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10/12/14Lebron James is 1000x better than M...BostonCelticFTW811
10/02/14Some taimed Tigers todayJackSmack3
08/15/14BATOR please read...michaelpaul11165
08/10/14BJ Upton is so terribleJackSmack4
07/31/14Manziel WILL NOT SUCCEED I...63
07/29/14Anyone else with GREAT ODDS for Cle...DaGmen24
07/27/14what a mooseits_1999_my18
07/27/14How has Peavy pitched in his first ...JackSmack1
07/27/14at very least someone should punch ...JackSmack1
07/27/14sleeper quarterback of the draft is...jriv18926
07/25/14Cards vs Cubs in game..... Let's pl...Beningo88167
07/24/14Candace Parker9
07/20/14Tiger Will Not Win Another MajorVegasVeteran360
07/13/14Cleveland has left 9 runners on bas...MonstarsInYoGrill9
07/13/14In Game Live: Cueto -1.5!!!!13
07/09/14DO NOT USE 5DIMESNumero_Uno21
07/09/14BiGest locKK oF A liFEtiim...Wuss-boi122
07/03/14What a terrible nightJackSmack6
07/03/14Phillies vs FISHCHANGCHANG7
06/27/14If Manziel was black, he goes #1 ov...EazyFBaby44
06/13/14Money Talks on CNBCDutch197648
06/13/14Johnny Football and Gronk. lolJackSmack11
06/12/14any1 use that green dot for payouts...JackSmack34
06/10/14Looking for the worst bad beats in ...Covers-Team360
06/09/14Brick in yo faceJackSmack2
06/01/14Dear God.... here comes Heath BellDJM5226388
05/25/14Bad time to bet a'sNba95
05/25/14Oakland/Toronto Sundaybearfan2118
05/25/14Indians- O's Total, Am I reading th...JackSmack16
05/25/14H. Iwakema-170dontbreakdasyph2
05/17/14Browns pick up Miles Austin and Ear...JackSmack8
05/15/14wow BrownsJackSmack29
05/15/14JAYS in-gamerobocop1237
05/11/14////////////Official In Fi...mikeru356
05/10/14Live draft discussionTHEMUGG55
05/09/14The real player with a chip on his ...5
05/09/14QBs 1st RD O/U 37
05/04/14Turn on AMCOmerta3
05/04/14So what stupid rulemakes them take ...JackSmack1
05/01/14any1 watch Draft Day?JackSmack11
04/30/14Was True Detective the best show ev...djbrow15
04/29/14I Will Tatoo My Entire Back if Lake...SuperiorInsight282
04/20/14You guys see this Swaggy P clip? Ni...JackSmack1
04/16/14Bates MotelJackSmack23
04/13/14Oklahoma City vs IndianaJDHPro57
04/13/14OKC just jumped +3. ??????MasterMG17
04/03/14Jabari WTF Parker52
04/03/14Are the Spurs gonna rest anybody vs...TRAIN6918
04/02/14SUCKERS WHO TOOK OVER IN B...GreenBlack2530
04/02/14Trust me, Blazers are going to blow...10
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