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04/17/14Money Talks on CNBCDutch197620
04/16/14Bates MotelJackSmack23
04/15/14any1 use that green dot for payouts...JackSmack32
04/13/14Oklahoma City vs IndianaJDHPro57
04/13/14OKC just jumped +3. ??????MasterMG17
04/09/14Lebron James is 1000x better than M...BostonCelticFTW696
04/07/14Dear God.... here comes Heath BellDJM5226362
04/04/14Looking for the worst bad beats in ...Covers-Team350
04/03/14Jabari WTF Parker52
04/03/14Are the Spurs gonna rest anybody vs...TRAIN6918
04/02/14Was True Detective the best show ev...djbrow14
04/02/14SUCKERS WHO TOOK OVER IN B...GreenBlack2530
04/02/14Trust me, Blazers are going to blow...10
04/02/14I really Hate betting NBA> Its ridi...JackSmack14
04/02/14dallas go hang ur jerseys up n go g...MrKillaKross7
04/02/14smu by 18c02719
04/01/14Is SMU -3 a trap?OddShaad11
03/31/14Hey guys The Walking Dead is backMikael9940
03/30/14Pacers trying to lose?JackSmack18
03/30/14Uconn v Michigan State - In GameVic-Vega39
03/30/14Ive already bet Kentucky......BUTJackSmack2
03/29/14****SWEET 16**** TRAIN6952
03/29/14*** Portland Trailblazers @ Chicago...52
03/29/14Purposely missing free throws at en...27
03/29/14what a fcked up dayJackSmack1
03/28/14Awful call in Mich/Tenn game....LETGOPACK123416
03/28/14LeVert is Horrible Bleakhouse7
03/28/14Florida / Dayton Line MovementMilpool9
03/28/14Iowa St covers and Whyoverpay17
03/28/14Michigan partyJohnnyCash782
03/28/14is gortat playingDRevisHaSU3
03/28/14Whats up with Portland-Chicago Line...JackSmack1
03/28/14Michigan-Tennessee Informationgd243611
03/28/14Burning 50 DollarsChasingBenny6
03/28/14tnvols tnvols14
03/28/14Why knicks are only +5.5?13
03/28/14ThisGirlGambles - ThursdayThisGirlGambles26
03/28/14LVTruck.........1 Total...LVTruck40
03/28/14Easiest bet of the night18
03/28/14Arizona-SD STate who ya got 2nd hal...JackSmack2
03/27/14Baylor under????robocop12312
03/27/14How is florida st only -2.538
03/26/14SMU is going to roll CalJackSmack16
03/26/14You wanna hear what I think about L...scalabrine30
03/26/14Four DOG nightilovewinners19
03/25/14Dallas COach is stupid as hellJackSmack1
03/25/14Would u take mavs +1?? Let...6
03/25/14okc/dal 2nd halfwinba_capper3
03/25/ love for the KNICKS tonight...2
03/25/14Portland is done!!!!16
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