannySchayes14
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